Friday, September 30, 2005

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to obedience and warmth.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage pessimistically. You don't think happy marriages exist anymore.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

I am surprised that this is actually quite accurate! I don't know how they can come to such a conculsion when the questions they ask you are about animals and stuff, but hey, who cares just as long as the results are right.

Although there is one thing that ain't all that true. Cheating IS possible with me. I don't give much of a damn to morality and society. One does not have much concerns regarding morality when she has shoplifted AND broken commitments before...

But I'm a good girl now! And that's the most important thing, isn't it?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

work never sucked so bad

Work used to be full of incentives and honestly motivated me to get out of the house. You get paid to do something through the blazing hot afternoons, you meet interesting people from all walks of life in the form of clients and colleagues. Once in awhile, you even make friends that last FOREVER.

But NOT this time round.

I've been misled by a very vague contract coughed up by some agency. Although the position was stated to be a temporary admin staff, I found myself tagging behind my predecessor while she walked all over levels 10 and 13 of the building, handing out letters to colleagues from other departments.

Hello?! You hire ME to be an office girl? Like, the opposite sex of an OFFICE BOY? DUH. I seriously think you can hire someone else to do the same job at a much lower salary. I feel so insulted.

My last shard of sanity tore itself to smithereens when I was happily sorting out a thick stack of papers. (Filing work is therapy to me.) This woman, Gawd knows what her name is cos I've only been there for a few hours and heck she's too old to become a friend anyways, came to tap me on the shoulder and shoved an A4-sized brown paper envelope into my face.

"Can you send this to the Finance department?"

I was like "WHAT?!"

Her reply proved she absolutely SUCKED at PR. "Erm, oh yah hor. You know where the Finance department is or not? It's on the 13th floor, turn left, walk straight. Then press the doorbell to get in cos your pass is not allowed access there."

DUH. My huge reaction was because YOU expect ME to send your STUPID BROWN ENVELOPE. Not because I don't know where the FOOK the Finance Department is. For your information, the Finance department is where I used to head to in my Customer Relations Officer days to get praised (and also screamed at).

Fuck off from my face and don't come disturb me when I'm filing papers.

Well, of course I didn't say that. I just said "HUH?!" again. As my Papa says, "Act blur blur lor, then you can get away with anything."

Heh heh. The blur trick worked.

My predecessor, by the way, is someone I really don't want to spend alot of time with. I only have ONE very important thing to keep in mind when in contact with her. DO NOT PUT YOUR FACE TOO NEAR TO MINE. Thank you.

Her shiny, pimply-red face is beyond my threshold. I cannot look at her in the eyes without feeling like asking her: "Do you EVER wash your face?!"

And oh, her breath stinks pretty bad too.

Her crazy idol-adoring fanatic ways made me gawk and then shiver in fear. She almost seems like a stalker with newspaper clippings of Ronald Susilo all over her work area. One word to describe her: SIAO.

Apparently, Ronald Susilo is her FAVOURITE idol. Even 5566 and F4 don't come close. Not that she doesn't like them. They just don't come as close. She even wants to MARRY him, despite the fact that it is very widely publicised that he is happily attached to Lim Jiawei. OMFG. Some people just don't grow up.

Well, at least her choice of drool idol is off ther beaten track of the usual celebrities. Hers is a sportsman. Everyone say WOOOOOOOOOOO...

I'm desperately trying to catch Dengue now in a bid to escape work. That's the only way I can break a contract and not get sued the pants off me. Heh. Don't think it would work though.

Thankfully my in-laws have been supportive. They said, "Don't like then don't work lor. Go confront the agency about the contract's misinterpretation of the job. Go call them tomorrow! Don't go run up and down handing out letters. They want to tire you to death huh?"

Sometimes, the shitty things in life make you see the good...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

10 things to achieve soon

I don't know if it's due to stress or what, but I can't seem to fall asleep. I need to get to work in 4 hours' time, and I can't stop seeing pieces of furniture and the floorplan of my flat the moment I close my eyes... Damn you, renovation stress!

Hubs, on the other hand, has been having nights of undisturbed sleep. It's so unfair that I'm the one being haunted by wardrobes, coffee tables and beds. ARRGGHHH...

Meanwhile, I shall make a list of things I want to achieve soon:

1) Driver's license. It's been on the list for ages, but I just never seem to get to it.

2) Full sized iPod. Forget the nano. If my 4GB mini can't even fit in all my music, what can the nano do for me?

3) Tragus piercing. Hubs is getting one too!

4) Find a queen sized bed suitable for our room. I was going to type in "masterbed" but I kinda thought it would sound funny. It's an old joke, but it still gets to me.

5) Buy a couple more bras.

6) Get my hair permed. Or set into curls just for a night. I'm getting a bit sick of this straight hair look already.

7) Have that chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate that Hubs promised me more than 6 months ago.

8) Go to the Science Centre.

9) Go on that fooking Zoo and Night safari trip that is way way way overdue.

10) Move into that long awaited place of our own. Bloody hell, it better come out nice after all those funky dreams it gave me of flying furniture.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the last day of unemployment

I think I almost make it sound like it's a good thing. Or bad thing. Seriously, I can't define whether being employed starting on 28th is good or bad, I only know I will get paid for sitting in an air-conditioned office and doing something. That's all I'm looking forward to. The money. It's materialistic, but true.

I've decided to get a tragus piercing, and I'll probably get it tomorrow or something. And at the same time, I am reconsidering getting my nose pierced again. But first, I must check out the situation in my new workplace. If it's highly conservative (which also means my supervisor will most definitely be anal) then I guess I would have to shelf the idea for now...

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I will be allowed to wear casual attire to work. Think sandals, bohemian skirts and jeans on Fridays. That would be very nice indeed.

Well, good luck to me and my new employment status. Say NO to anal managers!

Monday, September 26, 2005

BIGGER fonts and BIGGER headaches

So the verdict is out. This is the BEST font size to use. But don't you guys know that you can adjust the font size of your webpages??

For those who maintain their blogs through Blogger, this font size is "Normal Size", but when I'm typing it in, it is HUGE. Just a short post will leave me scrolling up and down the post editor and that shits me so. *sigh* But to be the nice blogger to allow you guys to keep your eyesight, I shall keep to this size. (Tell me I'm not nice, and I'll wring your neck.)

The next thing that weighs in BIGGER than this dumb font size, is the fact that Hubs and I have finally decided on the wall structures of our place. It took us more than 6 hours to come up with it, simply because the change in one room will affect the size of another and so on. Bleah. I hate it when one thing affects everything else, but that's just life isn't it? Everything affects everything else.

Tonight we'll probably be heading down to the tiny flat with the renovator again, so if I'm feeling un-lazy, I'll snap some pictures of the current state of the place, and let you guys see it. It'll be like the "Before Makeover" kind of pictures, then 2 months later, VOILA! We'll have the beautiful "After Makeover" flat.

Just to keep the suspense going, we're going to industralise most parts of the place. Think concrete, metal, glass, wood. In short, warehouse. Then we can feel free to throw junk around the place cos it's a warehouse look anyway. How convenient!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday night indoors

Ok, so what's new? I'm spending almost every single day and night indoors. Even our Mustafa night trips have been cut down drastically because of all the impending home issues. *in melodramatic shriek* The fear! The horror! The bills!

Even though Puny Grace has been so kind to extend an invitation to Newsroom Bar tonight, I'm afraid it is beyond my ability to accept it. So she says that there is no cover charge, but this also means that drinks would have to be paid entirely from my pocket. DUH. I'd rather they have cover charge and 2 drinks. What fun is it clubbing when you can't even have a sip of alcohol?

The last time I got toxicated seemed so like ages ago... I believe I blogged about it. Haha... That was quite fun.

Nowadays, my system is so celibate of alcohol that I almost feel like Virgin Shelly. Not a status I would like to behold for any longer though. I will get drunk on whatever remaining alcohol I have hoarded at home. But seriously, drinking is so not fun when you're not in a sweaty, sexy nightspot with loud music blasting at your ears. Well, that's my point of view.

You can keep me in, but you can't keep my booty shakin' down!

needing some confirmation

I just need to know if THIS font size is ok for your eyes...

Or is THIS better??

I really don't want to torture your eyes trying to read what I'm blabbering about, so please feedback. Thanks a lot!

Friday, September 23, 2005

a day in to recall yesterday out

Yesterday afternoon found me outside at Bugis. My supposed lunch meeting with Hubs was delayed until 3pm because I was such a lazy ass. Hubs, YOU SPOIL ME!

I had already woken up earlier at around 9.30am due to the continuous calls from the job agency. It was good news though, as I had been awarded the job and they wanted me to go down to sign the contract. YIPPEE! No more sitting at home doing nuts! More money to spend!

Despite being quite awake, I was feeling unidentified stomach pains. So I crawled my way back into bad and napped past noon.

My alarm clock (Hubs) woke me up to an hour of getting ready. And just as I was getting ready, it RAINED. Ok, to be exact, it POURED. Bloody hell. I changed into something more rainy weather friendly, and headed out of the house.

Lunch at the coffeeshop near Bugis Junction was good. The people there were friendly and helpful. The service makes it seem more like a restaurant than a coffeeshop. All you needed to do was sit down, and they would come up to you asking for your orders. How cool is that?

After filling myself up with their yummy roast chicken rice, Hubs sent me up to the agency to sign the next 6 months of my life away. I don't know why, but I really didn't feel like letting him go. But *sigh* work is work. And he's got to go.

I promptly decided to call some friends out for a get together, since I would be commencing work on the 28th. GGYY was uncontactable and puny Grace was on her way back to her hostel faraway. So next comes the guys. Myloh was seemed keen on the offer and offered to meet me at City Hall in 30 minutes' time.

Minutes ticked by as I shopped the waiting time away, not managing to find anything worthy of my money. Hmmph.

Myloh did a bad thing and led me to this shop in Millenia Walk called Candy Empire, and as the name goes, expect lots and LOTS of candies!

I bought myself TWO Willy Wonka chocolate bars. I would show them to you, except that I ate them both already. *heh heh* I shared one with Hubs and Myloh, and had the other one all to myself this morning. Hahaha... Yum Yum. And you know the beauty of these bars? You can actually WIN a Golden Ticket!! Wow. Pity I didn't get it.

Myloh and I have such long chats, I don't even know how. And as he said, "we can talk til the pigs come home". Although I find the reference to "pigs" a tad insulting, I agree with him.

This young man is highly disturbing. He is matured beyond his years, and he finished a DOUBLE WESTERN BACON CHEESBURGER from Carl's Jr at Marina Square, only to say that to be truly full, he'll need another one. Like, WTF?! I can't even finish a single burger by myself, but here is this fella who needs TWO! Well, at least his virgin visit to the fasfood joint was a pleasant one.

Three of us eventually ventured off to Suntec City in my search for cheap and functional office wear. We ended up in Toys'R'Us acting like a bunch of overgrown kids. It was unbridled fun at its best! It was entirely unlike the next experience browsing at this toy shop in the same building, where we were followed around. It was extremely unnerving for me because it (1) made me feel like a thief, (2) made me feel stalked, (3)displayed BAD BAD customer service skills from the staff.
Don't you know that it's not nice following people around?!?

Myloh had to leave early because he had an errand to run for his mum, so Hubs and I continued walking around. I bought a work-friendly indie-inspired skirt at $12 from This Fashion, and went food shopping at Carrefour. Thus ending my day out.

nonsensical banners

Hahaha... Now go make your own ego-boasting banners at's Banner Generator.

Friday's self-cooked lunch

Fettucini with crabsticks. Sprinkled generously with Betty Crocker® Bac~Os® and drenched in LEGGO's Carbonara pasta sauce (website under construction). Yum yum in your tum-tum under 10 minutes flat.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

hi-tech grocery shopping

Anyone who has been to Carrefour would know that they have barcode scanners available all around for shoppers to check the prices of their items. Back then when Carrefour had their first outlet at Suntec City, this was an entirely new technological advancement in the local world of grocery shopping. My trip there tonight shows that they have taken things up another notch on the hi-tech scale. Electronical price tags!

How much more futuristic can they get?

Please pardon the quality of the photo. I was going to take another one, but the staff were eyeing me like I was going to steal it (which I was seriously contemplating), so I didn't really dare spend more time fiddling around with it.

See the black area below the $3.85 price tag? It actually flashes the word "PROMOTION" in a bid to attract more attention from customers. Cool!

That $3.85 item did eventually catch my eye and I ended up paying that price for a can of New Moon Shark's Fin Soup. *heh heh* It IS cheaper than RRP (Recommended Retail Price) outside afterall!


Reference articles:

austriamicrosystems with French megadeal

Chipmaker austriamicrosystems has won a contract to supply chips for electronic price tags to Store Electronic Systems of France, which will then produce price tags for French supermarket chain Carrefour. Financial details have not been released.

feeling fucked about the flat

It's so much trouble planning for the place that I almost feel like fucking it all and letting it be. Says who a small space is easy to plan for and renovate? It is exactly because the space is small, which leads to so many constraints. Can't do this here, neither can we do it there. So what the fuck can we do? Almost nothing. All we can do is the usual BLAH kind of decor. Simple small pieces of furniture. Nothing fab at all.

I don't even know why we bought that stupid flat.

Oh yes, because his parents said "Buy that place lor". So we did. They wanted to take advantage of that additional $10K grant you get for purchasing your flat near to your parents. In the end? We didn't get it. Why? Because that shophouse isn't even under his parents' names. Pui.

It almost makes everything we've done redundant.

If given a choice, I would have never bought that place. Now we're stuck with a small space that we can't really play around with much. It's giving me and him such a headache, we almost want to just leave everything to the designer. But it is still our place and we want to have certain things incorporated in the decor. Such a dilemma.

The place should be versatile enough to include a new family member when the time comes, so we can't simply just hack the walls and have a very big bedroom. Arrgghh... In short, it's just a major headache.

Monday, September 19, 2005

inspiring quotes from movies

From The Mexican,

"When two people are very much in love, but just can't seem to get it together,
when is the time when enough is enough?"


From Moulin Rouge,

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return."

From Phantom of the Opera,

"Love me, that's all I ask of you."

--- --- ---

Love is such a strange thing. Such intensity, and yet, it cannot to be measured in any way. Emotions within yourself can be understood, but yet it cannot be expressed with the same magnitude.
So how does one know how much he or she is being loved?

Just close your eyes and follow your heart.

a pair of rubber clogs bring up much thought

It seems like yesterday was a good day for getting hitched. Driving from Tampines to Jurong and then to Bugis, we saw so many florally decorated cars that it became almost boring. Yup. So almost all the bridal cars look the same.

One particular bridesmaid caught our attention when we were adjourning back to the car after a hearty (and equally unhealthy) Burger King breakfast at Tampines Interchange. There were a total of three bridesmaids, and they were all dressed in pink and white. Not fanciful flowy gowns, but simple white skirts and tops, or vice versa. And one of them was wearing a pair of CROCS in pink.

Hubs couldn't help but say out loud: "Her shoes are SO ugly!"

Ok, so it was very unkind of us to be criticising her choice of footwear so openly. (Even though I completely spat on her bad shoe sense and replied to Hubs just as loudly.) But seriously, as a bridesmaid, shouldn't you be dressing up for the occassion instead of dragging your feet around in rubber clogs? Not to mention the fact that they really don't go with her clothes at all. Imagine a sweet young woman in a frilly white top and a nice pink flaired skirt, then picture her wearing shoes like THIS:

Fine. The description says it's all mighty and comfortable, but still, I think she should be in the proper attire to be part of their nuptial celebrations. No slippers, sandals or rubber clogs. Especially not funny-looking ones. And seriously, THEY DON'T MATCH YOUR SWEET-TO-DIABETIC-STANDARDS DRESSING!

What is wrong with the fashion sense on this island?

Ever since the appearance of the Straits Times write-up criticising the boring "style" of local females perpetually in jeans and a sexy top, everyone has been talking about "getting out" of that expired look and "getting in" to a style that's uniquely yours. But I guess no one in this country is entirely unique in terms of creating a self-identity. Most of our styles and ideas are copied from here and there, this person and that, from magazines and Hollywood's hot properties. Who actually defines their own style without any borrowed inspiration from elsewhere? No one, unless we are capable of making our own togs and able to walk out without feeling judged.

The reason why almost every woman would go out everywhere in hipster jeans and a sexy top is the simple point of anonymity. To be able to just blend into the crowds of Orchard Road or a happening club, but yet still attract a reasonable amount of attention especially from the men. These creatures from the opposite sex look at women in strange ways. First the face, next the boobs, then the bum. (Occasionally, we get men who go for the boobs first.) Zoom out, and they would drool over the total package of their ideal aphrodite-next-door.

Given the wondrous ways these men search for pretty ladies, it really doesn't matter how a woman dresses herself. Well, if everyone is wearing the same thing, you can't really go too wrong. You won't get disapproving stares from other women, and the combination works under the sweltering heat of the Singapore sun. This get-up can also carry you from day to night activities, just as long as you pick the right footwear. (No rubber clogs, please.) So it does make sense to walk around in jeans and a well-ventilated top from dawn to dusk.

In my opinion, get out of that phase already. Especially if you're one of those who dress like that almost every day. Don't you get bored?

While it is true that a pair of well-cut jeans can accentuate your figure fabulously, one can always choose to team it up with an intricate indie-inspired top or a smart casual jacket. Denims can create so many looks and styles if you just know how to dress them up. Don't get stuck in that same rut. That look isn't classic, it's just PLAIN. And always remember to accessorize, but NEVER to overdo it. Simple pieces of jewellery, a nice belt, or an attention-seeking bag can glam up your look so much in ways you cannot imagine.

Wear what you want and be who you are. Although it may not feel extremely comfortable should you be dressed in goth with everyone pointing and whispering at you, but you stand out from the crowd. You're different. And no one should be able to take that individuality away from you. Fashion trends can be such a beautiful thing, just as long as you don't blindly follow them. Not everything suits everyone. Especially not rubber clogs.

That said and done, I think it's time to ditch my bohemian chic look for now and revert to my gothic days. Halloween is coming and I'd like to dress the part of a sleep-deprived nocturnal rock chick. *blows the dust off black shredded lace top* It's time to express youself too!

making my own meal

I can make my own food. See?

But lunch is no fun alone...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

a full moon and a rainbow

Today was meant to be a day spent with your family, but since I was the good daughter (and Hubs was the good son-in-law) last night, today is reserved for my sweets.

Chinatown was one stop for us, simply just to mingle with the bustling crowd. The moment we got there, we were greeted by the most beautiful sight...


A rainbow after the slight drizzle... What a lovely way to kickstart the full moon festivities! Even as dusk was approaching, the rainbow didn't lose its alluring lustre.


As the colours of the multi-coloured bridge faded into the evening, it brought forth much activity to the rustic lanes of Chinatown. Pomelos started going at rock bottom prices, mooncakes at half their usual price, and all sorts of lanterns going cheap. Unfortunately, I can't say much for the decoration done up for the event...


Well, I was never one for bright lights and traditional Chinese art anyway. But I must commend the effort put into it even though it isn't a particularly important event in the Chinese Lunar calendar.

I will be fairly occupied for the next few days, as my godbrother is back from his training in the States. I will be bugging him to let me fiddle with his iPod nano. It's a miracle of an mp3 player. So small, so light, so beautiful... But I must maintain my ground as there is nothing wrong with my current iPod mini. One must learn to be frugal especially when one is married. No unnecessary purchases, please.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


为了证明我是纯种华人, 今天我就用华文来写作。惊讶吧?原来我也会国语。。。 虽然我从早到晚都是用英语说个不停, 但其实我的华文水准可是很不错地哟!

(Translation: To prove that I am pure Chinese, I shall use Mandarin to write today. Amazed? I actually know Mandarin... Although I talk non-stop in English from dawn to dusk, my standard of Mandarin isn't all that bad!)
见着最近蚊子多得不得了, 让我吟首诗赠给大家∶
夜来pik piak 声, 蚊子死多少。

I can be such a lame ass... hahaha... Please don't ask me to translate that. In any case, when it's no fun when it doesn't rhyme.

--- --- ---

Well, it's been a long boring night doing the annual Moon-admiring, kids causing chaos, and utter landscape ruining festivities. Long gone are the times when families gather round munching on delicate mooncakes, admiring the sheer beauty of nature and its many wonders.

Nowadays, Mooncake Festival signifies the time for kids to run amok and burn every blade of green grass by lighting candles, throwing sparklers and setting random pieces of paper on fire. Excited giggles and incessant chattering filled the nearby park where my family and our long-time neighbours got together. It was almost unbearable with all the noise and smoke. Every 5 seconds, we would hear the unmistakable sound of sparklers going "eeeewwwwwww". They almost sound like miniature fireworks, but naturally, they were nowhere as grand.

I bet the park would be littered with wax bits and used sparklers, lighters and matches. Not to mention piles of burnt paper. Singapore is a beautiful garden city, alright. And all of us are conscientious countrymen. My ass.

In any case, enjoy the moon at its fullest (supposedly), and share it with a loved one. Best if you get married and have babies chop-chop. (Ignore my sarcasm towards our local government for tonight, but I cannot seem to repress it. The authorities may not be fab, but at least the country is beautiful and safe. All this is partially their work afterall.)

Pictures to be updated at a later time, as I am now back in my dad's place and this computer has no Bluetooth.

Friday, September 16, 2005

midnight mumblings

When you've been tolerating the taste of Dunhill Reds for 3 days, your usual fix of Sampoerna Menthols taste way better than before. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Not that the average non-smoker would understand what I'm ranting about.

I cannot wait for my own place to come along. Completed with the dream bathroom fitted with my very own Hansgrohe Raindance shower system. *hee hee* Make me a happy wifey!!

Updates in my creative journal. My Photoshop was starting to grow mould due to lack of usage. I almost feel bad. But there really isn't much for me to tamper with. And I have no idea how to tweak them either.

Hubs says I'm a very smell-y person. As in how I always recall smells. Like how Smoke City's "Aguas de marco" always reminds me of that particular stretch of beach, his Eternity perfume, the smell that lingers in his room before I stank it up with my various fragrances, the old car freshener, the dewy whiff you get when driving down the highways in the wee hours of the morning...

I am one crazy bitch. ;)

a silent movie: Be With Me

I just saw Eric Khoo's "Be With Me", and it's nothing you can rave about. Not that it's not well-done, but only that it is such a silent movie that nobody dared make a single sound in the theatre.

The film shows the one thing in life that I have been feeling ever since I learnt about the sense of loss one can have. The times when you could have gotten that one thing you want so badly, but did not, simply because the timing was not to your advantage. In this case, it was love.

The moment you have decided to give up on the one thing you have been waiting for, the moment arrives. How's that for destiny? That everything in life has been predetermined. It has already been written in the books. Whether you fight for it or not. This thought always makes me feel like giving up.

Well, back to the movie. I shan't have any spoilers, because I think everyone who has an emotional side should watch it. This isn't some romanticised Korean drama, neither does it have any entertainment factor. It's just life put on screen. Life as it is. No orchestration, no uncanny coincidences, no glam factor. Just as it is.

The claim that it is a tearjerker is not entirely untrue, as it is really a very moving story. It didn't manage to coax my tears out. But my heart definitely went out to the characters in the story.

A caution though, do not expect much dialogue in the show, because there's almost none. Other than that, feel free to enjoy the show. =)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

designer showers

I don't ever want to shower again.
Unless you give me a Hansgrohe Raindance shower system.

The images make showering seem like such an artistic activity. And for such a lovely daily ritual, you should only do it in a dream bathroom like this.

OMG. If I had a bathroom like this, I would probably take HOURS to wash up everyday. Pardon me while I tame my orgasmic emotions as I admire this beautiful washroom decor. *straightens out clothes and attempts to regain composure*

The bathroom and its fittings are designed by world famous Philippe Starck in collaboration with Hansgrohe. Does it excite you now?? (Cos if you still say it's not nice, I'll smack you senseless.)

Of course, it would be really amazing to share such a special and intimate moment with your loved one...

So, go now and download the PDF brochure. And be moved to buy the beautifully crafted Hansgrohe Raindance. *sigh* It's almost unbelievable how well-taken pictures can move you so much... The wonders of photography.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

scorching in the sun

So here I am. Under the sun. Pictures?

Damn. Now I have to run upstairs for the Bluetooth dongle. Now you understand why I am so lazy to just even tan downstairs?? I'll put in the pics once I'm done baking.

I wonder if my iBook and iPod are scorch-proof. Haha. I think they are non-flammable though.

Wednesdays are good for shimmying in the backyard
listening to the latest dance hits
and wearing nothing but your bikini
if you're too broke to hit the clubs. =p



So here the pic is. Meanwhile, here are the results of an interesting Tickle test (courtesy of Jezamine).

--- --- ---

Shelly, your ideal sexual partner is a Type 1.

Type 1 partners enjoy giving pleasure as much as they enjoy receiving it. Chances are, your Type I will not only know the most direct path to orgasm for themselves, they will also likely be able to figure out, or learn from you, what they need to do to fulfill you.

But orgasm isn't the only thing on their minds. They also pay attention to the details along the way, which can lead to a much more pleasurable sexual encounter. They enjoy the ambience of sex and truly want to connect with you.

--- --- ---

I think that is so true. Not that simply knowing will help anything anyway.

I know I'm broke. I know I need money. Like that would make me any richer.

the boring life

See? This is what happens when I get up early and have nothing to do. I keep blogging. Bleah.

Fine. The laundry is spinning away in the washing machine. And MTV's on SCV channel 20. The air-con's still switched on in the room. But I'm still bored.

I thought to myself that the sun seems jolly good for tanning, and so I swaggered upstairs to change into my bikini. Now I'm still sitting up here in front of the laptop cos some strange series of events led to this.

I touched my laptop only to put it to sleep mode. Then I don't know what made me started surfing. So now I'm still here. *scratch head in wonder* I can be so utterly strange.

Today is one of those days that I really think the Koi pond should have been a swimming pool. If not for my father-in-law's love of fishes and greenery, I think my psycho-ing would eventually become fruitful.

Ah. Just change and go downstairs already. Before my father-in-law comes home in the afternoon to tinkle with his plants and finds me tanning in the backyard. Then I'll be told to stay in and be good again. Or go out. Bleah.

maybe it's PMS

I've never been one to fall prey to PMS.
Especially not to the point where I would cry.
My happy boy has coax my tears out
on a otherwise alright morning.

Why can't you just call me?

I can almost hate you that I know so little, yet so much.
I want to care but know not how to.
I know something's wrong, but not exactly what.
I think you might want someone around, but not necessarily me.

Am I even a friend? Or just an acquaintance?

Google doesn't really like Mac users huh?

Google Earth. Yet another interesting product from the Google geeks. And I cannot use it. Why? Because it is ONLY for Windows users.

And I thought Google was cool.

Slowly they are proving to me that they are anti-Mac.

Monday, September 12, 2005

such a slow morning

The noise from the garbage truck is killing my music.
I can't hear anything except the bass beats.
Every morning without fail between 11.40 to 11.50am,
here they are.
Just like clockwork.

Ahhh... Relief from the loud sirens and machinery.

I've been up since 9,
and everything's been slow.
I need something to do.
A job, maybe?

Staying in bed until 7pm
every weekday
is proving to be no fun.
The air-conditioned room is starting to feel too protective.

Don't keep me in.
Let me go out and serve some arseholic customers or something.
My dad, hubby and parent-in-laws are weird people.
I wonder why they let me do nothing all day.

My dad insists on giving me pocket money,
all the way til I'm done with school.
But when I asked for it this morning,
he said he'll transfer it to me before the weekend.

Is this a test of sorts?
To see if I will crumble if I don't spend money?
I won't die,
but I just might start chewing on my arm due to boredom.

My Hubs, he lets me do nothing.
And he's fine with it.
Then whenever I get too cooped up,
we go shopping in the dead of the night at Mustafa.

Hubs say it's good to go out.
No good to be in all the time.
I'll get mouldy.
But he's okay with me being a slacker.

My mum-in-law, she's a strange one too.
She won't let me do any housework
except to wash my own dirty laundry
and Hubs'.

When I offer to mop the floor for her,
she says for me to go study.
I tell her I'm having holidays,
she tells me to sit down and watch TV.

Her husband, my father-in-law,
is fine with me finding work
but when I offer to sweep the lawn,
I get shoo-ed away too.

When I'm going out he'll tell me to enjoy myself.
And then he'll ask if I still have money on me.
He only offers the TV to me when I tell him I'm bored.
Sigh. Such a strange family.

If my mother was here,
she'll yell at me
and tell me to get a job.

Mum would say
if you're bored,
go earn some money.
Then spend it on yourself (or better if on me).

I used to think mum was a crazy nut.
Now I know more crazy nuts.
You people are making me lazy.
Not that I'm not already a slacking bit of turd.

I need someone to push me.
Someone to tell me that I shouldn't be doing this.
Instead of offering the TV to me to pass time,
offer me a job!

You people are spoiling me in all the wrong ways.
I'm wondering if I should feel fortunate,
but I'm I feel is myself getting fat and lazy.
I need some self-motivational skills.

12 hours outdoors

It was quite amazing how much we manage to achieve in 12 hours. Nil.

We drove off to Geylang for a delicious Teochew Porridge dinner at 4am. Mind you, DINNER. Not supper.

Then we went on a search for the elusive "one-of-the-reservoirs-just-by-the-side-of-the-road-that-can-sit-on-some-boulders-one". Apparently Hubs was brought there for drinks with one of his buddies some time ago, and thanks to his goldfish memory, he says it should be Seletar Reservoir.

Unfortunately, there was Upper and Lower Seletar Reservoir, and they were quite some distance away from each other. Not to mention that has quite a few "scenic spots" for you to just sit around and get bitten by mosquitoes.

We spent about 30 minutes just finding ONE of the Seletar Reservoirs. Another 20 minutes or so just LOOKING for the legendary spot. Just to realise it's not there. Then another 20 minutes searching for THE OTHER ONE. And eventually, we got there. It was only then that I knew I had been there before with an ex-boyfriend of mine. Duh. Had Hubs' description been clearer, I would have been able to direct him there straight away.

It was worth it for the sunrise though.



All this mist on an early Sunday morning with the cool breeze and beautiful nature... What a way to start the one year anniversary since our first meeting!

We headed to IMM at Jurong East next to fill our tummies with an unhealthy MacDonald's breakfast. I guess we got there too early for any of the contractors/interior designing firms (it was 8.30am), so I drove us down to the Kinetic Garden outside the Singapore Science Centre for some child's play...

We had so much fun just being childish under the blazing sun. Particularly at the Fireball Exhibit.


I was spinning so fast and hard that I was screaming my head off. I do not enjoy rides that go round and round. They make me puke. But Hubs was having fun.

110905-NashOnFireball1 110905-NashOnFireball2

We did both get quite dizzy afterwards... hahaha...

We contemplated going in to the Science Centre for more fun, but as matured adults, we had to deal with more important issues at hand. *sigh* So we headed back to IMM around noon to search for a suitable contractor to do up our place.

There was a boot sale going on at IMM, and it was really therapeutic to sieve through the goods for sale and just to soak up the sun and the bustling atmosphere. It's like shopping on Sungei Road, except that the items here are newer and more of my type.

We then went off the Jurong Point to check out the kittens on sale there. We intend to keep a cat once we move in to our new place, so we have to do some "research" on prices and such. Anyone who has any kittens to giveaway, please do let me know. I'd way prefer strays, except that they don't always come by young.

Well, that was our Sunday. Spent driving around and basically just enjoying each other's company. Come Monday, and Hubs will be back in the office from 10 to 10. *sigh* I wish he was around more often...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

the morning after Night Watch

Night Watch is certainly one head-scratcher of a movie. Maybe the translations weren't done well, which would explain why certain scenes of the movie left us with question marks above our heads.

Some people left the cinema even before half the show was over. Jeremy Ratnam was one of them. I guess they were all tired. After all, Maggie from the "Morning Jam" show on Power 98 did mention that she's been up for 24 hours.

The games held before the movie screening was fairly simple. Two objectives: One, we were given cards to determine whether we were "light" or "dark" and we were supposed to "convert" other teams by winning them at Scissors-paper-stone. Heh heh. Two, while the conversion was going on, we were to search levels 4 to 6 of Orchard Cineleisure for $5 prints. The prints would be exchanged for CASH after the game.

So from 1.30am to 2am, there were at least 20 teams of 2 people per team wearing Power 98 T-shirts, seeking high and low for their 5 dollars, and at the same time asking other passing teams "Are you light or dark?", followed by a simple 2-rounds of sticking fists out in representations of scissors, paper, or stone.

Eventually EVERYONE was converted to "light", we all believe there was a conspiracy going on. Someone shouted "KELONG!" when it was announced that all teams were actually "light" at the end of the game. Hmmm...

Hubs and I got lucky and found one $5 print stuck onto an ad poster on level 5. Heh heh. We of course got it converted to a REAL $5 note. Lucky us.

Some teams found four $5 prints. Some none. So I guess we were quite fortunate.

Every team got to walk away with a Power 98 goodie bag, so everyone's a winner afterall. The goodie bag consists of a "Spider baby" (a character from the movie), a $20 Eski Bar voucher, complimentary tickets to Nokia Starlight Cinema and a CD. Ours was the OST to "XXX²". Everyone got a different CD, and some were exchanging it with other teams. I was quite happy with mine.

I'll be keeping an eye out for photos to be posted on the Power 98 website as quite a number of photos were taken by the organisers. Maybe I'll spot myself! =)

Friday, September 09, 2005

iPod Nano: The best of the iPods

I know there are tons of blog posts and comments EVERYWHERE regarding the NEW and uber-cool iPod nano, but I just wanted to say: All those who are using iPod Shuffle now because of its sheer tiny size (and also because it's purely an Apple product, which makes it all so cool) can go bang their heads against the wall.

iPod nano is small like my iPod mini, except it can display photos. And it's all white, which matches my pretty white 12" iBook very well. (Although black is bloody cool as well...) In short, I am also going to bang my head against the wall, cos if the nano came out sooner, I wouldn't have to struggle so hard to decide on which iPod to buy back then.

iPod nano is THE ONE for me all this while... I just didn't know it... =(
*sob sob*

--- --- ---

Let's make some comparisons between the three smaller scale iPods and see which one would make a better personal player:


The nano is 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches, weighs 1.5 ounces and has a 1.5" colour LCD screen.
The mini is 3.6 x 2 x 0.5 inches, weighs 3.68 ounces and has a 1.67" black-and-white screen. (I'm almost embarrassed to say that.)
The shuffle is 3.3 x 0.98 x 0.33 inches, weighs. 0.78 ounce and has NO SCREEN. (Now it just sucks, doesn't it?)

The nano has a black and white version, whereas the shuffle only comes in ONE colour (white, of course), where you get a choice of colours for the mini. Albeit the girly colour choices, the silver still seems quite fine.


The nano and the mini comes in different storage sizes, respectively 2GB/4GB and 4GB/6GB. Why that is so, I don't understand, because obviously with the nano being capable of showing photos, one should need more storage capacity.

The shuffle, well, what's to say? You can pick from a 512MB or a 1GB.


The nano boasts of up to 14 hours of music playback, whereas the mini can only pull off a max of 8 hours. The shuffle does an impressive 12 hours. But then again, no screen, how much power do you need to shuffle 240 songs around??


Only the nano and the shuffle are reputed to be skip-free. The mini only stands up to 25 minutes of vigorous activity.


The nano and the mini both come with games, calendar and the works. With the bonus of viewing slideshows on the nano. Erm, do I have to mention again that the shuffle has no screen?


This is the most important aspect of determining which iPod is the one you're eventually going to get. Price.

The nano's RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is US$199 for the smallest of the 2GB, whereas the 4GB mini goes for a US$199 and the shuffle's 512MB is at US$99. Undoubtedly, the shuffle is the most affordable of the iPod range, but must I mention again about it having NO SCREEN??

--- --- ---

So, with all the comparisons done, which iPod is the best? I guess there is no denying, the nano wins many Click Wheels over.

Well, at least now my mini is a historical iPod.

to watch a FREE premiere of Night Watch!

This is so bloody cool! I'm going to watch the Asian Premiere of Night Watch all thanks to Power98. I love this radio station!

By chance, as I was surfing the Power98 website, the poster image of Night Watch caught my eye. Upon reading further, I knew I was in for a treat of I manage to get selected for the premiere... Asian Premiere no less! *evil laughter*

I promptly logged in to my Yahoo mail, and sent an email containing required details of me and my partner (Hubs, of course). And in no more than 24 hours, I got a reply mail!!

Nightwatch Asian Premiere

*evil laughter again* I am going to the premiere!! *evil laughter third time around*

Don't say I'm not "friend" enough, good things I don't share. Click here to go to the Power98/Night Watch webpage and send your emails over quick quick if you're interested to attend the premiere of the movie.

The premiere will be at 2.45am at Orchard Cineleisure on Saturday, so I guess there is enough time to make it. For the time-blur, 2.45am on Saturday will be after Friday night, so the event will happen from 9th September onwards into the wee hours of 10th September!!

How often do you get movie premieres that start after midnight??

It's been so long since the last vampire/dracula movie was out... I can't wait to catch this show! Vampires, witches, shape-shifters, HERE I COME!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

as a good wife in disguise / problems with my arse?

A good wifey goes to her hubby's office and waits for him to finish his looooong boring meeting. The good wifey ends up blogging on the hubby's laptop. Which is in turn using the company's resources since posting blog entries require internet access and an electrical supply to run the laptop. So there, the wife has exploited the company that keeps the hubby back at work so late almost daily.

Up yours! =p

So then here she sits, thinking of what to type in next... Hmmm....

Oh, so the wife went shopping today with her best babe, GGYY (aka Grace Goh), and she bought a black leather belt and a black medium sized leather bag. Yeah. Two down. One more to go. Now, to search for the PERFECT pair of big black shades. Affectionately termed by Grace as "housefly shades". She says they make you look like a housefly. But a cool hip housefly at that. =)

And if you guys are wondering, I only refer to 2 of my female friends by name and surname cos both of them are named "Grace". One is Grace Goh (aka GGYY) and the other is Grace Chua (aka Puny Grace). And yes, Puny Grace is quite puny... =p

--- --- ---

Hubs said the night before that I look great in my new jeans and see-through lace top. So, with permission, I wore that combination out onto Orchard Road today for a shopping trip. This resulted in some really irritating/antagonizing scenarios...

First, a Malay makcik came up from behind me while I was just standing around with Grace, and said "cantik" while looking at my ass. (According to Grace, cos I couldn't really see what macik was looking at since she was behind me.) I felt like gouging out her dark blue heavy-lined eyes. Never see buttcrack before huh?!?

I mean, having a man look at you leeringly can be creepy and sometimes disgusting, especially if the man is the old pervert type. But having a leering WOMAN, and an auntie at that! Oh my Gawd. I don't even have words to describe it. It's just... GROSS... and superbly unsettling.

I know she paid my ass a compliment by saying that it's "pretty", but still, no thanks. Give your ass complimenting to someone else, thank you very much.

Next up was a teenage Malay boy.
Notice how both of them are MALAYS?? Not that I'm biased or racist, but what is the deal between my butt and them??! Anyway, this boy of around 16 years old just came up from behind me and said a long chain of something unfigurable in Malay. Like, thank you, I really understand Malay. When I gave him a bewildered look, he said in English:"Your backside."

Uh huh. I know I have a backside. And what's wrong with it?

So my jeans are super hipster. So my buttcrack is showing. Big fookin deal. Malays don't have bums that you guys have to resort to scrutinising mine?? Some Malay girls I've seen before have waaaay bigger bums than ANYONE around. Let alone the aunties. I'll leave the description alone. We live in such a multi-racial society, that I guess we all know the drift.

So, you mat-yoyo fellas, leave my ass alone. Or I might really just become racist. Particularly only towards Malay boys and aunties.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a new template

A new template!! I don't know what got over me, but here it is anyway after 4 hours of HTML staring! I know I'm slow, don't rub it in...

This template is a tad girly, which is obviously unlike my posts given the fact that I swear quite a bit in them. But I will be moving home soon, which means I have to desert my girly pink-and-purple room filled with Hello Kitty and move into an industrialised decor place of our own. I'm not lamenting. I just want to feed the little girl in me. =) Not to mention that I DO really like butterflies.

Comments have been reverted to Blogger instead of the former Haloscan cos I'm too lazy to login to Haloscan daily to check for comments. *yawn* The comments are set only for registered Blogger users, so as to greatly reduce those shameless anonymous advertisements. During the tweaking of this blog template, I received TWO of such. Gawd. And I don't suppose you can delete them?

Well, if you're not a Blogger user, feel free to comment on the Fizbox. It's there for a purpose. =)

Just some navigational help:

--> "home" of course takes you back to the main page.

--> "about" links to my friendster page. So it's all "about" me...

--> "journal" links you to my creative journal at

--> "links" brings you to a page where I placed all my links to other blogs.

--> "email", well, emails me if you're using Outlook Express or some other anal email thingy that needs configuration.

Yup, so that's that. Please do let me know if you come across any difficulties while surfing my blog.

I'm starting to see purple on this supposedly WHITE page. And I think I'm starting to sound bimbotic. Thus, I concur that I need some sleep.

UPDATE: While I was further checking my blog to make sure everything works proper, I got ANOTHER shameless advertising message! I got pissed off and changed back to Haloscan commenting. *hmmph*

11 random updates

1. We've officially gotten the keys to our own place @ Block 34, Whampoa West. We're now seeking a reliable company to dump our renovation work to.

2. I am still currently unemployed, bored and at home most of the time. Just waiting for October to come so I can start going all the way to Queenstown for classes.

3. Finally found a pair of jeans that I can fit into comfortably. It was an unexpected find at Bugis Village for a mere $23!

4. I have three pair of bottoms that need altering.

5. There's still half a basket of dirty laundry to do. Thankfully, there's no deadline.

6. Smelly beancurd at a Taiwanese Delights eatery directly opposite Bugis Junction (on the side of Tan Quee Lan St) is very fookin nice. I can eat that EVERY fookin day. It beats the smelly beancurd at Geylang ANYTIME!

7. I am searching for a black medium-sized leather bag, big black shades and a wide tanned leather belt. Not that you'll be interested to pay for it.

8. I'll be on an extremely tight budget for the rest of the month. No thanks to HDB for taking all our money away for the flat. It is not cheap having your own place!!

9. I just did my own French manicure and pedicure last week on Thursday.

10. I have been shopping at Mustafa very very often recently because of the late hours Hubs has been keeping at the office. My fave buy is the black glittery eyeshadow at $3.

11. I have ZERO cigarettes left at this moment. Time to drive out to get more.

You evil Friendster!! You CRASHED my Safari!!


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

such a bad habit

That's me. Off and on. Here and there. Intermittently me. And now, let the blog posts flood!

Do not question me why I do not blog on a regular basis. I am still searching for an answer to why I do so. Maybe the fact is that I don't have muses to kickstart my creative juices. Or it could simply be that I am not creative at all, therefore not possessing any of its "juices" to begin with.

Let's do a comparison to some of Singapore's famous (or infamous in one particular instance) bloggers:

mrbrown writes touching entries about his lovely wife and adorable children. He is also famed for his SNE series. The country and its many policies act as his muse.

Xiaxue goes shopping for beautiful things, appears on radio and TV shows, go on holidays and sadly, seem to get abused by people all over. Particularly since her KL trip, she has been dissed by "KL-ians". She's got plenty to talk about and to share with her "blogders".

Cowboy Caleb shares his interesting findings on the net with the rest of us, and occasionally drops a few mentions on his personal life. I had no idea how much a couple has to go through just for a church wedding. Well, now I do, thanks to him.

Sarong Party Girl blatantly shares her kinky sexual experiences, and her thoughts of conservatively anal Singaporeans. Nowadays, she shares her new found love. Congratulations, girl. =)

So, here comes the comparison:

I have no children, yet. And although I do have an outrageously cute husband who is very sweet but also horrendously forgetful, he works so late almost every weekday that I hardly feel like I'm married. As I type, he is still in the office doing amendments without getting paid O.T. (Note to self: I must go splash paint all over his office entrance and demand for O.T pay for my Hubs.)

mrbrown beats almost everyone to anything "uniquely Singapore". Let alone someone let me who doesn't even religiously read the daily papers. I am always late in learning of any new "improvements" to my home country.

Unlike Xiaxue, I am not rich enough to go shopping regularly. I am also not famous enough to get invited to talkshows. I am attached (and not famous) to be on Class95's "Blind Date". I don't eat in fancy restaurants. I don't model T-shirts. 'Nuff said.

I don't have kinky sex and I don't have artistically portrayed nude pictures of myself. I haven't even stepped into a nightspot and gone dancing for weeks. The last event I went to was "Very Xotic" at Zouk, which was too dark for any proper photos and too depressing for words.

I don't do much even in a week, let alone a day. So what's there to blog about?

Just today, for an instance, I woke up to an empty house in the afternoon. Had some chocolate chip cookies with milk, did some laundry, and watched some TV. If that sounds interesting to you, I would blog about it.

Well, maybe you would find THIS interesting instead.

perspectives of beauty

There are many who would not deny that Victoria's Secret models are beauties in their own right. But there will always be those who disagree.

Everyone has their own perspectives of beauty. Those who adore the feminine curves, as displayed by the famous sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, define the epitome of a beautiful woman to be well-defined by curves created by an ample bosom, sashaying hips and lovely face. Other female celebrities who fall into this generously curvaceous category would be Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez.

Some may claim almost anorexic females like Kate Moss and the 'new' Lindsay Lohan to be the ideal figure. While there are the rest who are sort of more, erm, balanced, citing healthy worked-out figures as the best figure to behold.

So many different ideals of a beautiful body. So what should I do? Work out like mad, or just throw up after each meal? ;p