Saturday, April 30, 2005

to be picky

Bought a pair of denim capris and a pair of cargo pants from Giordano courtesy of Nash's sponsorship. Commanded him around to help me climb up and down to clean up my room. I can actually see at least 30% more marble floor now!

SBS paper in 7 hours' time. Need to cram a bit more
while waiting for my escargots to cook in the oven. Then munch and to bed I shall go.

Will we be going to the museum??

Please, please, pretty please bring me somewhere else other than shopping... I am sick of falling in lust with something and realising that they don't have it in my size and/or colour...

Friday, April 29, 2005

to go dancing!

I need to dance before my bum and legs itch to death. I am NOT joking. And I am so displeased with my government.

Well, at least hubs and I are catching up on a juvenile hobby... Playing Pokemon cards!!

*Yawn* So bored... Need to do something... interesting... like go shopping... again... and go dance my ass off... before I go cuckoo... ARRRGGHHH....

I have finished reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time". It's innovative in its style of writing, but certain parts of it shit me. For example when Christopher, the "leading man" of the story, gets "sick" all over himself because he doesn't like something. I think that's kind of irritating. But considering the fact that he's not exactly a normal kid, and thus has very particular likes and dislikes, I guess I shouldn't be too judgemental about his queer behaviour. Kudos to his favourite teacher, Siobhan, who has all that patience to guide him and correct him on his behaviour. I would probably have vomitted blood trying to communicate with him.

Siobhan is meant to be pronounced as "shervon", correction of my mispronounciation courtesy of Nash, who used to have a classmate in Australia by that same Irish-origin name. I think it's stupid to give Australian kids all these funky foreign names. I would probably continue calling her "Siobhan" for the rest of my life. And I will. Heh.

Same goes for Evatt, which is supposed to be read as "ed-vert" and Feline, which by right (or wrong) should be "fir-leen". Chey. You all trying to be special izit?!?

I shall change the spelling of my name to "Czevee", and tell people to call me "Shelly". Bleah.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

to celebrity watch: Mariah & Beyonce

Mariah Carey has a hot hot body. And it hasn't changed. (Or so the photos show.) She is still so hot that she could be mistaken for a lighter-skinned Beyonce Knowles from afar.

Well, as old a diva as Mariah Carey may be, she at least watches herself and doesn't get caught with her pubes showing...

Super hot shorts and bushy women DO NOT go together!

I do feel that Mariah Carey looks weird in her video "It's Like That". High foreheads, rebonded hair and invisible eyebrows DO NOT go well together either...

for clothes that keep their colour!

It's not been a fab day. In fact, nothing happened except for the necessary like TV, food, smokes and chatting with my 3 men, Damien, Nash and Dad.

Dodgeball is all about balls.
I just watched the *ahem* shared version, and there are so many puns on the word "balls". One particular phrase from the show that I kind of fell in lust with. "That's just as useful as a cock-flavoured lollipop!" *lol*

I am not buying clothes from Forever21 again. Ever. The first two pieces of clothing that I ever got from there just leaked a whole river of colour dye when I ran it under the tap. Bloody hell.

They're not particularly expensive. I only paid $9 for a black cotton spaghetti-strap top and $18 for a very comfy thin cotton ribbed V-neck short-sleeved T-shirt. But for fuck's sake, it is some sort of a reputable brand, and I would expect to see some quality for the things I pay for. I feel so cheated.

Now, the Forever21 store doesn't just look like a slightly more upmarket This Fashion. Their clothes are of This Fashion standard too. Bleah. I'm sticking to TopShop and Zara.

I feel that my blog's getting boring... No pictures no more. Bleah. I must get off my lazy arse and start spicing things up. I am still anticipating the museum trip, but it seems that finances have a way of screwing things up. Coming Monday is a public holiday, which means that hubs' paycheck will take one more extra day to clear. *sigh* Stupid company! Why don't you arseholes pay through Giro?!?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

on 26th April '05: interview part 1

After being away from the working world, or should I say avoiding, the urgency of my diminishing bank account required immediate backup from providing labour for exchange of remuneration. I stepped into a job agency after being called up for meeting the requirements of a customer service job that I applied for online the night before.

No cold feet, no stress. Simply because I've done this sort of informal job agency interviews at least half a dozen times. Bad move on being late for 20 minutes though. The stupid building housing the agency was the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building. Bloody long name and bloody weird building. It looks exactly like a chinese temple! Except that it has more storeys.

2 hours after meeting up with my interviewer, I received a call informing me that I have to go for the actual interview with my employer the next day. Woo. This company works fast, man!

I will be paid very well at $9/hr if I get selected for the position, and I will only need to work 4 hrs per day for 5 days a week. Do your calculations and you'll see why I applied for this position... MONEY MAKES MY WORLD GO ROUND! And since I will only work evenings from 7 - 11pm, I will still have time for school and shopping! Sounds extremely suitable for me, since I never do sleep before midnight.

Wish me luck for my interview! =)

In celebration of my interview, I bought an extremely cute TY cat plush, an orange racerback top from Zara, and a brown batik backless top from a stall at Cineleisure. Just another lame reason to shop lah. *lol* What utter nonsense to buy things to celebrate an interview. I haven't even got the job yet! Although I do think my chance of snagging this perfect job is very high...

It has been such a physically tiring day, and I don't even know why. I just feel very drained physically. Wish my days were more exciting. But then again, life is so materialistic. No money, no talk, no fun. I hate life.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

on 25th April '05: sis-in-law shits me

I nearly slept for 24 hours. 2am to 9pm. I'm feeling all stoned from all that sleeping.

Fever seems unwilling to leave me. Don't worry... I won't be lonely without you. Just go already!!

Feeling utterly pissed with hubs' sister. It's not a case of in-laws clash, it's just an instance of "the-lesbian-sister-is-jealous-because-she-can't-bring-her-partner-to-the-family-outing-and-thus-she-complains-of-our-behaviour". I am so utterly "buay song" with her.

I never liked her and I never will. The worst thing is that my mother-in-law stands on the lesbian's side. I am SO not happy. Just because she's got the earning power and is the older sibling, does it mean that she can monopolise the family situation?

Fuck off back to Malaysia ASAP. Too bad for you if you miss your gf over there. You're rich anyways, bring her along with you. Two-faced bitch.

If you want an instance of how bad sis-in-law can be, this is what she said to me
last night with a harsh display of displease: "Why don't you go out and walk around or something?" when I was feeling extreme pain and discomfort in my tums. Fuck you, bitch.

If you think she's concerned, you're so dead wrong. Nash would know his sis well enough, and she made it very clear that she didn't want me to sit there and spoil the mood of the party by showing my face of discomfort. All the aunties there were walking up to me and asking if I'm ok and if I have my medication with me as they knew from mum-in-law that I'm not a particularly healthy person.

I SO do not like her. I do nothing to her, and all she can do is be mean to me.

I don't have anything against lesbians/gays, but she shits me so much. I'm not sure if it is because she cannot be outward about her sexual orientation to the family, or because she is just such an anti-social person. And mum dotes on her so because she brings home so much money. Blardy bitch. One of those who thumbs others down with her sheer paycheck. CCB.

I swear NEVER to speak good for her EVER AGAIN. Back then when Nash used to get the shits with her, I would try to speak in favour of her. Now, since she treats me so, FORGET IT! She's so not worth my effort.

Monday, April 25, 2005

on 24th April '05: Visiting in M'sia

I feel so utterly cheated. Twice throughout my rotting in a puny Malaysian flat, I was told that I'll be going shopping, but ended up being completely unfulfilled.

1st scenario:
Some auntie of hubs asked if anyone wanted to go to Carrefour, and seriously, anything beat sitting on that cold hard floor being suffocated by the crowd in the flat. Some shopping would probably cheer up this poor soul who hasn't slept a single wink since waking up from a 4-hour nap on Saturday night. Pardon me, I did not sleep a wink on Friday night and can get very cranky when sleep-deprived.

We got there at 1.05pm and the same auntie said: "We meet back here at 1.30 lah." What the fuck?!

End result: RM0 spent

2nd scenario:
Some uncles said wanted to go to the fish farm to see fish (if not what else, but I'm just quoting word-for-word lor) and asked if anyone wanted to tag along. Hubs and I went. The elder males wanted to stop for coffee (God knows for what, cos they've all been having coffee as their only beverage the whole day) and precious time was wasted. *sigh*

When we got back on the car to head towards our destination, chee-bye, it started to pour. So ultimately "du lan"! So they decided to detour to Giant Hypermart for me to shop lor. In the end? Carpark full, cannot even go in. Wah lau. Bloody irritated liao.

End result: RM0 spent. Again.

Please pardon me if I seem desperate to spend money, that's because the bloody RM59 has been collecting dust on the shelf since our last KL trip. I feel so useless as a self-proclaimed shopping queen... I can't even spend RM59!!

We only managed to get rid of RM17.80 by buying two packs of Sampoernas Menthol (THE BEST FAGS IN THE WORLD!!), 3 sticks of Bubble Yum for my brother and a bottle of mineral water.

Excuse my language as I curse and swear at my inability to spend a measly RM50... Chao chee bye!!! Kannina lah! Now the rest of the Malaysian dollars can sit there and grow cobwebs again!! Chee turtle... Should have just bought some toilet paper or something from Carrefour...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

on 23th April '05

I wore my MaxMara shades out for the first time. Woo. $248 just feels different from $211.

I'm not starting to dislike my lovely pair of black Oakleys', but fuck, the MaxMara shades are classy/sexy. And what's more, the usual price is $310. I chanced upon a store that was having a storewide discount of 20%. *heh heh heh* I'll put up some pictures when I don't feel so similar to a piece of feverish turd.

Smelly beancurd at Geylang is so not smelly enough. Chey. Years before, I remember they smelled and tasted "better". Maybe the neighbouring shops complained again about the heavenly stench. I want to fly to Hong Kong for a shopping/eating spree. And then come back FAT. Like I always do from any trip, regardless of length of stay.

Upset that my favourite "Ah Shui pigs' organ soup" has disappeared. He either shifted again, or closed down for good. He has been selling the yummy dish for decades, and I really won't blame him if he wants a permanent break. Must vacate both homes in Paya Lebar and Tampines to search for his namecard, call him and ask him for two bowls of pigs' organs soup. I am craving. Heh.

In the end, had to settle myself for some half-fucked alternative that is supposedly famous. The stall was decorated with newspaper cuttings, photos and recommendation signs/awards from food shows and such. Chey. I had exactly 4 little pieces of stomach, 2 slivers of tongue, 2 porkballs, 3 pieces of lean pork and hardly any salted vegetable.
Feel so cheated of $7.20. Even the rice was dry and of low standard. Please lor... Like that call famous ah? So seriously overrated. The people who support him have obviously not tried Ah Shui's wonderous cooking of the same dish.

Heading to Kota Tinggi in 4 hours' time. I must not sleep. Else, no one will wake hubs.

Technology shits me. This bloody optical mouse can't work because my laptop is on a glass table. No reflection of "laser beam" = no movement of cursor. Bleah. Not smart enough technology. Now I just feel plain dumb needing to use a random piece of A4 as a mousepad so that it will work properly.

Thoughts about something on teenage abortion I heard on 98.7FM. So not pleased.

From today onwards, my posts will just be dated by when the events actually occurred. I am quite tired of thinking of titles. They have always been an issue since I had to write compositions in primary school. So I really can't be bothered no more. Please do not be surprised if the post and title date do not match. I can be quite a procrastinator at times.

I want to make it so that my blog reads like this: "Shelly Lives... on 23th April '05". Any other issues I want to blog about, like the Teenage Abortion post, will appear on shelled & deshelled. This blog is going to be very much like a personal diary that is public. (Maybe this is where the "dirty stuff" will start to come in... =p)

Please don't suggest that I don't put in titles, simply because my blog post URL will become horrendously long and I really don't like it. *SIGH* "Smart" technology is so giving me the shits. eventually beautiful day

As I watch my sweets snooze on the couch beside me and listening to Keane's Bedshaped,
I am filled with gladness in my soul.
A sort of warm, fuzzy feeling you get from watching the one you love and care for smile...

Glad that he is here with me.
Glad that he loves me.
Glad that we worked out fine.

The day started on the wrong foot...
His parents' place in Paya Lebar was giving me the shits due to all the dust from the construction of SMRT's Circle Line and the stupid PLE (Paya Lebar Expressway). My eyes got swollen, my skin itched, and I broke out in rashes. All on top of my existing sore throat, fever, aching muscles, bad back and spinning head.

We had a fight...
Events from the past resurfaced and tears fell. We spoke of dreams and hopes. None which we are able to achieve at this point. We are both disappointed in ourselves, in the environment around us. The people who put us down and yet at the same point want us to be confident and successful. It was all the pain in the world around us that we swallowed like a bitter pill made just for us. Until we met each other...

We kissed and made up...
The world is a fucked-up place. We both agree. When we're together, the bitter pill seems to come with a cube of sugar called "love". We swallow it with the help of an uplifting drink called "hope". And when our eyes get heavy from all that forced medication from the world, we rest alongside each other, hand in hand, hearts beating as one... Nightmares and promptly calmed by a kiss on the forehead, a strong comforting squeeze of the hand and a warm hug.

Love will not keep us alive...
But it will make us happier than whatever it is that we may be feeling. Although love cannot keep us alive by clothing, feeding, and sheltering us, the thought of loving and being loved keeps us going on in everything that we so wish to run from. It is the "Red-Bull" that drives you and gives you a "vroom-vroom" to go in your tasks.

Practical, logical, but both stupidly in love with each other...
We do dumb things to and for each other, just for that smile.
Seeing you trying smelly beancurd twice simply because I adore it is such a brave act. I know it stinks. =)
We both hardly believed in "happily ever after", but got married after knowing each other for 6 months. The planning started when we had dated for a month. We were crazy. I still think we are. =)
Everyone thought we had lost our balls for wanting to be married. Remember how much explaining we had to do to our friends and family?? They thought we were nuts. They probably still think so.
But we cares about anyone else? In your world, there's only me. And in my world, there's only you.

I love you... tumbi-boy. =p

Saturday, April 23, 2005

pretty, dirty things

Hubs and I dropped by Siam Supper Club for a beer and apparently they secretly renovated the place!! Man, it's so nice now with all the comfy lounge chairs and revamped sitting area and mini stage. It's definitely more spacious than before and the bigger bar counter ensures that everyone is able to squeeze themselves through to get their drinks.

Entry to Siam is free, so just dress up nice and walk in to take a look! =)

I was randomly blog-browsing and came across a few sexy local blogs. They seem quite well received from the numbers that reflect from their counters... Makes me wonder if I should start "talking dirty" here. Nope, not to increase the number of visitors, but if that's what people want to read, I'd like to try and entertain!! I'm not a particularly shy girl anyway. =p But if I do, it'll be sexy, not pornographic with graphic details of every grope and moan...

What do you guys think?

Friday, April 22, 2005


Victor (my elder god-brother) is back in Singapore from Penang!!! Yay!

And I've got to go over to Kota Tinggi, Malaysia on Sunday for my grandfather-in-law's birthday... Bleah. It'll be such a long drive over that I think my hubs will be all shagged out... But on the bright side, YAY! Cheap cigarettes! YAY! Possibility of cheap shopping! YAY! Short holiday!

Just hope I don't burn my ass off from sitting too long in the car... And hope his mum doesn't nag all the way throughout the ride... And *sob sob* cannot smoke while he's driving cos parents will be in the car... *bawls loudly* But, but, I'll die!!

indians love raw sex

It has come to the world's attention that India has one of the highest HIV/AIDS infection rates! Is it due to the frequent practise of Karma Sutra??

Well, the sacred book of passion certainly does not advocate the use of any form of contraceptives, therefore I am not ruling out the fact that Indian men widely believe that using "rubber sheaths" (aka condoms) would reduce the pleasure significantly. Just look at the number of children they have on the average!!

Despite the government's launch of their biggest anti-AIDS initiative to date, most Indians' conservative attitude towards "taboo" topics such as sex and AIDS hampered the efforts. Conservative? It just makes me scratch my head in amusement as the most interesting sexually related information tend to have their roots in the Indian community.

1. The world famous Karma Sutra
2. Penis enlarging exercises
3. Sex-related products

And with all the beautiful Miss India contestants taking home the Miss Universe crowns year after year, it will be hard to resist bodily temptations...

I think the Indian government should start giving out free condoms on the streets to increase contraception awareness. Or drop it in their mailboxes if their people really are so shy about it.

Saw someone I know on the news today. Premier Taxi chief Timothy Chua. Wow. I actually know someone who's on the news and not a celebrity. Did they have to make such a big deal out of it to the point that he's hogging precious minutes on the 30-minute news?

That's enough. I'm seeing Joanne Peh (a primary school classmate) on Channel 8 so often and Marcus Ng who plays Aloysius on the famous local sitcom "Phua Chu Kang" was a fellow dancer at Dance Ensemble Singapore back then when it was still called "Yan Choong Lian Dance Troupe". Miss Universe contestant Blyss Chin was a junior from secondary school and now, I see my ex-boss on the local news for some road rage incident. Bleah.

Who's next??

Thursday, April 21, 2005

of gambling, entertainment and our government

It is so like our government to give anything and everything acronyms.

Housing Development Board = HDB
Ministry of Manpower = MOM
Ministry of Education = MOE (Still often mistaken for Ministry of Environment)
Ministry of Environment = ENV
Singapore Bus Services = SBS

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit = SMRT

And now, our latest edition to the extended acronym family... IR (Integrated Resort)!!

Like what Nash said "Gambling den then just call it GD lor... Why must call it funky names like IR??" It is just just a tradition for our government to make things sound and look good.

-- Imaginary speech by Mr Tan Lui, Minister of SMEs (Snatch Money Enterprises)

No, no. You are mistaken lah. We are not providing a place for the "giau kwee" (hardcore gamblers, direct translation from Hokkien would be "gambling ghosts"), we are proposing a facility that promotes wholesome family entertainment. The casinos are just a form of providing 35,000 jobs to aid our economy and also to "snatch business" from neighbouring gambling lands like Malaysia's Genting and Macau.

You see ah, Singapore is so small, so if we only have a casino and nothing else to keep the children busy, those rich adults won't come here to spend money. Then we will lose business from families. We must try to earn everybody's money. Only then will Singapore become a properous country mah.

Then we have two IRs so that if they get bored of one, they can go to the other one. So like that, they will spend more time (and money) here mah. Look on the bright side. Living expenses here are so high that we don't really think our own people got enough time and money to become "giau kwee". We only want to target tourists' money ah. Our own money all just revolve around ourselves no fun lah.

One people, one nation, two gambling dens. Together, we can con all the money out from tourists. If our own people stupid enough, we can also earn their money. At the rate our government is so "ngiao" (stingy) we will confirm rig up all the machines and tables so that very few people will win and a lot of people will lose.

-- No offence intended to any government officials (but we all know that it's true lah) --

drink and drunk

My quote of the day: "Drinking may make one lose inhibitions, but that doesn't mean you should lose dignity or virginity."

It has provoked my interest on how different people react once they consume alcohol.

Some start to blabber nonsense the moment they touch a drop of beer. They relate recent experiences
in presumably amusing manners and tell the worst jokes ever.

Some simply lose their usual inhibitions and behave unlike themselves, feeding their need to be special, desirable, loved, or any other secret dreams that they would not display their desire for in normal day to day life.

Some get physical and start touching their friends and even strangers all over. Their drunken mannerisms seem out to seduce any of those from the opposite who seem reasonably good-looking. These are the kind of people who tend to get into "unknown" one night stands, where they wake up the next morning having no recollections of the passionate germ/virus exchange the night before.

The easiest type of drunkards to handle are those who fall asleep right after they get high. They just require a small space on the table to rest their heads and you can leave them there the whole night long. Nash happens to be one of these types. =)

Me? I hardly get drunk. Even when I feel like I would drunk soon, my gastric tends to reject all the earlier ingested alcohol and I come out after a puke session in the loo feeling all sober. What a bummer! On the bright side, I do get high and tend to stay high. The difference in me when I get high is that I gain more self-confidence. All temporal though. For brief moments throughout my state of high, I forget that I do not have a 24" waist and that I'm no beautiful model. I actually feel comfortable and at ease with myself...

Revisitation of the "Bitch": The bitch is back with another comment! This time round, it's more incomprehensible than ever! For fuck's sake, how do you intend to bitch properly when you can't even convey your thoughts clearly?? Bleah.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

another post on friends. particularly one of mine.

Following the previous post on friends, both male and female, an incident occurred (not isolated I must add) involving a female friend complaining about how me and another mutual friend always "cancel on her last minute" and "never failing to ruin her plans".

I say, fuck you very much.

-- Please do not read the following if reading one-sided quarrels/complaints are not your thing --

Stop thinking that the world revolves around you, because it doesn't. Things in life happen, with the need to cancel plans at last minute's notice. And unless you dare tell me that such experiences have never befalled you before, please do try to understand.

You hate "last minute things"? So do most people. I cannot help it when the unforeseen come up last minute. And if you are a true friend, you will understand. But you don't. I made huei wait for at least 3 hours when I met up with her last week, and she being a real good friend, understood my situation. What about you?

once bitten , twice shy. thrice ? more than that ? i will never forget that wed i tried callin u so many times and in the end you just said you didnt know that u were suposed to club with me. depression ? will a simple sms tellin me that you're not able to go aggravate the symptoms ? and yet i forgave you even though my wed was ruined just like that. how many times can one forgive ? don't say that i'm also always rejecting u guys to go out . you guys ain't working. i know workin isn't a good excuse but i fucking swear to god i make it a point to hang out with you guys to the best of my ability and i'm NOT tryin to sound like like i'm a very busy person and that my presence is an honour but why wont you guys try to understand that i have to make time for my other friends , family and of cos my "dates" too ??

You are always focusing on how your day has been ruined. That is a sign of being self-centred. Read the words that I've underlined. That's how understanding you are. If you're even bothered understanding depression, it comes in many different forms. Some people simply want to be left alone when they are depressed. And yes, any form of communication with anyone WILL aggravate my condition. And face it, if I happen to lose my temper with you or anyone else for that matter, you guys will just get angry and it'll develop into a quarrel.

When I tell you that I can't make it, you will insist and insist that I try to make it there, stating reasons like why I should make it down. Eventually making me compromise to "I'll try la, ok?" standards. And even though you should have enough common sense to know that I wouldn't be able to make it, you get pissed when I double confirm with you that I really cannot make it.

You insist on going to a particular club every Wednesday because "your friends are there". Well, then what the fuck do you want us there for? Just go join your friends!! I think you need to learn that there are friends, and there are acquaintances, and if you say you don't have a lot of friends, those people you mention should "acquaintances". Your command of English isn't very poor, God knows why you screw up these two words.

despite all these , when have i ever pang seh you guys to join my "friends" ? NEVER. i like to be surrounded with people i know. yea , call me an attention seeker.

Don't make it sound like I'm just calling you a flirt and not pinpointing my own flaws. Like I told you, I am a flirt, and you can even call me a slut, but at least I've got someone to share my life with. At the rate you want the "perfect guy" to take initiative, you are going to be alone for the longest time. So much talk about being "non-conformist" but here you are, being all "traditional" about the dating ways. It's the 21st century. Take control of your own happiness, for fuck's sake.

i will when i meet that someone. but why is it even bothering you in e first place ? one can be non conformist and still have stupid traditional views that should be abolished but its not easy having grown up with that exact set of ideals . and the mindset that guys should always make e 1st move. yes , i suck.

It bothers me cos when you get drunk (which is quite often) you start yelling out their names and you start asking where they are, and why they treat you like that, why they won't ask you out, the list goes on. And you really don't stop the questioning.

And now you say you're pissed because it has happened too many times. And you say "Fine, I'm not a true friend, so good bye to me". Guess what? Ok lor.

I have had enough of your contradicting ways of saying that "we should learn to save up" when you go buy a bloody watch at $80 which you never ever wear. For fuck's sake, you don't even have the habit of wearing watches!

And how you would drag me out of a store saying that "I don't need it" on days when I have money to spend and you claim you don't. That is why we've not gone shopping for the longest time. Everytime I want to get something, you say I don't need it. I want it. Is that good enough a reason to pay for it?

so much for trying to help. u're always complaining that u're broke , i thought that this would hep u curb your spending. i didn't know that saying all those would have such a effect on u. u could have just told me that u don't like me doing that and i'll shut the fuck up. i thought u're really good at voicing your opinions ? whatever happened to it ? you could really have just told me. i really didn't know. i really thought i was helping.

I actually use what I buy. If you know me well enough, I ALWAYS say I'm broke. And seriously, if I'm really broke, can I actually afford to pay for anything?? I told you to stop it. You just brushed my comments aside and said "You really don't need it what..."

You have double standards. The same situation happening to you and me would render completely different outcomes. When you get your paycheck, you will splurge it all on shopping, but when I try to do the same, you just do that you-don't-need-it thing. Balls to you!

is it really THAT bad for it to become one of e reasons to hate me ? that time i was really broke to go liquid room , and even if i wasn't , i admit , i woulnd't have gone if i could choose becus ladies nite everywhere else has freee flow and u save so much more. u said so yourself either.

That is true, but if you hadn't agreed to go to Liquid Room earlier, only to find out that it wasn't free (which I believe you knew long ago) none of us would be pissed. So much for hating "last minute things". You also cancelled on us.

"Friends" like such I do not need. Just go on and twirl amongst the pretty boys in your life until one day you find that you have achieved nothing. And hopefully by saying this, you will want to prove me wrong and actually gain some sense in you. You are just like a female friend that I have been ignoring since last October. She is self-centred, attention-seeking, flirtatious and always wants things to go her way.

am i really like that ?

Know that no one owes you anything. The world was here first, as with your parents and the society. Blend in and grow up. Or just fuck off.

do i really suck THAT much as a friend ?

i tried to be there when u were not pickin up my calls that wed , i sat at yr void deck like an idiot calling you countless times but it was futile.

i didn't mind the fact that u and her* (original name has been removed to protect identities) are always MIA-ing on me until now cus there is a limit to my tolerance.

and if you think that i'm at fault and that im being silly to be pissed well then , in your own words :

fuck off as well.

As stated earlier in our sms conversation, "Ok lor". And I forgot to mention how you would reject having supper with me and hubs saying that you have to be back earlier to "study" or "do project" and only end up reaching home 2,3 hours later because you went for pool/supper/whatever with that guy.

And I also forgot to mention how you always say you cannot stay out late cos your dad will "kill" you, but you can go to Pulau Ubin overnight and stay at a friend's chalet and get so pissed drunk til you call me and blabber nonsensically. I am not flattered when you call me at 2am saying that you miss me. Some people who lead boring lives are actually in bed at that time instead of getting drunk all over the place.

And for fuck's sake, don't drink if you can't drink. You only make a fool of yourself everytime. Drinking makes one lose inhibitions, but that doesn't mean you should lose dignity.


The girl, feeling utterly pissed, I presume, sent me an sms saying that she sent me an email. She had excerpts from my earlier post and replied/defended herself according. Please pardon the typos as I really can't be bothered to edit it. It's simply a cut-and-paste thing.

The paragraphs in red are the from her email, and paragraphs in blue are my replies to her replies. Kinda gets confusing doesn't it? =p

the day's thoughts: friendship

What a difference Jamie Cullum makes to a noisy Starbucks joint...

Almost instantaneously, the day's frizzled angst & moodiness is calmed. Leaving behind a soothed mentality. The invisible personal bubble temporarily constructed through the infusion of beautiful jazz gives me the much needed time to ponder on some personal issues.

Are friends an absolute necessity in life?


I have almost always been a loner. Partly by choice, partly by the latter restrictions imposed by my mum. I do not know if it is because of my many years of being 'friend-less' or simply because I'm hard to please, but I always found my male friends much better company.

They are less bitchy, more understanding & great to just hang out with. They never make you feel bad about yourself by buying the most beautiful & unnecessary things or make you feel like a bloated lard balloon standing beside them. Anyone who is on the same wavelength as them can & will be considered a friend. Men do not judge friends by superficial standards.Days out are cheap as conversation is the main purpose of meetings. Not shopping.

A night out with Nash, Gerald & Evan (Fio was drunk a big part of the night) made me miss my long time male friends. I miss coffee sessions with Edwin, Guowei, Aik Kah & my other talk-cock buddies. Sigh. Those were the days when everyone was close to carefree and meetings were impromptu. We usually get informed just hours, even minutes, beforehand.

Nowadays, we have to make appointments with each other days in advance, if not weeks. Everyone has a life of their own. A future to work hard for. A career is so important to every man. The importance of non-imposing friendships have been greatly neglected. Moments when we just sit down anywhere and talk about our own recent hardships and gain pats on our backs as encouragement. Those were the days.

But prospective partners come along, and obviously they don't get very pleased that their men are hanging out with a female every so often. And being the nice guys that they are, we had to cut down our "la kopi" drastically.


I've never had much girlfriends, if any, throughout my years to credit them for their valuable presence, but with the recent (and sudden) increase in girlfriends, there are a few points of a girl-to-girl friendship that I do not particularly enjoy.

I am not saying that my girlfriends are lacking in providing friendship, but their expressions of concern are just vastly different from those you get from buddies. Buddies don't advise unless they are approached. They just listen attentively. They give your unslanted views of how you look in the dress, instead of bitching about how slutty you look. They are the guys who know what guys like in a girl.

Girls on the other hand, tend to give unwanted comments on how you look today. And more often than not, they are of the negative sort. Eg: "You look fat/pregnant today" / "Eeee... What the fuck is that you're wearing?" / "For fuck's sake, your bag doesn't go with your clothes!"

Within minutes of meeting up with them, your sense of self-worth is down by half and you feel like a piece of turd. You start to feel uncomfortable and think that everyone is staring at you because you look ugly. How's that for peer support?

And the usual pastime of shopping is doubly encouraged by pretentious shopping partners taunting you to "buy la! buy la!" whenever you spot something spend-worthy. The same thing applies to fashionable items that you know you can barely afford at the moment, and being "friends" they continue to quip "buy la! buy la!". It may sound like a confirmation at that point, but when you do buy it and wear it the next time you go out together, they'll be saying "Ew! Why are you wearing that?!" So much for constructive shopping comments.

The exact opposite is when they won't let you buy anything and drag you out of the store, stating reasons like you don't need it. Seriously, no one really need that many clothes, but they are shopping and spending all the same. Sometimes I feel that even among close female friends, jealousy exists in great amounts. They nag and complain when you have dough to blow and ask them along on a shopping trip, but vice versa, you're not meant to complain. Good friends don't complain. Bleah.

Some girlfriends like to enforce their fashion sense on you. Even when they have almost none. There is no need to invade personal style just because we're "sisters". You continue paying for your utterly un-needed branded shit, and I'll get what I want.

You'd think that girls would understand their same kind better because they run on the same chocoholic hormones. Nope. If you wear branded, it's just "sat ki" (showy). They seldom understand that if I had the choice, I would like to save cash by buying Asian-cut clothes like Mango too. But I have broad shoulders and a huge arse, so almost nothing but caucasian-cuts can fit me well. Don't call me rich or show-off. I barely make ends meet at times.

Girls also have the tendency to bitch about you behind your back. So unethical, I agree. But even I have succumbed to this habit. Once you get into the clique, it just becomes a natural act. They say it's a "girly thing". With such a widespread of gossiping, secrets are shared sparingly and friendships do not become as close as they should be. That shits me so much. The fear of your deepest, darkest secrets being exposed in public like your toes in a pair of flip-flops make you shy away from personal questions. Everytime someone mentions some case scenario similar to yours, you jump and start to wonder who spilled the beans.

Girlfriends can be the most unforgiving. A slice of your past that is unglamourous is remembered forever and you will be despised and avoided like the plague. I detest that. Everyone has a past. If you think of mine as disgracing, then you're really not fit to be my friend.

But even though there are as many ill habits of female-to-female friendships, I must say, I miss huei. Char-bor, I want to hug you so tight my arms dislocate. =) Not forgetting Kristy, the girl who has been literally dancing with me for so many years. I miss the days when we are all drenched in sweat with muscles aching but we go on practising for hours with the biggest smile on our faces. That satisfaction of performing, especially with like-minded people, is a feeling that can never be replaced with anything else.


I may not have a lot of friends, but I treasure each one of them dearly and hold them close to my heart. I may not have a lot of money to blow, but you guys should know that I would do anything for you. =)

Please understand when I buy clothes of complete contrast to one another because I have irrepressible urges when my personality switches. Sometimes even to the point of wanting to just buy new clothes off shelves to suit my current mentality. If given a choice, I wouldn't want it either. But this is just the way I am. And if you think I'm bullshitting, please go google "Borderline Personality Disorder" and seriously, stop contacting me.

Monday, April 18, 2005

My bluetooth is working again!!

Check out my Flickr for photos that I took on the bumboat ride last night.

Now I can resume my usual "colourful" blog posts!! Yay!!

Singapore: The gamble

The government is gambling on the fact our economy will be boosted by the upcoming casino due to the increase of jobs, estimated at 30 000 positions, and increase in tourism rates. Hmm... Not a bad idea if you come to think of it. However, I really disliked the fact that the PM stated that he has "no choice" but to support this decision. No choice my ass! And why call it an entertainment city when it's obviously more slated to be a gambling city??

The choice of words to make one decision seem more favourable...

No doubt there are plans for other forms of entertainment in the same area, yet I believe throughout the country, it is undisputed that many believe the main interest in visiting the completed "entertainment city" would be the casino. As in the case of Genting Highlands, almost 70% of tourists there go for the sheer reason of trying their luck at the casinos. Bleah. I am a strict non-advocater of gambling. You're not going to get MY money!

Back in my own in little life, I saw a truly weird comment in my haloscan... Someone called "Bitch" who truly isn't very smart either. What "I want" lists? I don't have a list! And did I say I want Nash to get me a new mobile phone?? Excuse me, bitch (I'm not trying to call you names here, but that's the pseudonym you left behind) I am very capable of paying for my own things, fuck you very much. Just for your information, the money for my last few mobile phones came straight out my own pocket. The first few were gifts or hand-me-downs from my mum from way back in secondary school.

An insight from myloh said that this person seems to be a close friend in real life. If that really is the case, screw off I tell you. I don't need a friend like you. Someone who doesn't have the guts to come up to me and confront me. Fuck you.

With all the people in the world, even if just in the Singapore, there are way enough avenues where I can find true friends who are not shy about sharing their honest opinions with me.

And if the truth may be told, I do believe I know who this "bitch" is. Don't be jealous of me, my young friend. No one in this world has everything. =)

It's been awhile...

Feels like ages since I last blogged. It probably is. No, if you're wondering, I haven't been busy. Lemme see... What mischief have I been up to the past few days??

I was supposed to meet myloh for a full day outing from breakfast all the way to dinner, but I only woke up at 5pm and the poor boy had to hang around Tampines then seek sanctuary at his friend's place. I really hope I didn't torture him too much by showing up 8 hours late... Imagine that. 8 bloody hours! Myloh's partner in future is going to be such a lucky girl cos few guys have such patience. C'mon girls! Grab him!!

The alleged plans of going to party at Sentosa's KM8 for GGYY's birthday celebration was cancelled due to bad weather, and we ended up at Wheelock's Olio Dome having the most fancy (yet still affordable) dinner I've had in a long time.

Happy Birthday, babe!
We'll go clubbing together on Wednesday to celebrate your birthday again ok?

Today was another lazy Sunday like every other Sunday of every other week. But there was one great difference. Hubs, Damien and I went on a bumboat ride at Clarke Quay!! Neither one of us have been on it before, and the experience was exciting (and nauseating). I get seasick. Bleah. But nonetheless, I enjoyed myself. =)

Sweets is truly the sweetest hubs around!! Yay!! I love you!! =) Muacks! Muacks! Muacks!

I NEED my mobile's bluetooth to work!! I got shitloads of photos to upload!! Arrgh!! Pictures of my classmates, myself, hubs, Damien, scenery of the two Singapore quays, random snaps... I want a new mobile camera phone that zoom, night mode, 1.3 megapixel at least and cool functions... =(

Thursday, April 14, 2005

girlfriend overload!!

Following the distress from a small argument among my two babes, I had the opportunity to finally meet up with my other two girlfriends from secondary school. I have been missing them BAD, and everyone has been so busy with school that we've been delaying our outings...

B&G, I hope you two had a good time tonight and enjoy "Secret Society"! Let us know if it's a good film aight? However, if you guys don't feel like catching it, don't worry too much about it. The passes were free anyway. Hubs and I just thought you guys would do better with it. =)

We love you guys and enjoy hanging out with you two SO MUCH! We must go out more often just sitting around talking cock!! It is good to see you guys so happy and in love, but as Nash says "You guys aren't the only ones in love!!"

Kris, I hope you liked your birthday present. Let me know when your exams are over and we'll go out dancing!! I'm thinking of taking hip-hop classes if you are interested. Last time you went and didn't jio me... *mumble mumble... bitch...* =p But I still love you nonetheless. You're my little baby girl. =) Always has been, and always will be. Let's make this 9 year friendship into something marvellous!!

I am sooo looking forward to GGYY's birthday celebration on Saturday at KM8. I even bought a new bikini for the event!! No, its not the swimsuit that I put up in the last post. I don't think anywhere even sells that! =)

It's late now and hubs is beckoning me to bed. I shall do my weight taking and measurements when I wake. *yawns*

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

item to wear once I lose weight...

If I finally get to lose weight and can find this... trust me to buy it and wear it out!! =p

Or I could just cut an existing one-piece swimsuit... Oh wait. I don't have one piece swimsuits... heh heh...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

succumbing to media pressure

On Sunday, I finally yielded to the media's constant emphasis on beautiful bodies and decided to get rid of my bloated tummy once and for all because of the following reasons:

1. The Xando salesgirl was utterly honest about how the meal replacements taste unpleasant but can be made to taste better when it's mix with milk. I like honesty from salespeople. She didn't push me to buy any products at all throughout the time I was firing questions at her.

2. I have had enough of people (friends and strangers alike) who keep asking if I'm pregnant because my tummy looks so big and bloated... I have water retention for fuck's sake. And it's not as if I like it this way...

3. The very nice salesgirl threw in 2 free packets of meal replacements and 30 tablets of Xando "Block & Burn" for me to try. And no, its NOT expired.

I did my measurements and weighed myself on Sunday night. Such sensitive numbers! I shan't reveal them here... =p

Lo and behold! When I measured and weighed myself again an hour ago, I already lost 1.25 kg and 0.5" from my waist. Wow! And I had all three meals yesterday! Proper delicious meals of "Bee hoon" soup for breakfast, Japanese Bento (consisting of corokke, chicken and salmon with outrageously delicious Japanese Curry) for lunch and dinner of Tomato & Herb linguine at Coffee Bean.

I'll be updating the progress of my "diet" for those who are interested to get it. Just wait a week for my final results. Xando Tummy is supposed to show its results in 8 days. =)

Monday, April 11, 2005

chirpy with crowning glory

Despite not having slept at all since I woke up at 4pm on Saturday afternoon, I am extremely chirpy with no display of grumpiness at all. All because I had my hair rebonded!! *girlish laughter* Finally!!

It is undeniable that I now look fresher, younger and neater. My former natural wavy hair that was frizzy and all over the place just made me look "auntie", old (not matured) and unkempt. Which all my girlfriends had so nicely pointed out. Sometimes I wonder if honest is the best policy...

I would love to post up pretty pics of my head, but unfortunately, something's wrong with my Nokia 7600's bluetooth... My laptop can't seem to detect it. Bleah. And my mobile can't detect any bluetooth devices at all, when there are at least 3 around the house at any one time...

I will try to get that problem fixed ASAP so that reading my blog will be a breeze for people who don't feel like dealing with words. =)

If time permits by not sending Sandman to work its magic, tonight I shall make a count of my underwear. I think the number should be quite obscene... =p I estimate around 40 pieces at least... Hope the number won't come up waaay past that. Just a question: Should I include those pieces of underwear that come in a set with nighties, slips and tank tops??

Sunday, April 10, 2005

footwear frenzy

Just in case you were wondering, I did not go out and buy a whole dozen of new shoes like I did for my lingerie collection. I was barely "forced" by hubs to sort out my footwear. He say I should classify and list them down just like what I do with all the rest of my stuff. So I noted each pair down and realised that... I have 27 pairs of footwear!! *pants excitedly* Wah lau!

Someone please tell me that 27 is an okay number. Especially from girls who have more shoes than me. Heh heh. Hubs say that would make me feel a tad better. (I conveniently forgot to remind him that if I don't have the most shoes, I'd probably still buy more once in a while.) *sneaky chuckle*

In order to make things clearer, I would have to state that 27 includes my slippers, sandals, heels, boots and all. Every piece of footwear I own. Really not so bad right??? Right?!?!

Dining recommendation:
If you haven't been to Billy Bombers, GO! Order a main course item that comes with their unique Cream Spinach as a side dish and I swear you'll love it. Don't say that you hate vegetables or spinach. This doesn't taste like spinach at all. In fact, it's tremendously tasty!!

Make sure you don't order too much there though, cos their servings are very generous. Prices are fairly more than average as you'll pay a minimum of $15 for their main courses. They do have set meals going for $14.90 and $18.90 that both include soup of the day, drink and dessert if you're on a budget but would still like some really good food.

You can find Billy Bombers at these following locations: Bugis Junction, Century Square, Holland Village, Jurong Point and Heeren.

seemingly long day

It's probably the fact that I haven't slept since waking up at 2pm on Friday afternoon, but today seems FUCKING long...

Amidst my half-sober stupor, I spent a whole wad of cash shopping... A list of my crimes would include:
- Buying a pair of blue beaded wooden clog sandals from NoDa at Far East Plaza
- Getting a iPod skin equipped with something for you to twirl your earphone wires around (can't remember what that's called) on the side of it @ $39
- Spending $180 at the Paragon Blush! sales buying sexy slips, thongs and a bra

It doesn't sound completely horrendous, but to think that I grabbed $180 worth of intimate wear in Blush! in a short span of 30 minutes when everything was going for $18 is absolutely scary!!

Other than the above, I swear I didn't buy anything else... Really!!!

The day started off really crap with a stupid supplementary paper for HMC, so I guess I made up for it by splurging on myself... This weekend must be underwear day, man. Both hubs and I have spent so much buying them for ourselves that we got more than a little freaked out...

I've got two more supplementary papers to go before I can really slack all the way til the submission of my graduation project. After that, it's back to the routine work cycle in the neverending rat race... Just makes me sick thinking about me... *sigh* But that's life for you. Work hard for your dough to make daily bread...

Shoutout to BigFuck for mentioning me on his blog as one of the "xiaxue killers" who don't quite cut the mark because I'm married... Hey, a girl's still allowed to meet interesting guys ok? My hubs will NEVER mind me having more friends and guys who adore me... (It's true. I swear. If you don't believe me, go spam his blog.) =p

Saturday, April 09, 2005


I got MY iPod mini 4GB in Silver!!!!!!!

I know it's kind of weird to be announcing this at bloody 6.47am in the morning, but heck, I just got it from 24 hours Mustafa Shopping Centre at 5.15am. So there. =p

Hubs, you spoil me rotten.

This is NO GOOD. I've got a supplementary paper for "Human & Mass Communications" at 10am and I've got less than 3 hours left to revise... *Bleah* Who needs exams when you've finally got your iPod?! *evil laughter* muahahahahaha (until fade)

Friday, April 08, 2005

bliss for a day

How nice it is to wake up and find a beautifully drawn butterfly and an accompanying message on my mirror...

"My Love,
A butterfly I leave with you
to take away the blues
While I'm away and not with you.
Multi-hue and beautiful
yet so fragile just like you,
makes me want to be nectar,
just for you!

Love 4ever, Hubs"

It's a pity that I cannot photograph the butterfly cos its actually drawn on my mirror with washable markers. The reflections wreak havoc when you try to film it. Argh...

Minutes after I see the message, my brother comes knocking on my bedroom door and gleefully sticks out something in his hand and says "Na, present for you!" Cadbury Crunchie chocolate bar!! *kekekeke* I was just complaining about why he didn't buy one for me yesterday and today he comes back with it! I LOVE my brother!! *muacks*

There's an absolutely fab gay party coming up in Bangkok, and I ADORE the name organizers gave it... "Squirt in Bed"... *lol* Apparently it will be held at Bangkok's famous Bed Supper Club, so the pun on the name was aptly chosen. Singapore needs kinky named events like these!! Just the names alone make the whole affair seem more interesting already!!

I LUST Vin Diesel!

I have been missing Vin Diesel badly since he disappeared from the big screen after his last movie "The Chronicles of Riddick". Now, with "The Pacifier" showing in cinemas, I have just gotten my fill of his sexy toned body and deep sexy voice... *flutters eyelids*

If you think that having Vin Diesel star as Lieutenant Shane Wolf who temps as a babysitter in the film is highly disturbing, you are half right. To see someone of his build doing the "Peter Panda Dance" to coax a little boy to sleep is highly unsexy. But in another point of view, very paternal and family man style. Two sides of a man. So sweet...

Watch the movie!! It's funny and highly entertaining. The Plummer children are all so adorable! Especially the two younger boys in the family and Lulu, the cheeky girl who has the hots for Shane and questions about his "boobs".

In order to feed my Vin Diesel lust further, come Saturday, I am going to get Hubs to buy a pair of cargo pants and a tight white V-neck cotton tee. Yummy!! =p

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

current update

It's been a couple of days since I last updated my blog. It's been a busy weekend, and it's not going to stop anytime soon with more papers coming up and money to go shopping... =p

Had my TVRP (Television and Radio Production) paper today. Very very high possibility of passing. I'm not being optimistic here, I have never been. The only source of my confidence is from the four questions in the paper that were previously brought up in my mock exam . The questions were similar word for word. I guess the lecturer must think that we're so dumb that we'll fail it, thus he gave "tips". I won't even call it tips. He revealed half of the questions in the paper!!

All in all, I'm just glad I don't have to retake my paper or module. *Whew*

Today's our 2nd month wedding anniversary! I gave him a Zippo lighter, which he claims he loves, although I seriously think I should have found a black one by hook or by crook cos that was what he used to have... I'll upload some photos of it once I get home. I'm not particularly used to his laptop. It's HUGE compared to mine...

He returned my gift by bringing me shopping!! I got a white cotton dress and some lingerie. (Will post up pictures later too.) I think I look frumpy in the dress. *rolls eyes* I hate my water retention and big bone structure...

THANK YOU, MARCO AND aB for the wonderful dinner at Marche!! I love you guys!!

I am soooo shagged out today. Too many activities. Need rest desperately. Still got a long day of shopping with GGYY tomorrow. (Or should I say later?) Hooray!!

I'll leave you people with something to think about:
Conventional beauty

P.S. The post that I thought had disappeared due to Blogger's technical screw-ups is actually there! Here it is, talking about why girls mature faster than boys with regards to the toys they play with...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Prince charming saves MY day!

It has been a long day...

Visiting my mum at Choa Chu Kang Columbarium in the early afternoon, followed by sweeping my paternal grandfather's tomb with the whole extended family and finally dinner and shopping at Parkway Parade. Whew.

Prince Charming saved my day in more than one way together.

1) For having a car for me to escape from the merciless sun during the time while my uncles were plucking weeds off my grandpa's grave and setting up the offerings to burn.

2) For letting buy all the pretty clothes I want at Parkway. Including a pair of very very nice Hip-Hop pants and a black GAP cotton jacket.

3) For caring and loving me when I was getting the shits from the sun and the ashes. The ironic fact that it rained halfway through a hot afternoon elevated my irritation to maximum standards. But he was understanding and very patient with me.

Haven't had a good day in ages. I guess today is one of those days.

Meanwhile, back in the world where I am just another face in the crowd, the Pope has returned to the Lord. I know many are very upset by this sad news, but that's life. Everyday, there are births and deaths, and few feel the pain because we are just shrimps in the big ocean of society. Nothing much to feel painful about since I don't really know him, but the fact that he had done many great things with his life does make him a memorable personality.

As I have said before in an earlier post of mine: "Cherish your loved ones and treasure the time you have. Live everyday to the fullest and the way that will satisfy you in the best possible manner."

Saturday, April 02, 2005

reliving my childhood

My gastric is killing me, thus I ransacked my room for my childhood toys to keep myself entertained and also to show Nash what I used to play with when I was younger.

Toys are going back retro nowadays, as with fashion and music. The names that I've been familiar with are all popping back on the small screen and coming out with fancier toys than before! Just to name a few would be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears. And with the most recent reappearance of the "Littlest Pet Shop", I decided to post up some pics of MY "Littlest Pet Shop" toys that I've proudly owned for the last 14 years.

My cousin stole one dog from this playset approximately 10 years ago...

I know there's a magnet in the bone, thus the dog gets attracted to it. But still, it's cute!

I entertained and amused myself for slightly over 30 mins playing around with all the cutesy stuff at the offical Hasbro website. I even coloured in a puppy!!

You can take your pick from 26 different pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, kittens and turtles, and colour them in as you wish! If you're really bored, or just into cutesy drawings of animals, try it here!

Nash and I had actually talked about why men don't seem to grow up, and I blogged a short post of it over at shelled.blogspot, but that STUPID blogger errored on me, and the whole fucking post was gone!! I'll blog it again in the afternoon or something. I am so pissed.

Hubby says we can go buy Sea-Monkeys later!! Yeah!! In your face, Fiona!! Well, not really. You can come visit and ogle at my sea-monkeys... Ok?!

iPod envy

I am suffering from a bad bout of iPod envy. So bad, it's enough to make my eyes well up with self-pitying tears to convince some kind soul to get it for me.

It's not that I am trying to wriggle my way out of financial responsibilities, but I'm just a student! It's undoubtable that if I were the one who paid the full sum for whichever fancy electronical device, I would take extra special care of it because every little kink or dent in it would create at least ten times the damage to my frail little heart.

I've been trying to convince my dad to get me a 1GB iPod shuffle, but he says that Creative ones are better and cheaper. *rolls eyes* I am using a 5GB Creative one now! With the exception of how frequently it hangs my precious 12" iBook G4 (which I paid entirely by myself), the fact that it cannot sync with my iTunes and how it occassionally throws tantrums that result in the entire playlist being deleted, I guess it really is quite ok. *rolls eyes more defiantly than before*

This iBook is my one and only computer. If it ever dies on me, I would lock myself in seclusion and remembrance of it for at least a week. That I swear. The last thing I want to do now is to use a completely outdated MP3 player that crashes it every alternate time I try to transfer new songs into it. The whole point of being able to update your playlist quickly and easily is completely missed.

It really doesn't make sense for me to be using anything else except an iPod, since I am using an Apple laptop. Everything else just seems wrong. Yet no one is willing to listen. Let alone buy it for me. Even asking for a loan from daddy dearest didn't work.

Six more months. Six more months to end of my diploma course. When that time comes, I will go out and get my own iPod. And when that moment arrives, watch out, all you people who won't get it for me. I will enclose myself in my own little world filled with music from my iPod and ignore all of you.

Friday, April 01, 2005

happy april fool's day!

Weeee.... New surprise flowers!!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Now to ask for favours... Anyone knows what flowers those are?? I don't have green fingers and thus REALLY don't know what those are. All I know is that they're pretty and they go very well with the colour scheme of my room...

Hubby says I should use my picture for my own blog, so I changed the image. (The fella created a new header and would rather put a photo of himself than OUR picture. Bloody hell...) Pardon me for the shoddy work, but I'm still not feeling very well. (Lamest excuse in the world to present a lousy piece of work. =p)

I've also added more links to some blogs in the sidebar. Go take a look at them if you haven't been there before! My personal favourite is "abso-fuckin-lutely orangeous". Turn up your speakers when you're there cos Jewel's "Stand" plays in the background!

Weekend's here peeps! Zouk's having an April Fool's party "Very Foolish!" from 9-11pm tonight, followed by djB. For one day only, have your pictures taken inside the swanky club and have them printed to bring them home for keepsakes!

It's April Fool's people. Go ahead and make a fool of yourselves in the name of fun!!

ATTENTION: Guests @ our ROM party

Finally. Here's the link to view the photos taken at our ROM reception. Note down the numbers of those you want, and email them to me. I'll send the photos to you ASAP.

Please make sure your mailbox is cleared as these pictures are quite high-res. I don't want the postmaster to come knocking telling me that your mailbox is full.

If you want to view photos of the ROM ceremony itself, tough luck, cos both hubby and I are too lazy to upload them. It's quite a lot, ya know. Maybe after my exams or something. We really can't be bothered... =p


fun night out!

Hubby and I both went a little mad today... But we had a lot of cheap fun. Beware! Attack of the camwhores!! (Please click on the thumbnail images to view them in actual size.)

After visiting the doctor for my horrible throbbing head, we headed to Mr Bean's Cafe at Prinsep Street for a late dinner. Look at us gluttons!!

Country pie is gooood!! But my Salmon ala creme is BETTER!!

Yup. Now daddy calls him and he's got to entertain my dad's request for funky Indian fags called V.D. (Please don't ask me why it's called V.D. Go ask the ahpu-nehneh who invented it!)

funky shirt!!
Check out hubby's funky T-shirt! Only $8 from This Fashion!!

I know this thing looks REALLY gross, but it's not what it looks like...

Next up, we went to get dad his funky smokes (yes, the V.D. And no, you don't get V.D from smoking it.) and had a mini shopping trip at the 24hrs Mustafa Shopping Centre. Yes, again. I'm starting to go there also once every 2 weeks... I can't help it. The things ARE cheap.

Here's some of the interesting products we found on sale there:

fox underwear
What better come hither phrase than "What's stopping you?". Guaranteed to make gutsy ladies prove you wrong and rip off your briefs there and then! Only $10.90 for a pack of 5!

hings underwear
Retro undies!! When in doubt, go for the tried and tested since our forefathers' time. Going for only $3.90 each!!

You like tea??? Take your pick here!!
Flavours come in mango, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, etc, etc, etc...

For uniqueness, this one takes the cake... Or should I say, tea bag??
banana tea

I didn't know Singapore had it's own special type of tea...

Finally, do you like Hershey's Kisses?? Well, try this instead!
hershey's hugs
Who wants kisses now? Hugs are tons better!!

Shoutout to Cowboy Caleb for mentioning me in his blog. Thank you!! I'm sooo flattered by your comments!! And no, my hubby won't kick your ass to China in 5 ways... He's a gentle giant.