Saturday, October 29, 2005

movies in real life

I just caught Doom at 3.45am, and I loved it! It's not the usual kind of movie that girls would like, but as I grew up playing Doom, it was fantastic watching it as a movie. Certain elements didn't really make sense though (as usual, I always spot stuff like that) but on the whole it was FAB!

Life is just the movies sometimes. Although we all know that the plots used are usually inspired from real life. And as a child, I always wished for my life to be like what I see on screen. All the romance, all the love, and all the climatic scenes. Kissing in the rain is one of them. Or making out in the car when it's pouring outside. And how most things end happily ever after. But in life there are always low parts that we all hate. Yet it happens, nonetheless. That's life.

Maybe sometimes, life would be better if it was just stagnant. No ups, no downs.

Here's wishing luck and logic to those who need it at this point in life. Emotions can sometimes cause our downfall, but that's what makes us different from animals. However, if you can put aside your feelings and do what needs to be done, solutions seem so much easier.

Friday, October 28, 2005

* 20 random facts about me *

Tagged by Valerie, so here goes:
  1. I adore clove cigarettes. Sampoernas menthol, Winner, Djarum..
  2. My favourite ice-cream is Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
  3. I've been smoking since I was 17.
  4. My favourite tops are usually low neckline ones.
  5. I love dancing.
  6. I used to play alot of basketball.
  7. I am terrified of house lizards. Garden lizards are fine.
  8. I've eaten water cockroaches before. And, boy, they are tasty lightly sauteed!
  9. I used to want to have Britney Spears' figure.
  10. I want to have bigger boobs.
  11. I love cats.
  12. I drink green tea like plain water.
  13. I love broad strong shoulders on a man.
  14. Potato chips are not my favourite snack. I don't have a favourite snack.
  15. I prefer beer and Moet Chandon to other alcoholic drinks.
  16. I am a nymphomaniac.
  17. I prefer wearing sleeveless tops to sleeved.
  18. I feel super sexy everytime I wear heels.
  19. I hate working. Period.
  20. Rainy weather makes me horny.
So there. All there. Although I think some of them are quite repetitive.

unexpected worth

My blog is worth $31,614.24.
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

getting used to the rhythm

Work has been bearable. I cannot wait for the training period to end so that we will all stop falling asleep in the training room. It is so bad when our trainer has to say things like "You guys need a coffee?" when she is the one doing all the work.

I'm starting to get addicted to the free Ice Horlicks from the vending machine. It is soooo nice. =p

Mum-in-law has her left foot in a cast and the swelling on her right foot has gone down considerably. That's good news because the situation at the shophouse is chaotic because she cannot work.

Hubs and I went down to our place last night and saw the place in shambles. *laughter* But it's a good thing because they were supposed to hack walls and rebuild them elsewhere. There's no flooring at the moment, but it's still good to see things finally going somewhere. Hopefully in 3 weeks' time everything will be well and good to go. =) Housewarming anyone??

To reward my obedience in waking up to go to work, Hubs gave me a $50 budget to go shopping and guess what I got?

Every totals up to $50.90! All from Bugis Village. From left: Beige skirt with silver pinstripes ($12), Orange and Pink Aeropostle shirts ($10 each), Babydoll dress ($18.90).

BabydollDress-side BabydollDress-front
Babydoll dress at $18.90. I saw another stall selling the same design at $14.90, but they didn't have the same print. I only like THIS print!

Bossini Cat T-Shirt
Cute cat right? Wearing glittery crown somemore... How to not buy it?! $12 from Bossini, but because I paid for it myself, it's not included in the budget. =p (Play cheat.)

It's a stormy night. Perfect for songs like that. "No me ames" by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. As usual, right-click to download. Enjoy this song by looking into the eyes of the one you love on a lovely starry (or stormy) evening...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

another long day...

I hate my manager. It's official. And thankfully, I'm not the only one who feels the same.

Due to last night's hectic events, I only got to bed around 3am. Naturally, I wasn't able to wake up this morning. I did contemplate not going to bed at all, but I already foregone one night's sleep on Sunday because I kind of knew if I went to bed, I'd be very reluctant to wake up and get to work in the morning. In any case, Hubs had work to rush that night.

So after everything last night, I was almost tired enough to just DIE. I slept all the way until my colleague, Dee, gave me a call at 8.27am. I missed her first call because I was that dead asleep. Her second call jolted me up like a bolt of lightning. Thank Gawd for nice colleagues.

Straight after ending the call, I rang up my team leader and told her that I just woke up. She sounded a little pissed, but I guess she would understand because I already told her that my mum-in-law had a very bad fall before I left the office yesterday. I told her that I would get into the office latest by 9.45am.

So started the mad rushing to wake Hubs, shower, change, and get to work. I got there at 9.35 and was introduced to my department manager the moment I placed my bag on my desk. This fella, I tell you, I have no idea HOW he became the customer service department manager. He has almost no manners at all.

The first thing he said was "Hi". Followed by "Do you know what time it is now? What time were you supposed to start work? It's only your second day here and you are already an hour late."

I told him about the problems we had at home and the reason why I couldn't wake in the morning. I even showed him the receipt and admission documents from the hospital.

He just gave me a disapproving look and said: "I don't care what kind of excuses you have, but you are late and that is very inappropriate. Next time, if you are late, at least have the decency to give your team leader a call beforehand and inform her."

And with that, he walked away.

I was so freaking angry.

I have fucking PROOF of my lateness, and it's NOT a lame excuse. And for fuck's sake, I called my team leader the first moment I could and I was brutally honest about the fact that I just woke up. What else do you want from me?!? If I could give her a call to tell her that I would be late, I wouldn't even have been late because I would have already woken up! Fucking brainless manager. It just doesn't make sense does it?

And due to my lack of rest the night before, I started nodding off during training. My trainer was nice and just gave us breaks to freshen up. Most of us were yawning away anyway from just sitting around. It's like being back in school again.

Our training ended around 4.30pm, and we were made to go back to our desks and do nothing. DO NOTHING. How can one not fall asleep when made to do nothing? So as I was sitting at my computer, I rested my head on my chin and just randomly clicked around with the database system. While one of the pages were loading, I closed my eyes for a while.

Next moment, a finger poked my back and I turned around to face the anal manager.

"Do you know that it is still office hours? Are you supposed to fall asleep during office hours?"

And he just walked away like that. This asshole has got the bad habit of just walking away after he unreasonably rambles about you.

I was so completely pissed. I hadn't fell asleep. He is such a FUCKING ASSHOLE. How can he just presume that I am sleeping simply from looking at my back? If he thinks that it is because my monitor screen isn't moving, then he should go fuck himself because the company's system is so freaking slow at loading anything.

I was so angry that I messaged Dee and Joanna to tell them about it. They were both sympathetic about how I was misunderstood. I guess they knew better because I was one of the more awake ones throughout the training.

I was still so angry 15 minutes later, that when my team leader came to remind me to be early tomorrow, I complained to her. I felt so misjudged that I cried in front of her.

It's not like I purposely went in late. It's not like I purposely made my mum-in-law fall down. It's not like I'm making it all up. I've got the proof to show if they want.

She calmed me down and told me that the manager gets very unreasonable when he's under stress and asked me to understand his position. So I rebuked her and asked her if HE understands my position. I am the only female in this household, and I am the one who has sufficient medical knowledge due to my previous years working as a clinic nurse, so naturally I take up more responsibility in caring for my mum-in-law.

It's only my second day at work, and I was so angry at myself for not being able to wake up on time. I really like the work environment there and I was looking forward to the day. And just because I'm a new staff and I'm late, he thinks I have an attitude problem with work. It's just not fair.

It is true that we have to understand that our manager has to bear the blame should the department be unruly, but he has to understand that we have our own lives and families as well. Understanding is something that works best when it goes both ways, not just HIS way.

It's just an irony that our customer service manual says "Practise good customer service amongst colleagues" when our manager is such a bastard. He doesn't listen, he doesn't understand and he isn't sympathetic at all. Worst of all, he puts you on the blacklist just because of one event.

I think he will eventually become one of the people I dislike most in the office. And he has a girly name which we all find utterly silly. Ever heard of a guy named Ellex?

Monday, October 24, 2005

a Friday the 13th for my family

Although it's 24th October, it feels as though it should have been a Friday 13th. Everything's so dark and bleak here at home.

Although today was the first day of work for me, it has nothing to do with that at all. In fact, the work environment was more than welcoming. The people are friendly, the office is clean and inviting, and we get FREE drinks from the vending machine. What great benefits!

Home, however, was on the other side of the world.

Mum-in-law had a fall down the stairs and ended up with both ankles badly sprained. Her left foot is completely swollen nearly twice its actual size, and bruises cover her foot all the way up til her lower calf. And being the headstrong woman she is, she wouldn't allow anyone to stay in and take care of her. She didn't want to seem like she was disabled or anything. But the truth be told, she is almost immobile. She is walking with those walking supports. Not crutches, but the really big walking stick kind that needs two hands to hold on to.

I can't be bothered to find a picture to show you what I mean. And I can't be fucked to describe clearer. Whether you get it or not, I don't care, because she really kind of pushed my threshold.

If walking is inconvenient, just admit it. We'll be more than glad to take care of you. But no. You push on like it doesn't hurt. Don't be such a silly stubborn woman.

She's due to go for an X-ray tomorrow at Tan Tock Seng Hospital because the fall seems quite very bad. Father-in-law, Hubs and I are all tremendously worried because we're afraid that she might be pushing herself a bit too hard to walk and would end up hurting her ankles even more.

Yet all we can do is just hope the X-ray proves ok and that she'll behave and stay at home to rest instead of over-exerting her injuries. *sigh*

-- Need to send mum to hospital now. Continue later. --

We rushed home to take care of her, just in case dad still had deliveries to make, only to be shoo-ed away by her saying "go do your things". Since I had already made an appointment with my renovator to discuss the little details of the works, Hubs drove me down.

Whilst I was there talking about millimetres, cement, tiles and furniture, Hubs' slipper had to give way. Super suay. He was wearing his Havainas sandals to boot. *sigh* And it's a pair that I bought for him.

Shortly after we got home and had dinner, mum said she couldn't take the pain anymore. She was having so much trouble visiting the loo for the second time that she finally surrendered.

We promptly sent her to Balestier Hospital, only to find out that it was no longer operating 24 hours. We headed to the nearest Thomson Hospital, who informed us that their orthepedic had gone home. They advised us to go to Mount Elizabeth instead. And so we did.

Mum was only disgnosed with a very bad sprain, but she insisted to be warded because there's no one at home to take care of her. She can't possibly go to the shophouse because she'd have to climb a long flight of stairs to get to the living quarters upstairs. So thus, she was warded.

And now, we are finally home at 2.33am.

It's been SUCH a long day...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

back from hitting the clubs

Just back from hitting the clubs with Thiru and his friend, Raf. Of course Hubs was with me too. Wooh. I've not club hopped for so long, but yet today, thanks to Thiru, we chilled out at Rest Room (that name is just stupid) at Boat Quay, China One at Clarke Quay, and finally Insomnia at CHIJMES. I feel bushed, but energetic as well. After a night of partying, alcohol and fags, I'm usually quite energetic. =p

The live band at Insomnia RAWKS!

And China One is the PERFECT place to hang out if you don't want a place too quiet. They play hip-hop/R&B throughout the night, and they have a live band too, but I didn't get the chance to catch them performing because we only got there close to 1am. The decor is NICE man. Sort of like how my place will look like once it's done. And the best thing? There's no cover charge, and a jug of Heineken only goes for $35.

Just want to share something that we overheard at Rest Room:

Guy A: Eh, the rest room leh.

Guy B: Where got rest room?

Guy A: Here lah. (points to the pub's signboard)

Guy B: Chey. I thought you meant toilet.

Another instance that the pub's name is dumb:

Customer: Excuse me, where's the rest room?

Waitress: This IS the rest room.

Customer: Erm... I mean the place where you ease yourself?

Waitress: Oh. It's at the back.

Maybe I should open up a pub and name it "Loo". But the good thing about Rest Room is that Hoegaarden draft only goes for $15 nett per pint. That is CHEAP, man. And Rest Room has a sister pub just across the street from it. The name? Bedroom. *facepalm* The owner is so creative.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

one day out leading to many strange events

So, I've said before that I'm supposed to go for a pre-employment medical examination. And so I did today.

I was supposed to be at the office by 3pm, but I only got there at 3.05pm. Reason? I was caught up reading Memoirs of a Geisha. It is really a captivating novel. I think everyone should read it.

After all the running to and fro from office to clinic to X-ray department, I finally sat myself down at Starbucks for my late lunch. It was there that I met these two outgoing girls studying art at NTU. Their names were Yoon and Trina and they approached me to request if they could take photos of my piercings and tattoos for their project. And being the nice person that I am, of course I obliged. =p

The three of us had a short chat of around 20 minutes about various topics, ranging from travel, to body art, to cigarettes. The two girls are smokers, you see. And as a gesture of goodwill, I offered them one of mine because they were sharing one Marlboro Menthol.

I think those two girls would have made perfect clubbing mates. They are so energetic and fun-loving.

After all that, I took a bus down to my new place because I was due to meet my renovator there to check on some issues that surfaced. When I boarded the bus, I moved to the back and stood there. This grandma, who was seated, promptly shifted away her shopping bags and gestured for me to sit down. I didn't want to, because I was going to alight after no more than 7 stops, and I didn't really liked those seats at the back that faced the windows anyway. So I shook my head.

Yet bus-stop after bus-stop, she kept gesturing for me to sit down. And I kept declining. Finally about 3 stops before I get off, she started looking at me and talking. So I took off my headphones which were blaring, and said "Huh?" because I didn't catch a word she said.

And guess what?

She spoke a string of Malay words that I didn't understand. I only caught the "tak mau" (don't want). So I gave her the raised-eyebrows "I don't understand you" look. And she started all over again in Malay.

Like what the fuck?! I look Malay?! Not the first time already, ok.

Then finally as I gave her more of my bewildered look, she finally said in Chinese: "You are Chinese ah?" *laughter* "You want to sit down or not? Don't stand there lah. Don't sit now then no more already."

I rejected her kind offer once again. And she finally left me alone.

Last notable event of today, read it for yourselves. I just copied the whole email and pasted it below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this email to you because slightly more than an hour ago, my friends and I received unjustified rudeness from your Assistant Outlet Manager (Cindy Chiah) at your Holland Village outlet.

One of my friends, a foreigner, was looking for the washroom, and asked for the directions from Cindy. And as the washroom is quite concealed, she was not able to find it. So she went to ask Cindy again to confirm the directions. When my friend emerged from the indoor area, Cindy followed shortly after, saying quite audibly "Stupid customer cannot even find the toilet." As she was saying that, she walked by our table at the alfresco area, so we all overheard it.

We asked her out to our table and asked her to justify her impolite attitude towards us and although she did seem apologetic while paying her apologies to my friend, we had already lost trust in her.

So thus I am sending this email instead of using the feedback forms.

Another issue was a waitress named Jean. She brought us our menus, only to serve the table behind us and then come back to us asking if she could take away two of the menus. Are they not supposed to retrieve the menus from inside instead of taking away the menus from other customers?

I would presume that the people seated at the table behind us were friends or colleagues who were off duty, as all the staff there were mostly chatting idly with them.

I feel disgusted by the service which was provided, especially from the supposed Assistant Outlet Manager. She was completely unprofessional and almost unethical in her behaviour. Should we be other customers who overheard her calling another customer "stupid", the integrity of "Coffee Club" would be entirely compromised.

I hope not to see this type of customer service any longer from any one of your outlets. Even though I should probably add that the service at the Orchard outlet is definitely better.

Best Regards,
Shelly Sim

Friday, October 21, 2005

new clothes and a new job

As some of you would have known by now, I am starting work on Monday. *sob sob* Bye bye, boredom. Hello MONEY!

And given the fact that I'll be getting income for sacrificing my hours of freedom to slave for my employer, every month end is time to go shopping! So if anyone is interested, just give me a call/sms, and we can go hit the stalls at Bugis Village for some cheap and good buys.

Trust me, when Shelly is around, everything is worth the money. Simply because I REFUSE to spend anymore money on something that is not worth it.

I bring you guys go budget shopping, ok?

For those who don't have my number yet, please email me for it.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

a kiss on the same day last year

On this same day, 20th October, a year ago, at around this same time, you said to me the three little magic words "I love you" outside Bangkok Bank Building before you went up to work.

It was a moment that I had been waiting for ever since I first met you 39 days before that. And when that moment finally arrived, the world spun itself around me, and I only thing I could do was to look dazed.

You kissed me and gave me a tender look that I had long deciphered before you even said you loved me. It was the look of love. And if I may put it so bluntly, you adored me and wanted to be with me for as long as possible.

That was our first public kiss ever. (Not considering the first time we were both drunk and you kissed me by the beach after I puked my lungs out.) And I felt, during that split-second when our lips touched, that I was your woman. Because prior to that, you would NEVER kiss me out in public, and holding hands was merely a "can you please cross the road carefully" thing.

That was a day to be remembered forever.

Now, a year later, here I am as your wife. With our own home on the way, no less. And today, I shall be the one to say, I LOVE YOU.

And even though you know how these three words will never suffice to describe the magnitude of my love for you, there is nothing more that I can speak of, except just to say again, I LOVE YOU again.

I love you more than I love myself. And that to you, I believe, will speak for itself.

I am that one

I was trying to do the "I'm that person" meme, and it was going really well, except for the fact that it was already more than 40 lines long and I was only up to my teens.


I resign to fate. I admit that I am a long-winded person. And maybe I was including too many personal details.

So here I start again.

--- --- ---

I typed and typed and typed. Only to realise that too much of my dark secrets would be revealed if I published it.

So I deleted everything.

All in all, I am that girl who has a past too dark and disturbing to reveal to her readers and even her friends.

Yet, I am the same girl, who after all that, is sitting here today, happy and loved by a man who doesn't give her past a damn.

I am the girl who wishes her mother was here, just to see how happy she is today.

I am the girl who cried when typing everything out, because simply recalling her past makes her heart break like it was just yesterday.

I am the girl who would forgo her memory, just so that she can forget her own past.

I am the girl who smiles even though when deep inside, she is breaking.

I am the girl who cannot tell her past because it might land her up in jail.

I am the girl who would tell anyone what she has been through, but just doesn't have the guts to put it up here.

Friendster weirdos

I don't understand why some people like to change their Friendster relationship status as and when they like.

They are attached, yes, that is fine, but they choose to display "Married" even though they are not. Why? Is it because you are DYING to get married? Then please go get yourself registered for marriage!

Some people think that being married is just that, being married. Being in a marriage is not as simple as that, my young padawan, it is a LIFETIME promise of happiness exchanged with your partner. You have to go through thick and thin together and provide support to one another. Not like just happy happy say "This one is my hubby" when you guys are NOT married.

Then a few months down the road, you guys break up, then suddenly you are "Single" again. You think what, like playing game like that ah? Happy happy you're married. Not happy, then you're not.

People like them spoil the market for people like me and Annie who are really married young. Others come querying, "You really married ah?" Like duh, OF COURSE! If not I put my status as "Married" for fun ah?

Oh ya, I forgot. Some people DO put that they are married, just for fun.

I don't know what goes through the heads of these youngsters. Pui. Grow up!

Then there are those who like to put up pictures of themselves taken in toilets of clubs. These photos are usually captioned like that:

"Me In ZoUk ToiLeT"

"mY BeSt FrIeNd N mE iN dBl O tOiLeT"

"PrEttY mA? ThIs iS mE iN MaDaM wOnG tOiLeT"

What are you trying to do? Keep a collection of your toilet visitations?

There are lots of strange people with weird habits on the internet. And maybe, I am just another one of them, preferring to talk to myself online by keeping this blog.

If you are going to smoke, make sure you drink lots of water and your lips are moist. If not, you will suffer like me when your lips get STUCK onto the cigarette and peel when you try to pull it off. *sobs*

Don't ask me how it happened. It just did.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

bad after-sales service

A couple of months ago, I bought a pair of utterly lovely pair of black leather heels from Primavera. Yesterday, while I was out, I realised that the heel felt funny, so I took off my shoe and checked it. Apparently the rubber outsole on the heel had cracked and come off even though I haven't even worn it for more than 72 hours totalled up. So today, Hubs and I brought it down to the outlet where I bought it, to get them to fix it up.

Considering the fact that I paid a good $70 for them, I would expect that they provide some sort of after-sales service. But that was obviously not true.

First of all, the Chinese female sales assistant could not speak English. She did not ask if it was okay for her to converse in Mandarin, and we didn't tell her that she could, so what did she do? She utilised the language as well as she could, which was not very well at all, and did the worst explanation EVER as to how they do not provide shoe repairs.

Secondly, she told us to bring the pair of heels down to the cobbler which, in her words, was "at 7-11 there". We went down to the next level, walked towards the 7-11, and found NO COBBLER. We promptly started heading back to the shop, and then we saw it. THE COBBLER WAS MORE THAN FIVE SHOP SPACES AWAY FROM 7-11. Is that what you call "at 7-11 there"?!

So we went in and showed the cobbler the damage, and the only material he could offer to us to fix it up was plastic, not the original rubber outsole. So we politely declined his services and stormed up back to the shop.

The same girl attended to us, and she gave her boss a call before she came up with a lousy, lengthy explanation (in really bad English) of how the outsole is from Italy and how they are not able to find the same material to replace the broken outsole.

Unable to withstand her bad English any longer, I told her she could speak in Mandarin, because we can understand it. Her response? She collapse on the counter nearby in the most childish fashion (and least to mention, entirely unprofessional) and said "Why didn't you say so earlier?" in Mandarin.


Hello? If you cannot speak English, why don't you tell us earlier too instead of pretending that you could handle it? And in any case, you ARE supposed to serve your customers in whatever language it is that they are comfortable with, unless of course, they are speaking some foreign language that you completely do not understand.

She then proceeded to explain in Mandarin, the SAME fucking reasons WHY they could not fix up my heels for me. Like huh? Does speaking a different language now make the circumstances different?

Hubs and I got extremely agitated at that point and told her that if we fix up the shoes anywhere else that doesn't have the same material, it compromises the quality and comfort, and if that's so, then why do we have to bother buying shoes from them at that kind of price when we can jolly well go to Bata and pay $20 for a pair of heels?

The girl could not answer our query. So she started to explain why they could not fix it up. Again.

At that point, her boss came in and halted what could turn out to be a horrid unsatisfied customer and staff debate. He was very nice and polite, and in the same fashion, I smiled and him and explained the whole situation to him.

He said that even though they do not usually provide after-sales service or shoe repair, he understands why I want the outsole to be the same material, because as I told him, changing it to another material would compromise the quality of the footwear. He said that if I don't mind, I can leave my heels and my number with him, and he will source for the closest material possible and fix it up for me within the next two weeks.

That, my folks, is customer service.

Being rigid is NOT the way to go, if you wish to serve and keep your customers. Not to mention having a language barrier AND displaying your childish behaviour in front of your customers is being completely unprofessional as a sales personnel. I do not even know why they hired that girl.

And now you know why some people can be managers and some cannot.

on a high note

On a brighter note, I bought two extremely lovely tops for only $15 each from a stall at Bugis Village. It was fate, I tell you. Almost all the shops were closed by the time I got there at 10.30pm, but this particular stall was still open because the owner was dressing up the mannequins for tomorrow.I bought the top she just put on the mannequin. It was the only piece that she sourced from Korea and it is now MINE! *evil laughter*

Silk Tube
Pretty right?

Lace Tube
This is a see-through lace top...

Lace Tube Boobs
But of course I'm a good girl and wear a light grey boob tube underneath it.

I am SUCH a sucker for good customer service, I tell you. And this shopowner is one of the nicest ladies selling clothes in Singapore EVER. We talked a bit about how the clothes are usually overpriced in Bugis Village. I told her that I bought a dress in Hong Kong for S$18 only to find it selling at $49 here! The price jump is SO high, it's crazy. And so she tells me that the price war between the young entrepreneurs is quite feisty. Here discount, there discount, but in fact, the items are still overpriced after all that deduction. And we all know just how true that is.

The best part about this shopowner is that she can grasp your taste in fashion after 3 sentences exchanged with her.

She whipped out all the tubes she had, with the white lacy ones in the lead. How clever is that?

Next, she did something unexpected.

She brought out a seemingly plain black top, only to turn it around showing the halter and the backless design. Her words? "I see your pattern sure got go chiong (clubbing) one right? This one very sexy, very good for going chiong. You wear sure very nice one."

Wah. This lady, she can read my mind!

And the honest compliments she gives is sure to make you want to buy more clothes from her. She makes you feel about yourself, but not in a patronising manner.

We talked about how some of the shops there won't allow people to try the clothes. She told me it's because they didn't want to risk anyone damaging their goods. Then she gave me a look from head to toe, and said "They don't let you try? How come? You not fat what!"

I just said I don't know why, but maybe because my butt looks big, that's why they're afraid I will tear their bottoms to shreds.

I think I like this lady very much. I am going back there to buy more clothes. =p

normal post during normal hours

I am melons and if you squeeze me, my juice leaks! Or so Hubs likes to to say I do.

The sky has been "leaking", which kind of sucks, because I had some plans for the day. Now they're all cancelled and all I did was sleep in.

My phone was switched off due to lack of battery power. And as usual, I missed some important calls. My future employer called asking me to go for a medical check-up before I start work on Monday. The deadline? By Friday, 3pm.

Maybe it is time to shower, get changed and get out of this empty house. Hubs says he's bringing me to Carl's Jr for dinner cos he's got a $3 off combo meal voucher. That's the perks when your hubby works for an advertising firm! =p

I am no longer a woman-shaped dynamite, apparently. My new status is "a woman whom when he sticks HIS dynamite into me, I go KABOOM".

No prizes for guessing what that means.



I feel like a disgruntled old woman. Let me go live the nightlife! *grrrrr* I look around me and everyone is still having a life. They are shopping (and actually buying things), clubbing, drinking, keeping late nights out, going on holidays, and what am I doing?



I feel like I deserve a fucking break after how I crack my brains for the interior designing, and all I want is nothing more than a good time painting the town red, having alcohol and dance music. Pity good clubbing company is so hard to find.

I am an angry restricted girl with no life.

feeling 55 on the inside

These days, I may look young on the outside, but inside, I am actually 55. Why do I say that? Let me name a few examples:

• I do nothing but to stay at home on weekends, except for the occassional window shopping trips.

• My back aches when I sit up for too long.

• Clubbing? What's that? I don't even know which places are happening anymore.

• My favourite pastime now is watching television. No snacks. They're not good for an aging metabolism.

• I am worried about how user-friendly and practical products are, instead of how nice they look or how popular they are. That's why I still haven't bought an iPod nano.

• I keep straining funny muscles ranging from those on my neck, to those on my calf. Youngsters don't get that. Old people do.

• I find my heart raring to go everytime I hear an upbeat song, but my body and my wallet cannot keep up. Particularly the wallet.

• Home loans, renovations, home decor, monthly installments are terms that have finally found their place in my dictionary. Permanently.

• I now am the proud owner of a sense of contentment. Like how an old woman can swing back and forth on her rockingchair all day and still have a warm smile on her face.

I need my young life back before I disintegrate into a pile of ashes. I'm no phoenix, there's no second chance for me. I want to feel alive and be alive before I am laden with commitments and eventually die.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

bewildered and upset

I have this male friend, and I would presume that we get on quite chummy. We would go out to clubs together, chill out at cafes and just spend time talking. Maybe I've been a bad friend as I've not contacted him for some time. But it seems like whenever I did try to make contact, he was almost always busy.

I'm not saying that his packed schedules are a lie, but life is just like that. You've got your own life to run. Like how he's got school, and other friends, and he's a regular gym devotee. And me, I'm practically crumbling under this home-renovation thing. I can't even sleep for a night without pieces of furniture flying around in my dreams.

I went to his blog today, and realised that he removed me from his links. Why is that so? Are we not friends anymore? Or was it something that I did that made you not want to be friends with me?

The last time I met up with him was late June. That's almost 4 months ago. It's not like I haven't tried making contact, but everytime I called, he was already booked for other appointments. Of course I was disappointed everytime, but what to do? I couldn't confirm on another day, and neither could he. And I guess in that way, we drifted apart.

Every now and then, Hubs would ask about him, wondering aloud how this friend is getting along these days. We said we should call him up and catch up, but we never know where to start.

I've been waiting on MSN for far too long. And the only one time I managed to get him, the reply I got was that the person behind the monitor wasn't him.

I think maybe it's time to give him a call.

--- --- ---

I called. I got his voicemail. Maybe he's just busy. And maybe I will just go lie down and cry a little now.

just some notes about this template

Just to let you guys know, the hyperlinks in my posts are usually in a lighter shade of purple and they are ITALISED, so watch out for them. I know it's not very obvious, but heck, the template is a standard one, and there are only that many changes that I can do to it without fucking it all up.

Should you be experiencing any problems with the messaging (commenting) system, please let me know because I realised that people can actually leave comments through BOTH my Haloscan and Blogger. I've rectified that by removing the Blogger commenting system, but I'm not sure if the template will fuck up. So please leave a message on my Fizbox to let me know if it does.

That's all for the moment, I guess. Good night, peeps. (Or good morning for that matter.)

Bluetooth dongle LOST and FOUND + pictures of a home undone

I think my blog is getting boring with all these posts on the house and whatnots that some may not even understand. But fuck it. This is MY blog and I rant if I want to. *heh heh*

FUCK! As I was typing this entry, I was preparing to upload the photos of my undone flat, only to realise that I'VE LOST MY BLUETOOTH DONGLE!! I searched the whole room and balcony (which is where I usually use my laptop, so that I can smoke while I'm at it). AND I CAN'T FIND IT!

I search ALL the bags that have been used to carry my laptop and other hi-tech knick-knacks, and I STILL can't find it! I looked in every single plastic bag, drawer, shelf, and STILL NO LUCK!

I am SO royally fucked.

I really hope that Nash has secretly hidden it somewhere for safety and that when he wakes, my Bluetooth dongle will be safe in my hands again.

I think I will go search through his pencil case now.

--- --- ---

Whew. I finally found it in the front compartment of his mighty huge backpack. Thank Gawd. He must have chucked it in there over the weekend when we brought our laptops out. He's always so sweet to carry my little knick-knacks for me eventhough most of the time I end up not using them at all. He always says that since we're driving, better to have something and not need it then to not have it when we need it. (He means when I want to play Warcraft when he's working and I don't have my mouse with me. Sure die one if I play using my trackpad.)

As promised (long ago), I have uploaded the pictures of my pre-renovation flat to my Flickr account. As a gesture of goodwill, I will give you guys a short tour of my tiny 3-room place. (If you want to see more photos, go to my Flickr! It's almost 6am, and I want to sleep!)

First and foremost, the marble flooring looks mouldy... But that's gonna change!

This is the living room. We're gonna make this place look HOT!

Our master bedroom-to-be. We're removing ALL the existing built-in furniture and leaving only the new bed in this place.

This bedroom, which is beside the other one, will be converted into a walk-in wardrobe. Yes. The WHOLE bedroom as a wardrobe. We're putting in a door between the two bedrooms so that the wardrobe can only be accessed from the master bedroom. We'll also be creating an entrance to the shower from this room, so that we can shower and then step straight into the wardrobe to get dressed. The shower area will be GREAT too as we're enlarging it. (I only pray hard that HDB approves my permit for altering the shower area...)

The black-white kitchen tiling is quite nice, eh? But pity, all that's got to go because we're removing all the cabinets, so the tiles would end up cracking anyway. So bye-bye, black-white tiles! See the room on the extreme right of the photo? That's my future Hello Kitty room. *gasps* It's gonna be PINK! Hubs gave me that room so that all my plush toys can have their own little haven... *blushes and acts nauseatingly cute* Hubs love me sooo much...

In conculsion of my place, NOTHING is going to look the same after the major revamp. NOTHING will be spared. A hint to you guys: Our place will look industrial. (Or so I hope. You can never be too sure about these contractors.)

Anyone interested in coming to my housewarming??

My place should be done by late November (as promised by contractor), and we should be comfortably settled in by mid December (unless HDB cocks up my wall hacking permits). Christmas party, anyone?

P.S. to personal friends: You guys make time on your busy schedules cos I am DRAGGING you guys to my place once everything's done. No excuses this time round.

Monday, October 17, 2005

more planning to go

My head is swamped with pieces of furniture and electrical appliances. How much more planning is there to go?? *shakes head in utter confusion*

At this rate we're going, I think by the time we move into the place, we'll all have attained level 5 of super-psycho on the nutcase rankings...


Why is there so much to discuss, plan for and shop for?? Right now we are working on whether we want stereo for the entertainment system. If we do, then we'll have to find a suitable TV console so that we can fit the speakers beside it. If not, we'll still have to find a TV console of another size, so that eventually IF we get speakers, we'll have some place to put them.

Other than that, there's the light fixtures and power points to sort out. Where do we want them, and how many. And then comes the issue of whether the lights will be sufficient in brightening up the place.


Note to self: Check out lightings at Balestier, MacPherson and Geylang. We need pendant lamps, wall lamps and bedside lamps. Also, bedside tables at Lifestorey.

Anybody knows of anywhere that has BLACK furniture? They are so damn hard to find. Are Singaporeans just conservative homeowners, or do we have lousy furniture designs around?

I DO NOT want to buy another place after this. All this planning is really ENOUGH to drive us crazy.

Friday, October 14, 2005

the strange world of men

In the late of the night, the simplest things can amuse a man in a way that only men will be amused.

To me, it is just tissue and cum. To him, it's ti-cum.

Then laughter echos throughout the bathroom to the almost dangerous point of waking his parents up.

Ti-cum. Tikam.

So it's like potluck then?

--- --- ---

To me, it's a tampon string sticking out from my underneath.

To him, I am a woman-shaped dynamite with my string waiting to be lit up so that I can go KABOOM.

Men. They have the weirdest minds ever.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

just what it seems to be

This is what it is, my dear.
No what ifs.
A culmination of consequences.
Here is where we end up.

On the clouds of love,
dancing the rest of our lives away
to the music of our souls.

You will be my heartbeat,
and I shall be your breath.
Nothing more, nothing less.

This is what it is,
just as what you see it as.
The bliss and simplicity that you have been searching all your life.
It is here, my dear.
It is here.

midnight in monotony

Hubs is asleep. I have no idea why I have been keeping such late hours recently. Could it be that my time clock is all screwed yet again?

It is such a spoilsport when one moment you're feeling loved-and-loving to Eagles' "Love Will Keep Us Alive" and the next moment, iTunes shuffle decides to play Brooke Valentine's "Girlfight".

While I'm replaying the lovely song for the umpteenth time, let me share it with you. (HINT: Just click on the song name to download.) I'm just can't be bothered to rig it up into my template at the rate I'm "feeling" different songs every few hours.

Suddenly, for tonight, I don't feel like randomly browsing the internet.

I just want to sip my alcohol and inhale my nicotine. Not such a glam sight, I agree, but nonetheless, that's all the mood I have for today.

How can one feel so loved, yet so lonely, all at the same time?

Times like these just make me wonder what human emotions are capable of. How can we feel such contradicting intense repercussions simultaneously? Are we not made to feel one way at a time? Why are we made so complex?

Notice I used the word "repercussions". I was enjoying my music from old days, and the smells and sights resurfaced as if it was the moment itself. Hubs is right. I am a smells person. Should I turn blind one day, I think my general sense will come from smell instead of sound. Kind of strange if you think about it.

I have been attacked mercilessly by mosquitoes since I've been sitting on the balcony for the past 3 hours, and still I keep telling myself, after this cigarette, after this cigarette, I will return to the room. What is wrong with me? Why do I not feel like doing anything except to reminisce past memories?

Maybe it is because everything is going so well these days, it's almost unbelievable. I feel like it is all a dream, and naturally, I don't want to wake up from it. In a way, it is comforting to return to days of struggles, as it is all so familiar. It may not be the most comforting place on earth, but it is homeground and it doesn't make me feel out of place.

I should have Hubs slap me in the face. The tugs on my tragus earlier on didn't hurt enough to wake me up from this fantasy. It was lovely for him to help me put on the BCR though. =) I like it so much. Thank you, Hubs.

I almost want to cry. Simply because life finally feels complete.

It's not as if we don't have any worries at all. We still have relationship and financial issues to iron out. I still don't have a job, and I haven't even paid for my diploma re-moduling fees. But all that just seems negligible knowing that we have each other along the way. My Hubs, my family, US.

My mum should be part of this. She should be here to see this. Me, just being contented. I think she would be so pleased that I have finally relaxed the rules on myself. She would probably agree that life is good, and it would only get better. And maybe, like what Hubs always says, she is watching from above.

Issues we will always have. Even with a billion bucks in the bank, we'll have them. But what we have now, no amount of money can ever bring. LOVE, HAPPINESS and SUPPORT.

I am such a piece of soppy shit today.

the bad dream of a childhood bully

Joanne Peh is on the cover of this week's 8 Days. Crap. It's supposed to be some swimsuit issue, so she's posing with the straps of her bikini top undone. Ooohhh... I would have been mightily turned on by that pose if the girl was someone else, but since the juvenile feuds between Joanne Peh and I go back a long way to our primary school days, I just waltzed straight to the counter and paid for my margarita and smokes.

I am not a fan of hers, it is obvious, but I shan't deny that she has a mega-watt smile and a toned body. But seriously, off cameras, that sort of body would appear anorexic and almost skeletal. And on cameras, my body would look like a big bag of lumpy sand.

And that's what they call "movie magic".

By the way, ain't it strange that she keeps appearing on the covers of 8 Days when she's supposed to be interning with them? Or is her interning stint over already? In any case, it is FAVORITISM since she's deemed to be the next hot thing in TCS.

I don't like Joanne Peh. She used to bully me (and almost everyone else) back in primary school by abusing her position as a prefectorial head. And up til today, I still think that she got up the ladder by apple-polishing because the way she treated us fellow schoolmates is worlds apart from the behaviour she puts up in front of teachers. (Ivory, give a shout-out if you agree with me on that.)

I think most of us who knew her personally from primary school have got personal vendettas with her. And by personally, I mean same class.

Bleah. I shall end this horrible nightmare by enjoying my margarita, smokes and Santana's music. Seeing her postered everywhere is like a bad dream that won't go away. It's even worse than watching Fear Factor. At least Fear Factor is entertaining.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Why is it that everytime I leave a comment through Haloscan it says that I am on some "OPM blacklist"?

I have secured my IP and removed my banned IP. So now all I have to do is wait a couple of hours for the un-banning to be processed. This sucks.

So here replying Karthy (Kat), I am glad that what I wrote has inspired you to face up and take charge of your love life. Always know that nothing is easy in life. If it doesn't go exactly as planned, pluck up courage and go again. Should you want someone to talk to, I'm always here. =) You can email me for privacy.

The purpose of heartaches are so that when your heart flutters with joy,
you can look back and know you've come a long way.
Only when that happens, will you cherish what you have at the moment.

unchanged as the world changes

A guy whom I thought would never grow up, did himself justice and matured through the past one year since we broke up. I am so glad that his new mellow temperament has helped him see past many insignificant little factors of life. Life is so much more bearable when you can ignore the things that don't matter that much anyway. Good going for you, man.

On this side of the world, however, I am still bothered by little things in life. For example, Hubs was nice enough to buy a new ball closure ring (BCR) for my tragus piercing while packing dinner back. And what did I do? I showed my displease the moment I couldn't get the ball bearing in. Yes. I am such a bad girl.

So I just gave up after 30 long minutes of trial and error. Leaving myself highly pissed, with my tragus slightly throbbing from all that pushing and shoving. I have absolutely no patience with anything at all. And if I can do it the easier way, why do it the hard way?

Now it's Hubs' turn to try it on. And after 15 minutes, he's still at it. I'll see how much longer he'll take. =p

I guess some things never change. My impatience, my sarcasm, and my want for things to be chop-chop except when I am the one wasting time.

UPDATE: He cheated and put the BCR on his eyebrow piercing instead. Slut!


Got tagged by darkmuse, and even though she did mention that I am not obliged to do it, what the heck, I am bored anyways.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

  1. Visit Japan for the funky sex culture, food and Hello Kitty Land.
  2. Raise a child with Hubs (despite all that previous puking, I am excited to get pregnant again)
  3. Get my driving license and car. (Yes, that comes as a set.)
  4. Make Hubs the happiest man alive. (sigh. when when when can I do that?)
  5. Become RICH.
  6. Gain wisdom to the point that nothing ever upsets me again.
  7. Be a good daughter, sister, wife and mother.
7 Things I Can Do
  1. Indulge in debauchery... haha... Smoke, drink, and be merry.
  2. Dance.
  3. Have complete control over myself even when absolutely fucking drunk.
  4. Coordinate things. And that includes artsy matters like colours.
  5. Cook a decent meal.
  6. Give fantastic blowjobs (according to feedback given).
  7. Counsel people.
7 Things I Cannot Do
  1. Imagine life without Hubs.
  2. Stay away from shopping. It's a woman's genes. It's inherited.
  3. Not eat. I love food.
  4. Boring desk jobs. Challenge me, man. Challenge me!
  5. Music. It is my LIFE!
  6. My family.
  7. Create art using my bare hands.
7 Things That Attract Me to The Opposite/Same Sex
  1. Beautiful eyes
  2. Intelligence / Wisdom
  3. Understanding
  4. Sexy body. I am SUCH a superficial creature.
  5. Humor / Laughter
  6. Lots of love for me, kids and animals.
  7. A sense of coolness that eventually shits me cos they're so cool
7 Things That I Say Most Often
  1. The F-word. All the time.
  2. "I Love You." I think all my friends get that from me.
  3. "Lan" (For the non-Hokkiens, it means "dick".)
  4. "Oh My Gawd" (or "Oh My Fucking Gawd" for that matter.)
  5. "Shit". Usually used to reprimand my own stupidity.
  6. "Slut". Often used to curse at Hubs.
  7. "Boooooring". I am very easily bored, very often.
7 Celebrity Crushes
  1. Leslie Cheung. I almost cried watching his concert VCD last weekend.
  2. Aaron Kwok. Always adored him. Still do. He's HOT for his age.
  3. Daniel Wu.
  4. Angelina Jolie.
  5. Vin Diesel.
  6. Johnny Depp. But only when he's not too scruffy looking.
  7. Christina Aguilera.
7 People I Want to Do This
  1. Puny Grace
  2. Kristy
  3. Fir
  4. Samuel
  5. Jezamine
  6. myloh
  7. Hubs. Although he probably won't.

a loving mood

Nope. It's got nothing to do with the fact that I just caught "40 year old Virgin" at 12.20am. I didn't find it an absolutely fab show anyway. It's more of the slapstick comedy that men enjoy. Repeat a joke more than 3 times and it gets boring for me.

I guess the fact that a couple I know is intending for marriage brightened up the dead mentality glooming in me for weeks. Another close male friend of mine got back with his most beloved woman, and that is great news too. My own marriage seems pretty rosy as well. Everything just seems to be moving along great. I hope everyone is having smooth sailing days as well.

Meanwhile, here's a song to share the love. *sighs* Love is just everywhere... Ain't it wonderful?

Lisa Ono - I Wish You Love

I wish you bluebirds in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing
I wish you health
And more than wealth
I wish you love

And in July a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you health
And more than wealth
I wish you love

My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never be
So with my best
My very best
I set you free

I wish you shelter from the storm
And a cozy fire to keep you warm
And most of all
When snowflakes fall
I wish you love

finally getting things done

We've finally signed the renovation contract. Finally. So hopefully in 6 weeks' time I can post pictures of my new home to show you guys. Speaking of which, I have not even posted up pictures of the current state of the place.

Joyous news to share, two of my classmates from MDIS are intending to get married! Wow. They got officially attached around the time when I had my ROM, which was back in February and now they are planning to spend the rest of their lives together. CONGRATULATIONS!

I seriously had not expected them to give me an answer when I had cheekily asked when we may be expecting wedding bells. But the answer came. It was a simple "soon". And upon probing, they revealed it to be in the planning for next year end.

My heart goes out to them, as their parents are against their being together due to religious issues. But love is blind, and we all know that. This couple has so much joy and laughter between them that it would seem stupid to just let it all go.

Our parents will always want what is best for us, but as we progressively get wiser about our own lives and goals, sometimes, we DO know what will be best for us. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Opposites attract, and if everything feels right, then just go for it. I will be behind you guys all the way.

The same goes out to any of my friends who are having racial/religious issues in their relationships. Love is too beautiful to just throw it all away because of what your parents deem right or wrong. This person is one to share the rest of your life with. So make the decision yourself. As Phil Collins sings it, against all odds.

Here's wishing love and happiness to everyone, since I'm in the mood. =)

When you find something
as precious as a love that brings you joy,

hold on and never ever let go.

Monday, October 10, 2005

musings on his new hair

What your new hair colour reveals about you and the people around you:

  • You know your mother doesn't like it when her first comment is "Chao Ah Beng".
  • People around your age group gawk and say "Chio ah!"
  • Schooling teenagers look up in envy because they'll never be able to hide it from the school authorities.
  • Your boss sees you in new light now as the flaming red shows off your creative streak.
  • Your wife gets a shock every morning when she gets up, even though she was the one who create the masterpiece on your scalp.
  • Your father-in-law laughs everytime your hair is mentioned.
  • Somehow you heard your auntie say your head resembles "Ah Meng", the orang-utan in the zoo.
  • Strange aunties and uncles point to you as though your head was on fire.
  • But even stranger is when you go to Mustafa. No one even gives you a second look.
So much for your new hair. I feel put down by all the attention given to you. Does NO ONE notice the slight blue tinge to my otherwise black hair at all?!?

Monday blues

~~ Monday blues, and the one thing that should be blue still isn't. My hair. ~~

Hubs is finally back to work after an entire week spent with me. Details to our new place is not settled yet, but I think it should be anytime soon.Suddenly being at home alone on a weekday seems unbearable...

On a brighter note, the pics as promised:



As you can see, Hubs' hair transformation was a complete success! As for mine...


I lost my reddish hair and gained this blue head that is way too dark. *sobs* I have no one to blame except myself that I am not in the creative industry, and thus, no fancy headwork for me. I am still trying to capture my hair from that certain angle that really shows the blue. Tough luck, though.

Spotted while shopping:

Doraemon Guitar

Look towards the bottom left. DORAEMON GUITAR!! Who the fook designed that? Who the fook decided it would be a great idea to manufacture and sell it?? Finally, who the fook would want to buy that???

It just completely takes out the coolness from rock&roll-dom. Would you just imagine KISS or Bon Jovi using that guitar?? *shudders*

Sunday, October 09, 2005

being separated from technology

I was back at my dad's for more than 24 hours on end. Without my laptop. Neither did Hubs have his. I feel so disconnected from my laptop but hugely satisfied from the family time spent. My dad is crazy, and sometimes it can be so fun singing to celebrities' concert VCDs. More hugely laughable is when Hubs tries to outsing my dad by raising his voice. These two strange men...

Pardon me for the pause in posts and pics. I'll put up photos of his head tomorrow. As for mine, because my bleaching was only 6%, whereas his was 12%, my blue-violet shade doesn't show very well. Huge pity. But I guess it's for the better since I have been shortlisted for that job.

They are still not able to tell me how much I'll be paid, but they did say that they are not able to meet my expected salary, so they asked what's the least I'd settle for. I was nice and gave them a $100 discount off my asking price. =p

So now I'll just stay at home and wait for their "good news".

Friday, October 07, 2005

we are still awake

At 6.11am, we are still awake.

We woke up at almost 10am in the morning, because moi had to go to an interview with some governmental company. And the reason for staying up til so "early"? Well, let's just say we fucked around with our hair colours.

Hubs is now a fantastically BRIGHT redhead, and mine should be a violet blue. I haven't washed off my dye yet. But I will be doing so once this entry is done. (Photos in next blog post to follow.)

Hubs was the guinea pig for this $4.90 hairdye we found in wonderous Mustafa Shopping Centre. This brand, Lolane, is absolutely FABULOUS. They've got 20 over different shades, and I'm not even talking about varying shades of brown. We're talking about pink, electric blue, orange, and any other funky colour you've EVER seen on ANY head IN THE WORLD. Yes. All for $4.90 only.

If you really want the colours to come out really BRIGHT and nearly blinding, bleach first, then colour. Guaranteed to work everytime. I always do that for Hubs anyway. =)

For now, I shall keep the suspense of the outcome on our heads. If no one's interested to see, then I can save my lazy ass and not upload anything. *heh heh*

Thursday, October 06, 2005

random snapshots

Just to share with you some of the pictures I find amusing...

Toilets?? Humanity?? *hahaha*
The worse joke is that my DAD's name is Jack Sim! *rofl*

Milo Dinosaur
THIS is a Milo Dinosaur. Literally. I don't know if it's creative, or just plain lame.

Singapore's very own
Singapore's very own One Tree Hill!
Don't believe me? Check out the local street directory!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

7th month wedding anniversary

We've finally completed 2 items from my list today. We had our awfully chocolate cake, and we visited the Science Centre! It was fine, except that quite a number of their exhibits were down, and many of the old ones that we were familiar with are no longer there. I can't say the new exhibits are interesting... Or maybe we're just old now.

This photo proves that Windows suck, and the Science Centre should really maintain their exhibits.
Runtime Error!!

Nash got himself some muscles there though!

Please DO NOT go into this exhibit...
IT SMELLS REALLY REALLY BAD!! The moment I stuck my head under those plastic flaps, the stench just overpowered my nostrils. My face turned green, I felt bile juice boiling up my throat, and I just had to turn around and crawl out. Well, if you're interested, there are hamsters, rats, mice, lizards and other little animals inside there. ** Please notice the typo on the sign too. **

Speaking of noses...

This is SUCH a funny note!!
Hahaha!! *rolls on floor clutching tummy*

The highlight of the day was of course this delicious chocolate cake!
Awfully Chocolate Cake
It doesn't look like much, but it tastes GREAT!

We ended the day with dinner at Balmoral Plaza's Waffletown. I LURVE the black pepper steak there. A medium-done slice with fries, fruit salad, mashed potatoes and a drink, all for only $6.80!! I am a happy girl!

Hubs is crazy after a day of activities and driving around the island.

We are happy people today!

It was a great day today. We even managed to squeeze in some shopping throughout the day at IMM, Mustafa and the pasar malam near Mustafa! I bought a new Fasio mascara, some Japanese edibles from Daiso at IMM, and funky RED hairdye for Hubs from Mustafa! Happy 7th month anniversary!

P.S. For those who are interested in seeing MORE photos from our adventures today, please hop over to my Flickr account!

a changing body

You know your body just ain't the same no more, when:

  • you have to chuck all your 36B bras and replace them with 38C ones because the old ones just squeezed the life out of you.
  • even the Indian fella working at 7-11 says "You lost weight ah?"
  • you find yourself tugging at your pants for the umpteenth time because your arse crack is showing. And the pants ain't even hipster-cut.
  • almost everyone who hasn't seen you for the past two weeks comment that your cheekbones are protruding and your face is obviously slimmer.
  • there are extra folds of cloth at the front and side when wearing your tiny thongs.
  • you can fit into a tube-top and, for once, NOT look like a meat dumpling.
  • white is not longer a forbidden colour because it makes you look gargantuan. At least now it only makes you look slightly fat and lumpy.
  • your dad no longer passes remarks on your weight/big tummy/fat thighs.
  • nobody has recently mentioned that you look pregnant.
  • hubby's tops really make you look tiny. And penguin-ish with the flapping sleeves.
  • your arse crack actually looks like a crack, instead of resembling the mountain valleys.
  • you can actually look into the mirror and genuinely say that you look and feel pretty today.

Maybe the world's just being nice. Or maybe the Dove skin firming shower cream really works.

In any case, it is a prettier, slimmer wifey for her hubby to consume tonight. =p

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

our tragus piercings

As promised, the swollen state of our new piercings...

my new tragus piercing

Hubs' new tragus piercing

Mine ain't as swollen as his is. Thank Gawd. His tragus piercing is starting to stray so far away from his ear it almost looks like a beauty mark piercing now.

just a lil bit of shopping

After many weeks of searching, I've finally managed to get my much needed bras. And along with that, a couple of new clothes to match! Yeah!

All clothes are from Aeropostale. Strapless bra from Women's Secret. Black maximizer plunge bra from Triump.

incurring wrath

Sometimes, on days like today, I just want to bang my head hard against a brickwall and curse at my own stupidity.

Once again, I have incurred Hubs' wrath by sleeping in 6 hours' late. We were supposed to go out in the morning, and he was up by 10am. But me? I only got out of bed around 4pm. Hubs got angry and it wasn't even surprising. I am such a lazy bum.

I dread taking any forms of public transport, and back in days when I was more than self-sufficient, I would only take cabs as any other transportation means would require cramming with strangers. I really don't like that at all.

There are the days when I would relish the idea of a long bus ride, but somehow life won't have it that way. I get tremendously bus-sick once the roads get rickety. I would start to turn green, and eventually barf. Luckily I usually only do that once I get off the bus.

Don't ask me why that happens to me. I don't know. I just know it gets worse as I grow older. Maybe, like what my dad says, I was born for the life of a rich girl but was reincarnated into the wrong family. All I can do then is to hope for a rich husband. Or in this case, hope for my husband to become rich.

Sadly, things don't happen just because you want them to. And at the rate we are getting ourselves tied down to all sorts of financial commitments, I fear we will never be even vaguely close to the word "rich".

Life is such a bitch. We try to fit into our elders' perspectives of what we should and should not be doing. We become people whom we know we don't want to be. And there's nothing we can do except to bitch about it. Sometimes, life ain't worth living at all.

Monday, October 03, 2005

days with Hubs

I'm finally in luck. After weeks and weeks of Hubs working late and thus neglecting his cute lil wife (me!), he is now officially unemployed!

Nah. Nothing bad about it. He's going to be starting work on the 10th for a new agency, so this week will be his "lobo" week doing nothing except spending time with his precious wife (me!).

(This post is starting to sound egotistical...) Anyways, back to the updates...

It has been an extremely packed weekend for us, which would also explain the lack in posts. (Not that anyone would miss anything I would have possibly wrote.) We've been out interior designer hunting, attended a relative's housewarming-cum-birthday party, spent a lovely Saturday evening with my side of the family, and got ourselves pierced. The weekend couldn't have been rosier.

We managed to find the interior designing firm we've been intending to approach at the Tropical Home & Decor 2005 and we've just had our first appointment with them earlier today. They're a bunch of really creative designers and I must say that the meeting was really different from what we've had at other designing firms so far. The concept of our new home was discussed with them casually over cigarettes and drinks in their office. There was none of that uptight feeling compared to the ambience at other firms. I think we may have made ourselves some friends here!

To give you a better idea of what my new home would be like, and exactly how good these people are, take a look at their website.

Tomorrow's going to be another long day for us. We're going bra shopping (finally), chocolate tasting at awfully chocolate (finally) and maybe catching a movie. Or maybe not.

I've just been informed by Hubs that it seems like none of the cinemas are showing "The 40 Year Old Virgin" anymore. This is highly puzzling, as it was just released like, what, less than a week ago? Well, I guess we'll go catch "The Brothers Grimm" then.

By the way, go watch "The Corpse Bride". It was really touching for me. I almost cried. Almost. =)

** Photos of our new piercings to be uploaded next post **


Our traguses are swollen. Why? Because we have itchy hands.

Moral of the story: NEVER remove your piercings when your piercer says you shouldn't. Be a good boy/girl and WAIT until the healing is at least almost done.

2nd moral of the story: Curb your itchy hands.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

QUIZ:What color should your blog be?

Your Blog Should Be Purple

You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.
You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.

What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

This is GOOD. My blog IS purple already. These blogthings are getting FREAKY. VERY FREAKY. *shudders* Are these quizzes run by aliens who can actually mind-read us and are secretly spying on our every move?? *shudders*

QUIZ:How are you in love?

How You Are In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You tend to take more than give in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

How Are You In Love?

Wow. Another one that is generally shockingly true. You guys really HAVE to do this, man. I am in SHOCK. Why are these blogthings so accurate?!

To correct the one that ain't as true, I don't really love my partner unconditionally. And I DO try to make them change. Which I know isn't the right thing to do when you love someone, but I don' know why my partners always seem to have habits that shit me so utterly. Maybe I'm just someone who's easily irritated by everything.

But it is so true that I fall easily and very often. I am probably the one person with the most crushes throughout my 22 years alive.

I also fall very hard once I do love someone. This all explains how and why I got married so soon with Hubs!