Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm shifting!

After fiddling with Wordpress for a couple of days, I have decided to shift. My new address is and I'll be porting old entries over too.

I like categories. I always did. And now, I have them!! Yeah!!

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an event-filled day

How much can a girl do in a day? Well, technically speaking, I am not a girl anymore since I am officially an adult and also married. But anyway, back to my good but tiring day.

Day started early at noon when Marco called me saying that he was done with school and wanted to come over to my place for a visit. Ok lor. I was feeling hungry anyway, so we went to packet (affectionately known locally as "ta bao") lunch back to my place to eat. From thereon, we chat and swigged a couple BIG bottles of beer until 7 or so. Wah. It's quite surprising how much 2 friends can talk about, considering one is male and the other is female. But I must say I love him a hell lot and my Hubs knows that. Marco is one of my closest buddies ever, and we share everything with each other.

He called up one of his friends, De Wei, and we went out over to Marina South for dinner. Can't say I enjoyed the food, because I never really did like working for my food. I just like to be served and to eat. *acts like a plump version of Paris Hilton* But I must say the company was great, albeit being a bit chao beng because of all the Hokkien bantering. Fun! Thanks guys for the great company.

We were done stuffing ourselves at 10.30pm, and I proceeded to Wine Arcade at Mackenzie Road to meet Lexandria, whom Hubs and I affectionately call aB (because her name is hard to pronounce lah).

The place was damn ulu, like the sort of place where u would get raped in, and I would have gladly stopped to take a photo to show you guys except that it was quite creepy, so I didn't. There is no civilisation in sight. No place for me to get a drink. No place for me to buy smokes. And, obviously, no ATM. Pui.

I had a free glass of red wine courtesy of (tikopeh) Jimmy, one of the shareholders there. I don't really want to state the tikopeh part, but heck, he really is a bit of a perv. So there. I swigged my glass of wine, gave it a good sniff, and asked him if it was a Cab Sauv (Cabernet Sauvignon, for the non-wine peeps), and PRESTO, I was right!

Wah. I feel like such a wine connoisseur! But the truth is, I appreciate wine but don't particularly enjoy it. In fact, truth be told, I don't enjoy alcohol of any sort. Except for a well mixed Vodka Cranberry. I just don't like the taste of alcohol.

He didn't specify what Cab Sauv it was, year, brand, or anything at all, but it's good red for those who like something smooth and full. Slightly fruity, and quite spicy as well. Unfortunately, I hate spicy. Leaves a feeling and taste in my mouth that I don't enjoy. But thanks for the free drink anyways!! :)

I then walked all the way to Mustafa to meet Hubs. For the ill-informed, Mackenzie Road is near Little India MRT station, so it's not all that far. I got my black hair dye, and should be torturing my scalp and hair roots soonish. I can't stand this fragmented colour on my head no more, and I have no idea what kinky colour to do next. So it's back to basics. Black. See me in my new black head soon!

To think about it, if redheads are called redheads, then if I dye my hair black, am I a blackhead??? *enjoys a bimbo moment all to myself*