Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yes, yes, yes. I am back again.

I miss blogging on Blogger Dashboard. Yup. I am a blog whore. Maybe a whore in other ways too, but then, probably on close friends and my hubby would know. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? Before your mind wanders further into the bedroom, let me clarify. I'm a camwhore/music whore/movie whore.

My head is feeling funky.

My elbows are on the desk. I'm supporting my head with my hands. And yet my iBook screen still seems as if it is swaying from side to side. By golly. I am pretty fucked. It hasn't stopped swaying since 2 days ago. If this goes on, I'm probably going to be "laptop sick" quite soon.

I remember wanting to blog about something, but I can't recall what it is. I know it would be something better than this ranting. Heck. I'll blog it when I remember.

Somebody spank me. I've been a bad girl. Today's Public Relations paper was skipped. I am feeling quite under the weather. But no, spank me still. I deserve it.

I am feeling crap and irritable. Rainy weather never fails to make me feel cold, needy, weak, lethargic and hide under the covers like some little girl. I hate rain. And AdiumX and decided to screw up on me for reasons that I do not wish to investigate further into.

Pop-up notification HELL! (email addresses have been blurred to protect identities)

Biatch duck. Eventually had to delete the whole application and reinstall it. But not before I move my favourite scripts, dock icons and soundsets to my Public folder first. I'll kick myself if I delete EVERYTHING. I really would.

Somebody bring me shopping and sponsor me please... I am going crazy all cooped up in "princess land". Prince Charming!! I want shopping!!

Hooray for WWW technology!!

Blogger's up!! Yay!! Now I can resume using "Verdana" as my standard blogging font!!

Call me slow, but I just realised that Friendster is hosting blogs by TypePad!! And you can choose to sign up for their FREE accounts!! Well, ad-supported of course. I'm almost tempted to get it, but I guess I'm quite happy here with Blogger. (With the exception of the recent spate of frequent fuck-ups...)

Courtesy of Lil, I was listening to "Bizarre Love Triangle" and chanced upon this version by New Order. It sounded straight up 80's and hubby and I just had to derive a term for it. "Reno". Retro + Techno.

For those who had the time to catch the big screen animation "Robots", a character called Fender delivered the most unforgettable line. "He's playing a fusion of Jazz and Funk. It's called Junk." *lol*

My brother keeps repeating this line everyday, so it's quite stuck in my head.

In the likes of words like "brunch", "weblogs" and XX's famous "blogders", hubby and I have come up with a few more utterly hilarious combo-words:

personal + lube = pube
hot + babe = habe / hobe
2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner = shamditioner
stinky + cigarettes = stinkgarettes
single + hunk = sunk
lunch + dinner = lunchner / dinch
love + lust = lost (*lol* I thought this is quite true!)

Think of some, people, and let's post it up!!

Meanwhile, hubs coughed up an idea of starting a new trend of pics featuring bloggers' middle fingers in Flickr, following the highly successful "Sexyblogger" meme started by mrbrown and Mr Miyagi. Anyone up for it??

Thanks to mrbrown for "browning" me in one of his posts... I must say, is "hot damn" really the right phrase to describe me? Or is there some blogger secret in those two words that I don't understand??

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nothing free is ever perfect

Pardon me if the font size and posting is a tad funky for the next few days. Blogger is down! Yes, it is. Again.

Try logging in to your Blogger Dashboard and this is what you see:
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.

Bollocks! And to think that Blogger is run by Google...

But thanks to the modern technology of cross-posting provided by MacJournal, I can still update my blog for your reading enjoyment (or irritation). So read on...

I see that my status has "elevated" to "Highness" as stated by "my teacher"... =p
Yay!! Who wants to be a celebrity? Not me!! I am now Shelly, the Highnes. Bow before me, my subjects!!
Pardon my cockiness, but I just couldn't resist it...

It's good to see that you guys are interacting among yourselves, albeit the occasional arguments between some "spoilers" and "supporters" and the seemingly endless intelligent banter between "anon" and "appalled" in my Fizbox. You guys are sooo cute! From arguing about me, you guys could actually go on for so many posts... *thumps chest with right fist* RESPECT! You guys can go on if you want... I'm getting entertained! =)

I have no idea how or why, but I had 1,153 page loads for today, and slightly over 30 comments in total from Fizbox and Haloscan. Must be you guys who keep coming back to refresh the page so you can argue among each other! =p

I'll be removing the music from my blog soon, cos somehow it'll no longer suit the mood of the upcoming posts anymore... But once in a while, I might just put up another song or two. Anyone who wants that track, I can either email it to you, or send it to you through MSN messenger. Just let me know. The title of the track is "Inochi no namae" from the soundtrack of the animation "Spirited Away".

Drop by hubby's blog and check out his new header! It needs more tweaking, but since Blogger is down (dammit!), it will just have to stay there til those doughnut munching Blogger engineers have worked it out...

I'll love to post something more creative than this, but I've got a paper tomorrow at 2pm and I haven't started on it yet!! Maybe later, maybe later... Fiona! Your procrastinator disease!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

For my sweets

To a wonderful man whom I so fortunately is married to,
there are a few things that I want you to know.

I thank you for your sleepless nights
spent sitting beside me while I was in pain.

I thank you for your love and care,
showered upon me like December rain.

I thank you for your hugs and kiss
that make my world a beautiful place.

I thank you that loving look,
that always holds my gaze.

I thank you for staying by my side
without ever thinking to flee.

All these I adore and appreciate,
but all we need is actually just you and me.


I'm thinking of a new template. Nothing fancy, just a change in the header and maybe a new title for my blog. Starting to feel that "Sweet Life" sounds really cheesy... *grins* Cheesy to the point that even the addition of the two words "and bitchy" didn't even help!

I feel lazy. Really lazy... Fiona!! Your procrastinator attitude has rubbed off on me!! Damn you, little hamster girl! If nothing goes wrong, (that is, if I don't fall asleep or start getting addicted to whatever little episodes of Futurama that I have), you guys should be seeing a new header with updated pics and new titles for my blogs within a few hours. =)

But before all that, I must go write a poem for my sweets... Poor baby cut down his hours of rest last night just to drive over to kiss and cuddle me, followed by bringing me out to supper at Punggol Nasi Lemak. I love you sweets!

UPDATE @ 6.23PM:

Template update is completed sooner than expected... Hope you guys are fine with it. I can't really ask if you like it, because if you do, I'll have a potential love rival!

Sorry, myloh. I asked if you could send the song to me, but I sort of illegally copied it onto my blog html. I'll remove it in a day or two. Just really wanted the song to be there when my hubby checks my updated blog at his office... Sincerest apologies.

My hubs just called from the office. He's really touched by this "sweet" move. Have you guys done something intangible for the ones you love today? Go do something for them that doesn't involve any buying. Even something small might move mountains for your relationship.

Love is the most wonderful gift one person can give to another. The gift of friendship, care and the support of a partner and family. Don't let the slightest chance get by you. Prove your love to them in little ways as such. Nothing is ever too mushy, too difficult or too over-the-top to do.

Cherish your loved ones, and treasure the moments together.


Yes. Insomnia is taking its toll once again. To while away the time "productively", look up to the web address bar and you should be seeing an icon. If not, well, let me know. It'll be nice if you would re-bookmark me again so that the image can stay on your bookmarks list. =p

The image is the first tattoo that I had, and represents the 3 blogs that I have. Its actual meaning is "3 worlds", being heaven, hell and earth and is a celtic symbol that I found from somewhere random celtic mythology webpage.

Look to your right at my sidebar and you should see the new links up. (Mark!! I need your bloody image to put up your link!!) For those who already have their links up and are unsatisfied with the image that I've used, please email your preferred image/photo to me and I'll do the amendments.

Anyone else who would like to be linked can also feel free to send your image and URL to me at the same address. (Jon, I intend to use your blogger profile image as your link image. Is that ok?)

And now, back to wondering what I should do next to pass the rest of the lonely night... Hubby!! Where are you when I need a shoulder to cry on???

Well, back to sense. Check THIS out! This photographer is definitely one smart fella. Don't think it'll be easy to take these "transparent screen" photos. Maybe I'll try it when I have the time and brain matter to plan it. In any case, I only have a phone camera, so I guess the results will suck no matter what.

Just in case you're not a Mac addict like me, that's the iPod in the front and a PowerBook in the middle. Realise that a trackball is plugged in to it. THAT is exactly like the way my hubby uses his PowerBook. With a STUPID trackball that requires ultimate thumb strength. (Which I don't have.)

Who the FUCK invented the trackball?!?!

Monday, March 28, 2005

This crappy sensation

Blog entry is late today, and I'm doing this at Centrepoint McDonald's on Hubby's 15" PowerBook G4 using the FREE wireless internet provided here. (And at all Mac outlets in Singapore.)

I should be out spending money now, but I'm not. Not because I don't want to, but somehow $50 just disappeared from my account. I SWEAR I didn't go shopping. Fiona can vouch for that. I only got myself "necessities" such as food, drinks and cigarettes. Yes. Cigarettes ARE a necessity.

Most of my brain cells have died after a pathetic cramming totalling 3 hours for my Journalism and News Broadcasting paper. I feel that I will FAIL my module. I don't doubt the possibility that I WILL pass my paper, but given the fact that I DID NOT even start on my assignment, let alone submit it, I would need to score at least a 62 for my paper if I want to scrap by with a "D" for this module. I have niggling doubts about being able to do that.

But still, what's done is done and I really should concentrate more on the lack of funds now. It's only Monday, and I only have $35 left to survive the week... I need a sugardaddy!! Any takers?? =p

Few things on my mind now:
1) Why couldn't I have posted a better entry?
2) I need retail therapy. Which brings it to...
3) I need money.
4) I REALLY need money. I still have supplementary paper fees to pay...
5) I want to update with another post later in the night when I get home. IF my brain is not dead by then...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pigs above us

Who said that Singapore is a free and liberal country/city?!?!


Our beloved Media Authority of Singapore (MDA) has rejected the application for a local AIDS support group concert. Their reason? Public interest. What a load of crap. If public interest is THAT important, we would have a completely FREE country where cigarettes and alcohol are at reasonable prices, and gay marriages would be legal.

And next up, they're going to INCREASE the price of tobacco AGAIN. Smoking is going to become a rich man's habit and a luxury for the poor. (Please don't hike it until I start working... Please please pretty please...) And they want more babies! WTF...

The government claims that whatever new rulings they impose on us are FOR OUR OWN GOOD. Why can't they see that we ARE old enough to decide for ourselves?? If we want to smoke and/or drink to our deaths, why should they care? Yes, true true, we are having an aging population and we aren't exactly making babies... Who can they blame except themselves?

Back in the early nineties, there was too much emphasis on creating a future and blah blah blah, resulting in everyone slogging away in their cubicle cell for more than 9 hours a day. The rising living costs didn't make it easier either. It's work hard, or starve yourself (and your family) of a comfortable lifestyle. Who would have the time to enjoy sex?

Just in case they didn't know, love making between a couple does not simply involve penetration and orgasm. There has to be mood cultivation, foreplay, emotional bonding throughout the intimate session, afterglow. And sometimes the couple gets hungry and they have to go get food. (Which ultimately increases the time required to have intercourse cos if they didn't bang, they wouldn't be hungry.) Who's got the time for THAT? Singaporeans only have sex an average of 79 times per year according to Durex Sex Survey 2004!! Work that number out and we'll only be getting laid around 6 times a month! (Probably working couples who do it once a week. The extra 2 times are numbers chalked up by horny and/or curious teens who do it twice a week. =p )

Now they see the number of newborns decreasing and you start to panic. It's too late, my dear government officials... Who cares anyway? You can always "import" foreign "talents". Give the SPGs more ang-mohs! Marry our women to expats and ship them overseas! That's what you have been doing for the longest time anyway.

AIDS cases are on the rise. We now have more than 2,000 HIV or AIDS confirm patients. Senior Minister of State for Health, Balaji Sadasivan, says a probable cause of it could be the gay festival held in August 2004. But online gay community,, provided other possible reasons for the surge in numbers.

Fiona asked me some time last week: "Why do gays seem to be the ones who spread AIDS?"
My answer to her was this:
Men don't like to use condoms. (Men who are reading this, be honest!) However, if they have sex with a female stranger, she would request for protection, and so, they would use condoms and prevent the spread of AIDS. But when two men have one night stands, neither one of them would want the sensation to be reduced, so they don't use condoms, and thus the virus is spread from one to the next, to the next, to the next. And suddenly, you have a WHOLE lot of infected men.
She acknowledged my "wisdom" with a simple "oorrrrrhhhh"... Cute girl. =)

Singapore is such a homophobic country. And now they want to BAN this AIDS concert, citing the reason that having a gay Christian pop duo, Jason and deMarco, would influence the public. Bloody hell. Since you have already said the AIDS cases increment is because of the gays then what's wrong in having a concert that promotes a gay lifestyle? Contradicting...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Finally, moderation!

From the looks of things, I guess the unwanted hype has already died down. Thank God!

No doubt there are still a couple of not-so-nice comments coming in every few hours, I think they can be conveniently looked over and normal blogging can resume again.

Given the fact that it's a long weekend, I presume XX would update her blog and, finally, give her amorous fans something to read. Don't say I didn't warn you guys (if you all are STILL coming here to read my blog), given the fact that she is working now, I don't think you can expect as many updates as before. But I guess you guys can still get your dose of her from the local newspapers. I heard she's got another two articles written about her and the "sexyblogger" issue.

The weekend has been (and will be) an utterly horrible 3 days to get through. I cannot think of anything interesting to do, and judging by the weather *looks out of the window*, most outdoor activities can be cancelled.

In any case, just to share some online entertainment with you all, go over to Steven Lim's website. No, I'm not a fan, but his crazy, self-proud antics have thoroughly tickled my brother and hubby. His mimic of the famous Numa Numa Dance made us disgusted yet humoured! Mixed feelings none of us had ever felt before... *LOL*

Go watch the original Numa Numa version first before you watch Steven Lim's copy!

I guess moderation is the key when it comes to everything. Steven Lim
(self professedly) claims he is Singapore's Actor/Singer/Dancer/Eyebrow Plucker/Hunk. No doubt in comparison to his former self, he DOES look a tad better, but I guess his ego successfully self-inflated along with his weight.

Upon the enlightenment of this blog article, I went to Steven Lim's website, found the (tiny tiny) text right at the bottom of the main page, copied it out on TextEdit (standard "Notepad" for Mac), changed the text from font size "2" to "12", and found out that what the article stated is true! Everytime anyone did a search for Taufik Batisah, Sylvester Sim, or any of the tiny "magic words", his website would be generated as a search result among the actual results. I guess this really is quite low...

Moderation, people. Moderation. Even too much of a good thing could prove to be bad. Like how I've been listening to Michael Buble's "Quando, Quando, Quando" for the past hour and am finally starting to get a little bored of it. But songs like these are SO suitable with a warm drink on rainy days! I just couldn't resist putting it on repeat mode.

NOTE: Here's the link if you want to download TextEdit to replace your Notepad.

Friday, March 25, 2005

New findings on XX fanatics

Realise how they don't flame comments that support my stand. And how they simply IGNORE the fact that most of us are NOT demeaning/degrading/insulting XX in anyway. We are only commenting on her blog. They get offended and defensive WAAAY too easily.

For those who think that I am trying to get attention from posting about XX, you guys are only giving me higher traffic by coming in here and posting your repetitive comments about how I "insulted" XX. Aren't you just giving me more attention? If you think I am a fat ugly bitch who just wants attention, why don't you just leave me alone? I guess you just want a piece of the action too since XX is mentioned here eh? Get a life. Get some friends. Get attached.

I never denied the fact that I am fat. Says who fat people cannot post up close to nude pics? The WWW is an open space and everyone is free to do what they want. How else do you think most of you get to download free music, MTVs and movies? I am NOT breaking any rules here by saying what I want.

Thank you for those who agree that most of the flamers are just brainless fanatics who possess bad commands of the English language who are UNABLE to read my posts and UNDERSTAND them. Time to IGNORE them all though. I am NOT pleased that my blog is getting filled with all these useless unconstructive comments.

My blog may not be fancy, but a blog is about the content, and not the layout. I admit that even my content is not fantastic, but none of my friends or visitors are complaining. If you guys dare, put up your blog links for the people here to see! Let us see how FANTASTIC your blog templates and posts are!! And for those who call me fat, show us your pictures!! You can post up pics in my comments box, so don't give any excuses there. If you need free photo web hosting, I can even give you the link! Show your true self!! Stop hiding behind your monitor screens and pretend to be all high and mighty!

No one is perfect, and we all know that. I am sure that there are people that have crossed your paths in life that you admitted dislike. A blog is a personal space for you to complain about all that the person/s have done to you and release the pent-up frustrations. I am not saying here that I dislike XX. I just don't take a fancy to her blog. And if any of you HATE my blog, go ahead. I won't try to flame you just because of that. Notice that I don't argue with people who don't like my blog. It is a comment that could help me improve my site. I can't please everyone all the time. None of us can. All we can do is try to make ourselves happy the best way we can.

This blog is my form of release. An avenue to let my close friends and some chancing online strangers know what I'm up to recently and how I've been feeling. I talked about Joanne Peh many many posts earlier, but nothing of such came up. I seriously DO NOT know why XX has fans who are so protective. If you think she is smart and pretty, why would you care how people think? Likewise, in the same manner, if you fell hopelessly in love with someone whom your friends do not like, would you break up with that special person? Or stop contact with your friends? It is a difficult choice, I would say.

I do not like XX's blog. I admit. And I believe you guys have said/insulted/demeaned all you should be doing. I am not sorry for posting what I did earlier, as you can see I'm not the only one who doesn't like her blog. There are anti-XX blogs, why aren't you guys going there to flame them instead? All you have to do is to google search "xiaxue" and these anti-XX blogs show up. They say much more horrible things that I have, and yet there are no flaming posts/wars. I really don't think that you guys are being fair.

I was interested in a blog war with XX, simply to see how good she was with her language and seriously, I think both she and I would have good fun in that. But judging by her non-posting recently, I guess she's even too busy to read all your comments on her blog.

I hope I got some sense through to you guys in what I said above. All I want is just a space for me to post what I think/feel. If any of you have blogs where you rant and rave, do people come over and start a flaming war? How would you feel? I just want all this to stop. I am not admitting defeat here, as I think I have done no wrong. If any of you personally know XX, get her to come read my blog posts. I believe she would have more sense in her than to be angry at me. Any smart person would know that NO ONE can please EVERYBODY. And if that happens and she isn't angry at me, you guys certainly are in no position to criticise me anymore. But in any unfortunate case she is, I really have nothing to say.

I hope I am making sense to you guys here. I am NOT seeking attention or looking for trouble. I just want to blog about what I want to blog about. If XX can post up pictures of her cab-snatchers and no friends of the cab-snatchers went to complain about her exposing their identities, I don't see why I cannot talk about her and be left alone.

Anyone who has CLEARLY understood my stand through the above should be able to see where I stand. I DON'T want high traffic. I DON'T want attention. I just want my own space back. An online spot where I can say what I want and not be judged. Thank you. Anyone who continues to flame me either doesn't understand English very well, or are just out to irritate me. These I will ignore and continue my usual blogging here. You guys are welcomed to increase my traffic.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I shall just sit here and watch what other nonsense you crappers can come up with. I will see what other names you can call me.
See how many others will come and judge/misjudge me.

Let's make this big. REALLY BIG.
Maybe even blow it up to GARGANTUAN proportions.

If you guys REALLY do not understand what you are reading, and have decided to misinterpret them to whatever it is that you want to believe, go ahead. See if I care. You all are just showing how immature and moronic you are.

I'll give you a simple solution:

If you think my pictures are lewd and pornographic; DON'T go look at them. Why do you even bother? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOSEY AND YOU HAVE NO LIFE. Who knows? You might actually be a PORN ADDICT...

If you think I'm fat; WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BLOODY ROSES! I'm not the only fat one in the Singapore. Let alone the world.

If you think I shouldn't be blogging; GO FUCKING SUE ME!!

Go ahead. Hide behind your monitors and be "daring and "outspoken". Ha. You losers. At the end of the day, see if you actually enjoyed all this. If you did, CONGRATS, it just confirms that you have NO LIFE.

For the comment leavers:

"I am - Darren
I say! - Are you pregnant? Or is that fats in yer tummy (refering to the displayed tummy pic with the tatoo above). If pregnant congratulations else you are quite a "bloated" too, Shelly ..not a nice scene though.."

To feed your curious mind, I am currently not pregnant, and yes, as your suspicions may confirm it, those ARE fats on my tums. Nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has them. And if they don't, well, Father Fats will catch up on them soon enough.

I am quite happy with the way I look, even though there are minor changes that I would make if possible. But who doesn't? I'll NEVER go under the knife though, unless it is a medical health procedure. No cosmetic surgery for me!

And as what some people I know say: "I'm fat, you're ugly. I can go on a diet."

Alternatively, you can interpret it as this: "Fat can go on diet/slimming. Fucked face can only go for cosmetic surgery and change your face. Which WILL cost a huge bomb and you might just have your nose fall off (like Michael Jackson)."

"I am - someone
I say! - Xiaxue is NOT fat. You're fatter than her you loser bitch. Sexy huh?"

Dear someone,
You are one sad, twisted motherfucker. (At this point I see no reason to polite anymore since YOU are not being particularly polite either.) I believe you are too ashamed to even put up your real name here. Kindly point out at which FUCKING point did I say that your "beloved" Xiaxue is fat?!?!

I am NOT someone like you, who maligns others and puts words in their mouths. I DID NOT say that Xiaxue is fat. I believe I speak/write with more caution than that. Unlike some people. Mainly referring to FUCKWITS like you and other Xiaxue fanatics who claim I said Xiaxue is stupid/ugly/fat/whatever else it is that you can frame me up with.

Yes, I think I may be fatter than her. But at the same time, from all the reports that I have heard/read, I am taller than her too. I DO NOT make claims that are not supported with facts. Even if I don't like someone, or even detest them, I DO NOT go around demeaning them. Unlike YOU. Take your cue from Darren. He speaks with much more caution and thought than YOU.

And if your English is simply "cannot make it", this is the meaning of "sexy" from the dictionary:


adj 1: marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; "feeling sexy"; "sexy clothes"; "sexy poses"; "a sexy book"; "sexy jokes" [ant: unsexy] 2: exciting sexual desire [syn: aphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal] [ant: anaphrodisiac]

Please read that it doesn't state anything to do with height/weight/figure/looks or whatsoever YOU FUCKWIT deem equates to being sexy. Sexy is an attitude, an X-factor, the charm, poise and even intelligence of a person. I don't think you would understand what I'm saying here, since you have NONE of the above qualities. I pity you.

Just for the sake of shits and giggles, does that mean that a book would have to be thin and have a beautiful cover to be sexy?? Haha... But I guess a stupid person like you would only find a thin book sexy because you're too dumb to be able to digest anything more than that. (And by "digest", I don't mean to eat/consume. Just in case you ARE too stupid to understand that.)

And is it your intention to conveniently insult Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi? They both have sexyblogger pics, and they don't fall into YOUR particular STEREOTYPE of being "sexy"...

I end my argument here. *middle finger up to you*

~ Chalet Day 2 ~

Day 2 was slow... Fiona was here though and I guess I pissed a off at least a little with my preaching of how her plans of travelling would be dashed because working life is not as simple as what she deems.

Then I think I pissed her off some more by being all lovey-dovey, huggy-kissy with hubs with he got here. Sort of made her uncomfortable with the "public displays of affection", although I MUST say that being in a chalet room isn't exactly "public".

Thanks for coming by anyway. You were good company. And I hope you enjoyed Futurama.

Downtown East has very good "kambing" (mutton) soup!! Come here and try it on a cold rainy day. I bet it will be especially satisfying then.

Hubs and I finished a bottle of Penfold's Chardonnay by ourselves through the night and that led to a very good rest... Thus today I woke up all refreshed and raring to go, but with nowhere to go and nothing to do... The irony of life...

NOTICE: Anyone who wants to leave a comment, please do use a pseudonym if you do not wish to use your real name. It can be a bit of a confusion when I try to reply and everyone is "anonymous".
Blogger now allows input of desired names/nicknames/pseudonyms with their new commenting system. There is even a field for your web address! So please, leave a name. Thank you!


I don't know if you can classify this as a catfight, although I truly doubt so as xiaxue isn't "flaming" me and we don't know each other. For the next couple of moments as you read this entry, please make believe that she's a celebrity hotshot and I'm a fan of some rival artist (which in this case would be rival blogger).

You guys, take some time to read the comments on Haloscan and on my FizBox. Some "die-hard" fan of xiaxue is apparently defending her and upholding her reputation on her behalf. Well, I don't know what your name is, xiaxue fanatic, but I shall just call you "F" for convenience's sake. (As in "F" for fan, fanatic, fucked-up and fucker.)

I am - disliking you Webby -
Before you diss XiaXue, why not read up more? YOU JUST SOUND STUPID. Xiaxue won BEST ASIA blog with 2,000 plus votes, which is why she cannot be bothered to take part in this yr's Best Singapore blog.

Dear F, I may not know the 2003 "Asia Weblog Awards" vote numbers very well, but here is where I got my source from. Start flaming him too if the numbers are wrong. And llike what I said in the last post, I really cannot be bothered to do more research regarding the numbers. So she won. What now?

Even if you say she won with 2,000+ votes, it is still a pathetic number. We all know there are more people reading blogs than that. The awards did not and is still not creating enough awareness to guarantee a fair fight. I'll blog more about that next time.

I am not interested to know WHY in the name of gay cockroaches she did not join 2003's awards, and unless you know her personally, you are NOT in the position to claim that she can't be bothered to join this year's "Best Singapore Blog". Who are you? Her manager?!?

I presume your command of the English language isn't particularly on the strong side, as you are saying that I am DISSING xiaxue. Well, screw your lingually disabled head. I am dissing HER WEBBY. If she has dumb supporters such as you, I feel sorry for her. Can't blame you though, you did mention that your webby is "".

I am - still disliking you. Webby - why do you care?
The point is ... You are too fuck stupid to appreciate Xiaxue. And to hell would she argue with a retard like you.

I don't know what your "why do you care?" is referring to, but guess what, I DON'T really care.

I don't appreciate xiaxue doesn't mean that I am out to diss her or anything like that. I have better things to blog than that. And I probably not appreciate her because I'm not some desperate male who thinks that by supporting her all the way, she'll eventually meet me, fall in love with me, and live happily ever after.

Yup, she wouldn't argue with a "retard" like me, but you would. Which makes you every bit of a retard. And anyway, what the hell is "too fuck stupid"? Did you mean "fucking stupid"? Or "fucked stupid"?? Just another instance once again that you ARE a lingual handicap.

Therefore, for your reading and understanding convenience, I shall sum up all I have said earlier in FOUR simple words. I AM DISSING YOU! I bet if xiaxue reads this she would have reacted better than you. She IS smarter and has better etiquette than you for sure.
Now fuck off and run home to mummy.

Too sexy for my blog? My arse!

All thanks to the links provided by my closely related but not exactly related friend, aB, I was introduced to the latest idea of "SexyBloggers", a gallery of pictures featuring bloggers sticking out their tongues in various seductive/provocative manners. (I must add that some have failed horribly at their attempt.)

It was also through Mr Brown's webby that I learnt that one of my net friends, IZ, had actually won RUNNER-UP as 2002's "Best Singapore Blog". A second look at the results PROVED that my suspicions were right. There aren't that many votes to being with. For fuck's sake, there was only a total of 1776 votes for the whole "contest"!!!

C'mon people... There are definitely more blog readers than that!!

Anyway, back to the "SexyBlogger" topic. It shits me to find out that Xiaxue.blogspot won 2003's "Best Singapore Blog" with 236 votes and the owner was featured in a number of radio and television interviews and newspaper reports. (Like 236 votes ONLY...)And apparently now, she's some "Local Brand Ambassador Candidate". Heaven knows what that is, and I'm really not interested to Google it to find out. If you guys are in a nosey mood, go check it and let me know.

There are prompts and a number of pages for bloggers to post their "SexyBlogger" pics up in Flickr (which I already had some time ago), but I'm no blind mouse, so I shan't follow suit and start posting it up. And for fuck's sake, "I'm too sexy for my blog" is so unappropriate for me!! If I'm sexy, my blog WILL be sexy too...

(If anyone is sexy, and yet their blog isn't, they obviously aren't the most creative around. Or maybe they just overrate themselves and claim to be sexy when they're not.)

Just a last note before I go: I had been to xiaxue.blogspot about 2 months ago, and I thought the page was complete crap because her pages took FOREVER to load due to the horrendous amount of high-resolution, large-sized pictures and her writing wasn't particularly fantastic. It was just a simple regurgitation of her day's events in pictures and words. *bleah* I just never went back to her webby again.

And now she's being all "celebrity" with all her "media links" and what not. Hey girl, count yourself lucky that you're pretty and have a good figure. If not, NO ONE would have approached you to model some T-shirt. Make a smart guess why other fellow bloggers weren't approached.

P.S. I really hope she gets to read this. Maybe then the papers will feature some write-up about blog wars and I'll be the evil one here... *evil laughter*

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

solitude with technology

It's been 4 hours since my last post, and heck, I am still all alone here at the chalet only accompanied by my iTunes music and the WWW. Thank God for the wireless internet connection available here.

I've been so occupied watching Futurama, searching for free 3gp videos to download on my mobile and playing mindless games that I actually don't really feel alone at all. (You buggers who said you'll be here but are NOT here, thank your lucky stars.)

My chalet room has ANTS! WTF... They were here when we first checked in, so I guess I'm not in the right position to chase them out. They were here first! But still, ants make me itch just watching them crawl around... *shudders*

Did I mention that shelled & deshelled has a new blog template?? It's very very pretty. *grins* Kinda goes with the current theme of my room. All that girly shit in pink/purple with butterflies and such. Check it once in a while. I'll be posting entries there too. Sort of like a literary outlet thing instead of my usual blog-nagging.

Now to continue the long wait til my babes arrival...

Funky! (for ADULTS only)

I got a tagboard up for your commenting convenience!

Please note that if you do have A LOT to complain/bitch/nag about, please use the Haloscan commenting because I really don't think ANYONE would enjoy scrolling for ages just to get to the end of your comment...

Found all these "fun"-ky stuff while doing mindless online surfing entertainment. Enjoy!!
WARNING: Strong language, nudity and simulated sexual content here. (But it's good, dirty fun!)

PhotoHunt - Comes in 2 versions, General and (ahem) Male Erotic. This game is (surprisingly) hosted on a Thai gay website,, and (bigger surprise!) there are few grammar and/or typo errors!!!

Celebrity Fight Club - Beat up some male celebrities!! In the boxing ring are David Hasselhoff, P Diddy, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Good brainless fun!!

Britney! BRITNEY!! - Wow. Look at the number of games they have featuring Britney on one webpage. And who was saying that Britney isn't hot and popular?!? I'll warn you first though. These games are pretty lame...

Interactive animation "Chumps" - One of the installments of the once famous sexy 2D chick "Charlie". Help her get through the story by making decisions for her! (Decisions include flashing titties to get out of a traffic police situation and more...)

Ever wanted to see through clothes?? Well, you can fulfill that fantasy here! Pay special attention to the nun and the woman in the last scene with the gypsy!! (Just further proves that almost everyone has something to hide...) *LOL*

Well, enough dirty stuff for now. I'm going back to watching Futurama!

~ Chalet Day 1 ~

Well, here I am. Back at DownTown East chalets after an utterly failed birthday party here.

~ I must learn to be in places with bad memories and not be affected by them. ~

In any case, I had fun with hubby last night being all lame and saying the same things at the same time. We watched 2 episodes of "Futurama" and finally caught "Stripperella" on Arts Central. Funny how I was ranting about local free-to-air television is finally getting more liberal with the shows they're airing and how such adult comedy should be allowed here as we are SUCH a bunch of humourless society slaves, and yet I have NEVER caught that one sitcom that I had even posted a game link to...

Well, here it is again if you're a fan of Stripperella and aspire to be like her without needing to get silicone breast implants. (And eventually changing them for a smaller ones.)

Be prepared to be bombarded with PLENTY of blog posts these few days. Chalets are good for cultivating the ULTIMATE BLOGWHORE!

Come down and visit me if you're free and/or rotting away. Just give me a ring or beep. And oh, if you're really rotting, try NOT to stink up the place when you're here.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Another lapse

I think here comes another lapse in the entries here.

There are periods where the entries I wish to post will seem only suitable for the "otherside". This side, will start to grow cobwebs all the way. Until something comes along and cheers me up again.

Pardon me if you see no new posts here.

The writings will probably be there. Or on shelled.

I want to write about a few things. Just some life philosophy.
Or thoughts about society.

And they'll sit at shelled.

This here is my personal "happy" blog. No societal rantings here.
Not particularly suitable. =p

Another world...

I woke up in a different world.
One that is superimposed on this world.
One that lives in my fantasies.
One that I had but threw away in a fit of tantrums.

One that will not make me feel as alive as I am today.
that doesn't have you.

I cannot decide if it is good or bad.
Just like I couldn't decide if this post should go into this blog or the other.
It's just... in between/half-fucked/middle of nowhere.

I hurt, I cry, I feel pain.
For once, it did not root from physical elements.
It was from the heart.
Something I just found not so long ago.
With you.

Now I shall pose the "egg and chicken" question again...
Does it hurt so much because I love you,
or do I love you because you can hurt me?

Think about it,
and give me an answer.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Vodka night @ Gotham

The music was pathetic til close to midnight.
The crowd was pathetic til slightly past midnight.
But yet I enjoyed it, cos my babes were there with me.

Everything was jolly and fine,
except for my mind.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Rise & Shine!

First one up on a Saturday!! I can't remember how long ago it was when I was the first one awake on the weekends... But I know it is eons ago. I would be eagerly jumping out of bed and hopping over to park my ass in front of the TV, and for the next few hours, wide-eyed absorbing harmful X-rays from watching cartoon after cartoon... Those were the good old days...

I still remember how the whole family would have MacDonald's breakfast on Sunday mornings, either we would all go out in Papa's lorry, or he would buy it back for us. Back then I didn't know it, but Dad was always more than willing to wake early and buy it for us because he was not allowed to smoke at home. *snigger* So much for self sacrifice...

My mum would never allow me to have one whole hashbrown to myself, and that sucks BIG TIME! I guess that's why I have this soft spot for potatoes now. All that fattening carbohydrates... But then again, like what Nash says: "No,no, this is no good for you. It makes you fat. Nevermind, mummy eat this for you. See how much I love you? I grow fat instead of you!"

I miss those old days. Bits and pieces of my childhood that warms me up everytime I think of them. Yet now, the living has gone, the family is broken, and some things will never be the same again.

Sometimes I think it would be a good idea to be able to erase parts of my memory so that it doesn't hurt anymore. If I can't recall, I can't hurt. Pity such technology doesn't exist yet.

Gotham tonight!! Babes and I are going to get high and, maybe even, drunk. Like what Fiona says on her blog "I want to walk into scaffoldings and lamp posts and not feel pain." *LOL* I'll see you to that! TECHNICOLOR PAVEMENT PIZZA!!

Friday, March 18, 2005

For the GIRLS ONLY!!

NIKE Women is holding a party for girls only!!!

Click here to view their very cool website!!

It will be held on 24th March (Thursday) @ Zouk starting 8.30pm. Come dressed in Hip-Hop gear!!

There will be hip-hop performances and the music will be spun by DJ Spinderella. You can listen in to her music at the website.

I want to get FREE tickets to the event!!


My wardrobe is FINALLY packed up good!!! Let's just hope the clothes stay neatly packed...

Here's a look of the final outcome:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

These are just my "going out" clothes... Erm... Not a lot right??

My initial thoughts of wanting to count my clothing items are dashed cos of one word... "Lazy"... =p The only numbers I have are:

Shorts 20
Denim Jeans 9
Denim skirts 6
Other short skirts 19
Long skirts 7
Casual pants (Eg: tracks pants/capris) 7
Dresses 13
Spaghetti-strap tops 21
Racerback tops 8
Jackets 8

Really, it's not a lot is it???


It chanced upon me last night that I have plenty of Futurama Episodes to download and watch... So off I went to download!

It doesn't take long to get in a 25 minute episode, so now I have close to a DOZEN to watch!! *Heh heh* And takes to this webpage that I found, I am downloading and watching them in the proper order!! Ha!

I am soooo going to suffer from Futurama withdrawal syndrome once I'm done with all the seasons...

Next week study week!!

People, people! Come to my chalet!!
(I'm soo betting that no one's gonna be bothered...)

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Apparently Windows Internet Explorer (I.E) is giving users such a headache through numerous bugs, that there is now a website dedicated to removing all use of it!! Their slogan? "Help stop Internet Explorer, the world's most popular and worst internet browser. This site tells you how and why to switch."

Visit them here!

They have free internet browsers up for downloads, and they also list all the bugs that are present in I.E. Enjoy! And next time you come online, I hope you'll be using a NEW properly working browser!

What to do when you're bored

Ok. Skip the common activites like sleeping, watching TV and shit like that.
Let's see what I do.

Since failing to fall sleep at 4am, despite only having less than 4 hours of sleep since waking up at 6pm on Tuesday, I decided to do something. Beats me at first. Then I remembered the WHOLE bag of toiletries I bought from Mustafa the midnight before. And fiddle with it I did...

Here's what I did in chronological order:
  1. I shifted the stuff to my room.
  2. Refreshed my memory of what I actually bought by taking them out of the bag.
  3. Moved everything to the masterbed room loo.
  4. Scrubbed my face with St Ive's Apricot scrub.
  5. Washed my face with my NEW Dove self-foaming cleanser.
  6. Applied my NEW St Ive's Alpha-Hydroxy Facial Mask.
  7. Cleaned my old 1-litre shampoo & conditioner pump bottles.
  8. Squeezed my NEW VO5 "Moisture Soak" shampoo into the shampoo bottle.
  9. Squeezed my NEW VO5 "Moisture Soak" conditioner into the conditioner bottle.
  10. Rearranged all my bottles, jars and tubes in the loo.
  11. Peeled off my mask.
  12. Rinsed my face.
  13. Spot check for the difference in complexion.
  14. Threw away old and finished toiletries.
  15. Dabbed my NEW Hazeline Snow onto my ugly pimply spots.
  16. Sit down and blog about everything I just did early and continue to rant about random stuff.
All this while, I was taking chances to smoke and hydrate myself with Pokka green tea. Ya. I guess that's about it. Now wondering if I should try to take a nap... Would I even wake up in time for school later?!?


All I know now is that I look like some Yeti monster who's having a bad skin day. I have blotches of white all over my face. (Courtesy of Hazeline Snow) Let's just hope tomorrow comes with better complexion.

By the way, I love my NEW hairstyle!!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Nope. It's NOT rebonded. The nice lady hairstylist did a very good blow straight job on my unruly mane. Only thing my brother and dad could say was "Wah... 美美wor..." And because of that, my dad is going to SPONSOR my rebonding!! *evil laughter* Muahahahaha...

Somewhere along the line...

Somewhere along the line...

My curly baby hair became straight. (and I've got the pics to prove it)
My straight hair became wavy and unruly.
I liked curly permed hair.
I reverted to loving my hair straight. (and that happened yesterday after the haircut)

I started to binge and grow fat. (start of depression)
I caught the slimming craze and lost 8kg in less than 2 weeks.
I developed very bad gastric and started eating again.
I put on weight. And it stayed on til now. (how I hate it)

I wanted to love and be loved. (hopeless romantic pisceans)
I didn't believe in love anymore. (someone broke my heart)
I fell in love. (with Nash)
I felt crappy being in love.

I started a blog.
I closed it down. (don't ask me why. I don't know.)
I started another blog. (this one, to be precise.)
I started to become a blogwhore. (yup. post a million times a day.)

My brother went a little deranged. (like everyone else in this family)
He started to repeat songs for days on end.
I started to hear Alien Ant Farm's "Fuse" day in day out.
I started to sing it. (to my own irritation)

I started to feel that I'm fat again. (I perpetually look pregnant)
I wanted to slim down.
I felt that nobody notices me no more. (Really! No one does!)
I think I lost my sexual appeal. (No guys pick me up no more!)

I think I went crazy. =p

It's after midnight, and I'm sitting here in front of the laptop.
Ladies' Night in.
The second time consecutively since last week.
This sucks.

I feel cheated and conned.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My "New" Room!!!


Free Image Hosting at
The gaudy chipping yellow-blue door...


Free Image Hosting at
The finished product... New colour and door curtain!!

Free Image Hosting at
A close up of the door curtain...

Free Image Hosting at
These are what makes up that pretty door curtain!


Free Image Hosting at
My longlasting lilies in FULL BLOOM!! Soooo pretty!!!

Free Image Hosting at
Final bud bloomed while the rest fell off. In comes the NEW roses!!

Quick! Say my room is nice and pretty!! Say it!

Movie & Midnight Shopping!

I finally caught "The Woodsman" at Orchard Cineleisure. Read my review of it here. It turned out better than expected, thanks to Kevin Bacon's stunning acting. Fiona and her friend, Tre, was watching in the same cinema too, but they were metres away. Haha... Kind of funny to watch to a movie with a friend but she's sitting far away from you. Well, couldn't help it cos Tre had already booked the tickets beforehand.

Black pepper steak for supper at Holland Village was good. But midnight shopping at Mustafa was better!!

I got all my necessary toiletries CHEAP! Shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, facial mask, Ginvera Marvel Gel, Hazeline Snow and a Revlon blusher. The things there ARE cheaper. Maybelline, Loreal make-up is about $2-$4 cheaper depending on the product, and branded perfumes like Escada are cheaper by $10+ dollars!

Yes, I am a cheapskate. After you work for many years, you will understand how hard it is to earn a decent amount of money. I don't deny that some people are paid OBSCENE amounts of cash for sitting around doing jackshit. Eg: Some big fuck in Asia City Publishing (the company that publishes I.S Magazine) who basically sits around and just reads the cover stories to approve them...

I have been "blessed" with dry, wavy, frizzy hair, sensitive skin and a "voluptuous" body. Ok. It's fat. I was trying to make it sound better. Therefore, I have to condition my hair THREE TIMES for it to just be normal. And I'm not even talking about silky, smooth, straight hair here. Just for it to be less dry and frizzy. Imagine the money that goes in there!! Not to mention my skin, which is not prone to breakouts but once in a while will pop a few spots, that requires the utmost care to prevent sagging and dullness. I already look older than I am, so more attention must be paid to it.

There are so many pretty things that I want to get. Like that GUESS watch that comes with interchangable straps (retailing at $127 in Mustafa) and a 1GB iPod Shuffle (retailing at $268 everywhere), but at the rate I'm buying clothes, I'm afraid I'll never get them.

I tried to psycho my dad to get the iPod for me, but heck, he thinks that 1GB is too little and doesn't see why I HAVE to get a Mac MP3 player. Well, daddy, the thing is MY LAPTOP CRASHES/HANGS WHEN I TRY TO UPLOAD SONGS ONTO THAT STUPID CREATIVE PLAYER THAT I HAVE NOW!!

I really lurve my iBook, and I would kill myself (metaphorically) if it ever died. I spent a whole stack of cash on that ($2,000 to be exact) and I really don't want anything to happen to it. It is my ONLY computer and I don't really have to financial ability to upgrade even though I really do wish I had a Powerbook 12" that comes with 60GB hard disk space, built-in Bluetooth, faster proccesor speed at 1.5GHz and weighs only 2.1kg!! My iBook only has 30GB, runs at 1.2GHz and weighs 2.2kg. For bluetooth, I am using an external USB Bluetooth Dongle. SIGH. Shits me when I don't bring it out and happen to need it to upload photos from my phone.

Yes... No doubt I don't need ALL that technology, but it is always nice to have something that runs faster... That's why I'm reducing my standards from an iPod to an iPod mini, to now, an iPod Shuffle. It sucks, but life is always about compromising. Especially when it involves money and emotions. *SIGH* I am trying to psycho myself into making up my mind about the iPod Shuffle by repeating that
  1. It is more hardy than iPod/iPod mini as it is a flash drive and not a hard drive.
  2. It is the most affordable one out of the iPod series.
  3. It is the smallest.
  4. I don't really need a display on my player anyways. (ya,right.)
  5. 1GB really is enough for the songs that I want to carry around. (Uh-huh, yup. Self denial is good.)
  6. I really only want an iPod Shuffle. (continue to lie to myself about what I really want...)
I know somewhere down the line I would feel cheated by myself for buying an iPod Shuffle instead of a 20GB iPod. The only point I truly like in the Shuffle is that it is more hardy. I really don't want to spend a few hundred bucks and have it die on me cos I accidentally dropped it. But heck, beggars can't be choosers. Meanwhile, I just want to put songs into my portable player without lagging and/or crashing my precious laptop.

I need to work. I really don't want to cos I want to enjoy slacking student life after 2 years of working in the competitive society, but I guess it IS easier to afford the things I want now because I'm still getting pocket money from my dad. I guess I can make it to buy my iPod and pretty watches in a couple of months or so. But I'm just afraid that daddy won't let me work, or worse, that he'll stop giving me any allowance because I am working.

Decisions, dilemmas and dough... When will it ever end?!?!?!

Monday, March 14, 2005

I will be having a chalet at DownTown East from
21st March (Mon) to 24th March (Thurs).

Please don't ask me what it's for. There's no special occassion. (Unless someone wants to make up for my flopped birthday chalet a month ago... I don't mind =p),

Just come if you are free and/or bored.
Or if you just want to swim and need a place to shower.
Or you want a day/night away from home.

Hopefully someone will TRULY want to spend time with me and thus come over to visit me.

GGYY & Fiona: You babes promised to come over to have a girly night. So please keep that promise. If not I'll be all alone in that big empty chalet... We'll do that stoopid "Hello?!?!" thing again... LOL...


This is making me upset. WHY ARE THERE NO COMMENTS ON MY BLOG?!?!

I put up the Haloscan comments in expectation that there WILL BE comments from those reading my blog. Wah. In the end? Nothing. Except for the comments from "him/her anonymous", I am not getting complaints/bitchings from anyone else... SIGH.

I want people to bitch about my writings. Not even Nash can be bothered with it.

Or do you guys want a tagboard/shoutbox sort of thing??


I started this blog with other purposes in mind. I admit. If it seems like no one else except Nash is reading it, then I think it is quite pointless to continue this blog, since everything pertinent to my upset/unbalanced mentality is usually blogged on my other page. SIGH.


Why do I suddenly feel alone and neglected again? Pardon me if I suddenly start ranting and raving mad, but quiet blogs almost always symbolise that the blogger has no friends and is a fucked-up person or loner.

Am I a loner? I hardly think so. I enjoy parties. I enjoy crowds. I like hanging out with cool people to chat, gossip, joke and bitch. Except for the occassions when one just wants to be alone to think and mope for him/herself, I like company.

Gone are the days when people call me in advance or impromptu to ask me out shopping/clubbing/coffee drinking... It all just went downhill after I got serious with Nash. And then everyone just went silent after I got married. Why? Married folks don't make good companions and friends??

These days, only GGYY keep me company. Fiona is a rare kaki these days too. I guess the project deadlines and her work schedules have kept her busy. I miss being silly with you, Fio!!

That day shopping in Tampines was good. I want to go play toys at Toys'R'Us with you again!!! I want to go dancing with you and act all lesbian!! =p


I need a hobby or something. I am getting shit bored without any friends, and I can't possible keep posting blog entries especially when no one's gonna read it. It's just a waste of electricity and bandwidth.


Meanwhile, here's a list of the songs that I'm shaking to now:
50 cent - Candy Shop
50 cent - Disco Inferno
Rupee ft Daddy Yankee - Tempted to touch (remix)
Truth Hurts - Addictive
Ciara - 1 2 step
J Lo ft Fabolous - Get Right (remix)


Why ZzZzZzZz??

Cos I slept my WHOLE bloody weekend away... Shittyshittyfuckfuck(TM of huei)!!

My legs are ITCHING!! I want to dance!!
Babes, I don't care. We are either going to Chinablack or Gotham Penthouse this Wednesday!! Although I'd really prefer Gotham due to the spacious dance floor and no need to wait for fucking ages to get a drink.

Please please please Fiona... Let's go to Gotham!!

My legs are ITCHING so bad that I think I nearly kicked a gaping hole in the bottom of Nash's car!! The radio was EXTREMELY uncooperative. They were playing hip hop track after dance track after hip hop track when I was in the car. Why?? Why Power98?? Why Perfect 10??? Why do you do this to me??!!?!


And I will say it again.


Ok. Ranting complete. Back to preparing my project presentation. Oh. Did I mention that I'm at MacDonald's?? My whole group skipped morning class. Ha. *Yawns*

Sunday, March 13, 2005

- House 45 -

Waking up beside my hubby
on mattresses on the floor
reminds me that I am back in 45.
House of the Tans.

The smell of dew,
the greenery,
wakes my senses
before I even have my first smoke.

This house is big,
and I hate it.
Especially when
I'm the only one here.

But I love the occupants.
Namely my hubby,
his mother,
and his father.

This is MY family too.
MY house,
MY little space
to run around and be free.

Crazy aunties

Why do these STUPID aunties ask you if you're going out when you are OBVIOUSLY walking AWAY from your home?? Where else could I be going? Taking an alternative route home cos I managed to drill a hole big enough to squeeze through from the wall opposite my flat??

One fine day, when they catch me in the wrong mood, I will answer with utter sarcasm:"No, I'm not going out. I'm going home."

Auntie:"Huh? Why you walk that way if you are going home?"

Me:"Cos you talk cock with me, so I talk cock with you lor. I obviously walking towards the elevator to go out, then you ask me redundant question. So I give you redundant answer. Happy now?"

Then I shall follow up the conversation with a horrible snigger and a killer glint in my eyes.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another day in the gutter. Again.

Went to bed at midnight, was up and about at 4.30am still feeling sleepy. But couldn't get back to sleep until noon. Ended waking up @ 9.30pm.

So in all, I slept the whole Friday away... 'Nuff said.

Caught Team America: World Police. It could be too much crap for some, but on the whole I think it's an entertaining movie. What else can you expect from the creators of South Park? Sex, violence and strong language, no less!

I NEED to pack up my room, but just can't seem to get off my ass to do it. I HATE unpacking. I would leave my shopping all sitting around for a month after getting back from an overseas trip... THAT'S how much I hate unpacking...

I promised him/her anonymous (the mysterious comment poster) a further insight into my relationship with hubby, so here it is:

Our story...

I'm sorry that I couldn't complete the story. These memories are just too painful to relive and to tell. You can know more about us from my previous posts on my other blog.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dinner over. Spraycan finished.

My painstakingly prepared dinner was rated "good". So lame. Just like my Advertising module assignment, also rated "good".


That spraycan only managed to colour one side of my door. How upsetting. Nash says I got to buy at least two more cans to colour up the whole door. But @ $17.95, how am I going to afford it???


Makes no sense to spray the back of my door. It was just a plain blue. It was the front that was shitting me. That gaudy yellow and blue. With blotches here and there too. (My door was the first to be the guinea pig when my mum wanted to paint it long ago... Therefore mine is the most fucked up of the lot.)

Now, cos the door is not done with its spray job, I can't put up my white pearl door curtain.

So now I'm left with nothing to play with no more.


What next? I'm bored...

flies, shopping and rooms.

:: Roadshow insurance agents are like flies ::

They buzz around you even though you obviously seem uninterested, and maybe even agitated by their persistency. Yes. We know that's where you earn your dough from. But didn't the company give you proper training on how to spot potential clients instead of hitting on ANYONE that seems to have some sort of money on them??

While I was heading to my ride, I was approached by a lady, who shyly asked me: "Can you spare me a few minutes to fill up a survey?" I shook my head gently and said, "No thanks." So she quietly retreated.

In less than 5 seconds, a man came up to me asking the same question. I coughed up the same answer, only to have him retort to me "You're not even interested in the free gift?!" like I'm some sort of kiasu auntie. Excuse me, if I want something nice, I would go BUY it. Who wants your bloody free gifts?

And so I told him bluntly in the face, "No. I don't care for any free gifts." But he continued to walk beside me, catching up with my fast pace. "Wow. Are those 'oh-keys'? So cool!"

Ha. I can only presume that he was talking about my OAKLEYS. So now, you're trying to win me over with some praise eh? Too bad. I'm not moved. I just gave him a sarcastic wry smile without facing him and continued my journey.

All this while I never once showed ANY interest at all, and I NEVER slowed down my walking pace. I guess this shows how desperate he is for commission. I guess times ARE hard eh?

Speaking of which...

:: Times are hard, and my Happy Fund is running low ::

I have a "Happy Fund". I secretly keep money in a little box hidden somewhere. This fund is for me to utilise when I am feeling shitty and down. I buy pretty things with it. Clothes, bags, accessories and whatever that tickles my fancy and is not utterly useless.

Now, my Happy Fund is low. In fact, I would say it has been depleted. SIGH.

So where am I going to get the money to support my habit of cheering myself up through buying things?? Double SIGH.

My Happy Fund allows me to spend on a whim. Buying anything that I want. I don't particularly buy useless stuff. I have even been cutting down on the buying of toys for many months already. Triple SIGH.

Now, even my Emergency Medical Fund is down. So I am officially declared BROKE. I am in poverty!! Oh the horror!!!

:: Room Revamp/Creative Havoc ::

I am going to fix up my room. I'm going to make it sooo girly, that even I would feel like puking. Well, I wanted to fix up the room other ways, but since the walls are pink and purple, I guess I have no choice but to go girly. Would be quite cool though, so my room was always under my mum's jurisdiction when she was around. Now I can wreck creative havoc!! * Kekekeke *

Nash sponsored me Crayola Washable Window Markers, so I can draw on my mirrors and windows. I also bought a box of Crayola Glitter Colour Pencils so I can draw/write the black book that May gave me 2 months ago.

Happy Fund was activated (and depleted) at Tampines Spotlight, where I bought things to fix up my room with.
- 10 metres of white pearls (fakies, of course) to use as a door curtain.
- Decor spray in Wisp Blue Satin, to recolour my bloody ugly blue-and-yellow door.
- 3 different stencils (cat, butterflies and dolphin) to spray/paint a border on the walls.
- 3 VERY pretty feather butterflies to stick randomly on my walls.

I guess with all these things I can stay indoors for a pretty long time... * Hee hee *
Hopefully I'll remember to post up a pic once I'm done.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More surprises for today!

I got an anonymous comment for my entry regarding the flowers, but you guys can't see it now cos I've changed my comments to Haloscan. I've also taken out that stupid doodleboard that's NOT working. So here's the comment anyways...

envious envy whatever... in singapore to get such a guy like your hubby, you'll probably need to die once to get him. he's the endangered kind. treasure him gurl trust me, he's about to go extinct ;)
My reply to him/her:
Haha... I don't know who you are, but thanks for that comment. I already died once in my pursuit of a relationship with him... My close friends know that.

But anyways, I'm glad that things have turned out quite well since I moved back home...
Well, I don't know by stating my lucky fortune here am I shitting you guys or not, but here goes...

Free Image Hosting at
No nut choc chip cookies from Famous Amos!! In a heart-shaped box no less!! =)

Free Image Hosting at
Hubby's FIRST tattoo. Done just for me!!! *evil snigger* Now we have couple tatts!!
Well, so that sums up the surprises for today... I wonder what's in store tomorrow?? I'm going to be a sweet lil' wife and prepare dinner for him and my family. *cross fingers* I just hope my culinary skills are still intact... =p


After dinner -- Time to rest and feed my internet addiction

Nash, you never fail to shock/surprise me.

First it was the flowers in the morning.
Now, you're telling me that you're getting a tattoo for me?? Wow.
I was starting to think that you're out with your mistress when I called and there was no answer.
Can't wait to see that new ink on you. You know you'll look good with tattoos.
I was starting to think you'll NEVER get that tatt done for me...
Hope that this would mark a good second beginning to our relationship

GGYY, apologies regarding the coffee stirring...

Deadline for the last project. I know you're rushing and I'm not providing any help.
Sorry babe.
I dropped my phone and somehow couldn't switch it on anymore.
Fuck. I didn't mean not to reply your sms-es.
I hope you're not mad at me...

Fiona, sorry to hear about your "cafe politics"...

Sometimes things like that happen in workplaces. Most of the time there's nothing that we can do except to take a deep breath and ignore it. Alternatively, we can quit and be broke. Sickening, true. Yet that's the society now. Trust me. I have had my share of fucking office politics. That's why I swear to work alone.

Dynamic Trio, come over to my place!!

Let's relive the craziness that we had at my birthday chalet!! Giggling/guffawing/laughing over our own mad antics while painting our nails. Eventually ending up with squiggling lines on my french pedicure...
But you chicks have to wait til I finally finish packing up my room... It's a fucking mess.


In a bid to convince myself NOT to buy more clothes, I have decided to count my clothing items while I'm packing up my wardrobe. I'm starting to feel that the numbers will be horrendous... I'll post up the final count once I'm done with my packing. Hopefully that would be soon. This mess is giving me a major migraine...


Heys, watch the trailer of Team America: World Police!! I want to catch it!! But be warned, because this is another creation from the people who made South Park. Thus it is M18, and expect violence, strong language and sexual references.

(Apologies that the trailer is so damn tiny. I didn't make it, so don't blame me if you're very short sighted and can't see jackshit.)

morning surprise!!

How nice is it to wake up to a handsome guy, hugs and kisses, and a BIG stalk of lilies??

Very nice indeed. It's like waking up to a dream!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

I tried to find out what lilies those are, but does anyone have any idea how many types of lilies there are?!? I'm going crazy just surfing page after page of pretty pretty lilies.

The flowers look like they're dying already... I feel sad... SIGH. It's always a love-hate relationship with flowers. So pretty til they make you want to own them, but yet once you start to love them, they start to die... Why?? Why?!?!?

Anyways, thank you sweets!! Thank you for waking up bloody early just to walk out and buy them flowers for me. Everybody say "Awwwwww... You lucky bitch!"

My room is STILL in a complete mess. I'm too addicted to sleeping and internet to start displaying out my clothes in the closet. Too many clothes, too little determination...