Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My sidebar exists!!

Due to the comments from some of my blog audience, I MUST emphasise the existence of my SIDEBAR. There ARE links there. Just scroll down!! If you are looking for the link to my creative corner "shelled & deshelled", it IS in the links section!!

I know I may have too much compacted into my sidebar, but they are crucial to my blogging. Just take some time to go through it! Blogspot is just a webpage, not a website like tabulas or deadjournal... Sigh. I know, I know. I should change it then right? Can't be bothered!!

*Ahem!* Agitation over. Back to hit the books.

Blogs for Show

Been going through some of my secondary school classmates' weblogs and was just hit by a thought.

Okies, everybody knows that their blogs will somehow be read by someone from somewhere right?

So the point now is that there will always be events that have happened, or maybe personal inclinations which we never do feel so comfortable with publicising... So do they go into your personal diary? And if that's the case, then what's the blog for? Hmm... Makes me wonder who the heck started with this blog idea. (I know I can google it if I really wanna know, but I'm too much of a lazy arse these days...)

I also reaslised that no one actually updates their weblogs religiously... So thus I can feel better about not updating it everyday. * Muahahaha *

Would anyone with a blog kindly share their thoughts with regards to the above query? (Cos it's soooo gonna bug me for some time...)

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Party on for Christmas!

Christmas Eve.
The one day which my godsister would have an open house at home and subject her beautifully decorated place on Toh Tuck Road to the complete mercy of her guests...

Look at the mess we made!!

Amidst the chaos of the countdown at midnight, my hubby-to-be and I managed to sneak in a Christmas kiss . We were lacking the mistletoe though... =) Nonetheless it was very romantic and very lovely to have spent a day of merry making with your loved one.

Christmas Day.
Damien, Nash and I journeyed over the sea to Pulau Ubin to join Nash's friends for chalet-cum-drink-til-puke celebrations. Damien had never really been on a boat before, so he was really enjoying the boat ride over to the island. He had lots of fun playing drinking games with the adults although he was given the choice of drinking plain water as a forfeit, he was sporting and sipped some alcohol when he lost.

All in all, 2004 Christmas has been pretty good. Come next year, we'll have even wilder celebrations!

Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Me? Girly?!

You Are Girly Panties!

You're totally girly - it's who you are, not just part of your charm.
From your perfectly painted toenails to your soft lingerie, you're all girl.
Men find you intriguing and sexy - yet also comforting.
Just make sure your feminine ways are womanly... not little girlish!

What Kind of Panties Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Oh my rod... I never thought I was girly!! Since young everyone has been calling me a tomboy. AND I always hung out with all the boys. This MUST be some faulty fucked-up quiz..

cRaNbErI! Don't do them anymore!! They're not accurate!!!

Can somebody please tell me that I'm NOT girly? Or at least, if you think I am, support it examples! *SIGH* Always thought my quiz result would be something sexy... Like thongs or maybe even crotchless panties...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cleaning out my closet

Went back to my Tampines home to pick up some letters and ended up packing up my jewellery to bring back to hubby's place. Then that led to some impromptu cleaning up of drawers and one particular cupboard... Sigh. To the point that hubby fell asleep on my bed. Poor baby...

Here's a look at exactly how much jewellery I have...
Image Hosted by
Yup yup. That's all my bracelets, necklaces, rings, navel studs, earrings, hair accesories and wat-nots... And I'm unashamed to say that the collection is stil growing!! Harharhar...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Shopping Day!

Spent the whole afternoon shopping with Grace at Parkway Parade... Kinda pooped from all that walking!

Was supposed to be buying Christmas presents, but ended up shopping for my own stuff...
Bought: 3 cotton halter tops
1 layered black halter with pink floral print
1 pair of black capris
1 charm bracelet
1 titanium nipple ring (for my hubby-to-be)

We parted ways at 6pm and I headed over to my in-laws place for dinner. Apparently tonight is a reunion night (冬至), so had to have dinner together as a family.

By 8pm, I was back at Parkway Parade. Bought a tube top and a pair of pants from Fond Hugs. Heh heh heh... Been eyeing that top for ages now... Just that the time I went back and wanted to buy it, they were out of stock. Now, it's finally MINE! *evil snigger*

Saw a reeeeeeeeeeally cute 4 months old Exotic Shorthair kitten at Sam Yick's Pet Store going for $650. She's quite friendly and tamed as she's breed locally. Would really looooove to get her as a Christmas present... I know. I know. Pets don't make good presents. But I really love her, and hug her, and kiss her, and squeeze her, and never ever let her go!!! So won't somebody please get her for me?!?! Pretty please?!?!?

And heys, Grace, come out shopping again another day??

My Creative Corner!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
I've got a "Creative Corner" set up!!
This will be a place where my literary and graphical works will be put up...
First up is my very first PhotoShop product! Go check it out!

I'm hoping to create my own blog template too. Now finding necessary images and learning more about the tricks of HTML in blog templates. I do foresee the possibility of giving up halfway due to pending exams... Sigh. If I'm hardworking enough (or bored enough, for that manner), there could be a completely personalised template for this new blog by the start of the new year!! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Tagboard's up!

To stop some people from complaining that I don't provide tagboards, here it is! So now, quite nagging and start leaving me some bitching!

Exams are here, so I am knee-high in shit. About posting up that video of Nash and I taking the G-Max Bungy Ride, I have failed. Not been able to find free video web hosting yet. Some pics from KL have long been up in Flickr, with the exception of shots taken by Nash. They are ALL so impromptu and so au naturel... I look ugly! I have picked a few out that look ok. And here they are:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Well, this weekend I am completely packed with X'mas activities, so don't expect to see any updates over the weekend. But then again, I don't ever update over the weekends... ;p

Friday, December 17, 2004

Inspiration from a lame prickhead

Due to my upcoming exams (first paper is on 20th Dec) and R.O.M reception, I have been more than drained out of creative juices. Then inspiration struck me. In the form of the online persona of my lamest of all ex-es. *Sigh* Why is it ALWAYS him??

Suddenly, after having a lingual banter with him due to his ever self-inflating ego, I had an idea for my MSN nick. It had prior to this, been stuck at {} simply because I couldn't be fucked thinking of a nick, and also because I have tried many times and so utterly failed...

Prickhead presumed I was insulting him and went into a raving frenzy. This is his supposed "insult":

(16:06:05) hehe... how's life?
(16:06:05) shell_shush: y didnt u try to apply for SIA pilot training huh?
(16:06:37) nah... SIA is dumb... see u 'O' lvls no pure physics, they'll think u suck even though i hv a engineering diploma
(16:07:51) shell_shush: harharhar...
(16:07:59) shell_shush: so the fact is you couldnt get in la
(16:08:15) yup~
(16:08:27) actually, i didn't apply cos i knw e requirements
(16:09:38) shell_shush: well well. didnt even bother trying?
(16:09:49) shell_shush: could hv saved ur parents a shit load of cash ya know?
(16:10:58) nah... checked... doesn't matter. e world will be my playground
(16:11:55) shell_shush: aiyo. inconsiderate son
(16:11:56) shell_shush: sigh
(16:12:01) shell_shush: u think they print cash ah?
(16:12:35) shell_shush: cos i know some1 who's in the lastest SIA intake. so suddenly thot y u didnt try joining SIA
(16:14:06) well... i've taken everything into consideration... n i dun think u hv e right to lecture me. thanks

Tell me man, does that even come up as a lecture?!?! Shit... People these days have no grasp of the English language.

We then proceeded to a slighted toasted net argument. I DID apologise...:

(16:14:26) shell_shush: well, obviously i've touched a raw nerve
(16:14:35) shell_shush: i apologise if it stung
(16:14:47) eh? nah... i just don't see hw u can lecture me when u dun hv e right

Well, this is one man FULL of raw nerves anyway. Probably why he doesn't swim in the sea. The salt in the seawater would kill him almost instantaneously.

Well, the typing came to a point where I couldn't take it no more. Simply to put it, I insulted him. On purpose. And I hope it fucking STUNG him:

(16:21:56) huh? nah... u started it 1st~ so yah... u n ur endless insults... whatever
(16:23:37) shell_shush: n since when did i insult u?
(16:23:48) shell_shush: jus saying u could have saved ur parents a LOT of money
(16:23:57) shell_shush: but then again, u probably cant get into SIA.
(16:24:12) shell_shush: now, THAT'S an insult

Well, guess what? I really think this guy is gonna scoot his ass over to Australia, enjoy himself fucking around, and come back without being a pilot. Yeah, he can sound so righteous and disciplined now. Bet when he sets foot on foreign land, he's soooo gonna lose his balls. I think I know him well enough. Hope you guys were at least entertained...

And by the way, Rich, if you're reading this, just want to let you know I am SO glad I left you for Nash. Cheerio, and have a good X'mas!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

[ reply to cRanBeRi ]

My dearest junior mei, if you want to see your brother-in-law, you can jolly well click on the "Flickr Zeitgeist" to have a full view of his pics. But with the idea that you may be too darn lazy to do so, I'm posting a couple of pics here for you to view.

And yes, he DOES know about you, and has asked me to invite you to our wedding. Except I had to tell him that YOU declined that invitation saying that you would feel "extra" cos you don't know anyone else there...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


Somebody please SLAP me hard and tell me this is all a FUCKING BAD DREAM!!

I am so out of touch from the entertainment world!!

How can I not know that STOOOOOPID Joanne Peh has gotten the "Best Newcomer Award" and ALSO came up as one of the "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes"?!?!?!

Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. I'm sooo gonna go over to her house and maybe kill her or something.

I wonder if I check her family's next phone bill, would I see thousands of calls being made by her own family to vote for her?!?!

I need to migrate! I must avoid her!

Still do not understand how it can be that I have always been the smarter and more talented one amongst the two of us, yet she is the one making it big! Am I not pretty? *Hmmph!*

I am SOOOOO going to go for slimming now. Last thing I want to do is to have a class reunion and feel so utterly put down by her. *Sigh* The things that pride makes us go through...

I don't think she would be envious of my diamond ring and my handsome hubby though, would she??? ;p

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

maturity (as in "state") n. : state of being mature; full development

Maturity is what we have after going through life experiences.
For some, like me,
These experiences, supposedly due to happen further down in my adulthood,
Somehow formed an alliance and all showed themselves in my late teens.

Perhaps it was all these unfortunate events which have made me who I am,
But way before I faced these,
I already sensed that I was different.
I was not infatuated with the things my peers were interested in.
I was not overtly into grades, looks and relationships.
Then what kind of child was I?

Rebellious? Maybe.
Confused? Definitely.
Misunderstood? All the time.

I do not know when or how I got myself into the depths of depression.
I just remember waking up one day when I was about 14,
Wanting to kill myself.
Wanting to end all life.
And together with it, all misery.

Throughout my childhood years,
I was the smart , wise and matured one among those of my age.
How and why I do not know.
Was it because I was always at home alone?
With no one to care for me except myself?
Was it my thirst for knowledge that made me wise?
I only knew I was different.

I never cliqued with anyone.
No one ever wanted me in their group.
I was lonely, left out, pathetic.
Was it my knowledge seeking that branded me as queer?
Or was it the unwelcoming manner that I was shown,
That eventually led me to read and read and read?

Words were my form of escapism.
I would write and read.
All the time.
It made me feel powerful to be able to create.
Yet I was still all alone.

If all that had never happened,
Would I be just like any other 21 year old now?
Would I still be commented as "very matured"?
Would I be happier?
Would I stop having thoughts of death?
All the possibilities in the world.
With no answers whatsoever.

I am me.
Excessively matured,
This IS me.

So, love me.
For me.

Monday, December 13, 2004

[ reply to huei ]

*Sigh* I know I am slow, but all this while I have been using Safari!! Although I do use Mozilla to access my Blogger account once in a while, but other than that, I would be using Safari ALL the time. Somehow Mozilla's fonts and layout just don't really appeal to me. And if it's not for the fact that Blogger Dashboard cannot function and display properly in Safari, I probably wouldn't even use Mozilla at all...


Kinda unwilling, kinda forced, but here I am... Back in Singapore. Shopping was real good and cheap over in K.L. Bought most of my clothes from the Factory Outlet Shop chain. Got a grey DKNY jacket with matching sweatpants at only RM39.90 EACH! Wooohooo.... Spent some time looking for my wedding dress too. Not much success though, I would say. All the really nice ones are priced above RM600, which is over my budget. I'm only looking to spend about a maximum of $200 on a white satin tube dress. Anyone know of anywhere that might satisfy that criteria??

I've got some photos taken of the K.L streets, and was exposed to photography torture whenever my hubby-to-be took impromptu shots of me. He's soooo going to be wasting money developing those shots. I'll look like crap! I always do in photos!! *Sigh* But what else could I do but to give the man what he wants? I'll just have to psycho myself into thinking that I am a lanky model with a photographer in tow... NOT!

On the whole, this was a good trip. Kind of short, but we can look forward to having longer holidays. We stayed in Berjaya Times Square, which isn't fantastic, even though it's quite newly established. The rooms are self sufficient, with bathtub, sitting area, bedroom, pantry and all that, but the TV programs suck cos they only have local channels. (Which are 80% in Bahasa Melayu.) All the shops in the shopping arcade close at 10.00pm. Which leaves you with nothing to do after ten. Which is also quite bad. So NOT gonna stay there anymore...

P.S. I should be uploading the pics by Tuesday, so watch out for them!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Taking the plunge. Literally!

Finally. I have finally tried the G-Max Bungy ride at Clarke Quay!!! With the accompaniment of my sweetest hubby-to-be, of course. We bought the VCD recording of us "taking the plunge", which in this instance, is quite significant as we are going to be wedded... Yippee! One item down from list. Next up: MP3 Player, a pet cat, a hard disk memory increment (if possible), a good digital camera with allows me to zoom, a professional manicure & pedicure, lots of cool stuff from IKEA, more matching lingerie sets, and the list goes on, and on, and on... ;p

After I return from my KL trip, I probably would do capture a still or even try to show the video of the Bungy ride. Watch out for it!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mozilla suppports tab browsing?!?

Just too excited to contain this secret any longer... MOZILLA SUPPORTS TAB BROWSING!! Chance upon it by right clicking. (Although practically I don't click cos I don't have a mouse and my trackpad only comes with ONE button...)

Hubby's asleep so I can't disturb him with the news... Must remember to tell him when he wakes. Poor thing is running a high fever of 38.4°. And we're going to KL in 24 hours' time!! Sigh. Life just has its way of fucking around with you...

Regarding the templates, Gracie Gal, there have been quite a few that I feel so inclined to use on my blog... But what the heck. Too lazy. Still need to go upload images to server. This blog is more of a place for me to rant and rave. Do some linguistic training. Share some news. I always have an impeccable urge to create literary works. Be the end result completely crappy or "A" grade material, I'm just happy making sense out of words.

I'm also utterly enjoying myself breaking down the HTML codes in the standard Blogger templates... Always did thought it was amazing how words can make themselves into "color" pages... So cool!!! PLUS POINT! Playing around with HTML codes require two hands to type. Thus less chance to smoke.
*Round of applause*

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Great project team!

Finally, after weeks and weeks of slacking around with plenty of talk and planning but close to zilch action, TDMC project was finally up for presentation this afternoon. Since 3pm on Tuesday, the team has been working non-stop. Going without sleep, minimal food intake, and an obscene amount of tobacco (as usual), the Powerpoint presentation was up and ready by 10am.

There were some technical glitches in video playback, but it was all sorted out by noon. Stupid Windows laptops. My iBook can play any sort of video file! (But then when it came to setting up for our presentation, realised that the VGA port was incompatible with the ports I have...)

After trials and tribulations of viewing, talking, thinking, writing, typing, practically breathing "Sex & Violence", it was a job well done... All four of us scored 27 or 28. "Strong vocals" and "good presentation" was what "Diva" Jailani praised us on. And as what my dearest Thiru has said so many times today, you guys are a great team!!

New look to blog. Again.

Some problems came up during the last blog makeover.

1) Somehow the archives could not be displayed... Ended up even the latest entries could not be displayed. What the hell... So I selected a whole new template, and spent more hours adding in the links and shit. Let's see now if anyone notices the additions. I put in one MAJOR addition...

2) Stupid Flickr Zeitgeist wouldn't spin the pictures around like it used to. Re-pasted the html code. Still gets stuck there. Sigh. Never count on free stuff to look cool. Guess it's quite stuck there for good. Might change the badge. Still deciding. Or rather, still hoping that it would start working and win me some "ohhs" and "ahhs"...

Thus, the conculsion is to leave the bloody template alone. Slight changes of colours are cool. Just gotta know exactly where to change them... Wonder if Blogger would sue me for fucking around with the templates???

Monday, December 06, 2004

Love by dumpling

Good morning... *yawnz*
I have yet realised that I only need 4 hours of sleep for optimum constructive output... Went to bed at 12.30am and was up by 3.30am, bugging my hubby to drive me out for dumplings... Must have shit him to tears, but he loves me enough to drag his sleepy ass out of bed, into the car, and drive me 2 streets down for 锅贴. I am the luckiest girl in all of Singapore!! Would love to make more haughty claims, but I think one should be humble in life... =p

Well, to think that my heart has been completely torn asunder by him before, and buckets of tears cried, I think this plentiful bestowment of affection is well appreciated. Not that I'm claiming this wonderful show of love is all necessary for him to make up for the prior heartache, but that it is fantastic to be loved like this... Not materialistic ways of showing love, but all the little intangible things in life...

I have been shown affection like that before, in ways better than this, by a boy who was sweet and nice. For 6 years in my life, I did not understand the extents he went to just to make me happy. All he wanted from that relationship was to see me happy. To him, my life was a sad fucked up mess, and his dream was to make it all better for me. I did not know how to appreciate it. I pushed him for more, thinking that it was all the materialistic gains that were making me glad. Then the day came and went when I let him go that I realised that it was his love and persistence and being there to provide for me which gave me smiles and happiness. I was silly. I was dumb. Now that this sort of love has presented itself at my doorstep again, I am NOT giving it up easily again.

I must remind myself repeatedly to overlook the dollar sign in this relationship by repeatedly listening to Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You".

Some people want diamond rings,
Some just want everything,
But everything means nothing,
If I ain't got you...

Friday, December 03, 2004

Suitable lyrics

I received an email from Blogger stating that someone has left a comment on my blog... Upon checking, it was my hubby-to-be, leaving the lyrics of that Reshmonu song... It was then that I realised how apt the lyrics were for describing our love.
One more song into our song list!!

Many times in life, I have found songs with lyrical content so utterly appropriate for my current situation. Like a while back it was Bic Runga's "Sway", and 3rd Eye Blind's "Deep inside of you". I am thankful that there is enough good music around with meaningful lyrics. I do not know how fucked my mental state would be if not for the existence of music.

I CANNOT go through one day without music. I will DIE... Therefore, I have made up my mind to buy an MP3 player as my MD Player is sooo close to being fucked up. iPod sponsorship anyone??

My hubby so adores me...

My love for a song which I had heard from the radio has shown me to love that Nash has for me. When you have no idea what the title of the song is, or even who the artiste is, it takes ALOT of effort to find the song! And today he presented me with it.

Reshmonu - It's You That Matters

This shall forever be a song which reminds me of how much he loves me. How much effort can it take from a man to purchase something off the shelf for me? Not much to prove the extensive love that he has. Nash has spent hours and hours listening to the radio just for this song... And more hours and hours just to download it. THIS is how much he adores me...