Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chilli crab surprise!

Hubs was supposed to come home tonight with dinner, and my specified choice was duck rice. But who knew that he was going to come back with duck rice AND CHILLI CRAB?!? Yummy!!

Chilli Crab Dinner!!

I've been craving for chilli crab for months, but just never found the motivation to eat it outdoors due to the mess I would have gotten myself into from eating it. And since the car has been sold since November 2005, it was a bit of a trouble buying it back to have it at home.

Fortunately, Hubs is resourceful and found a coffee shop nearby that sells chilli crab at 3 for $15, and he brought it back as a surprise for me!! Yeah! I'm a happy girl today.

In my excitement, I reached for my phone and sms-ed Sylvia to tell her about my yummy dinner treat.

"I got chilli crab 4 dnr! Heh heh... Wat abt u?"

Then mindlessly, I selected her number and sent it.

5 seconds later, Hubs' mobile went off. I realise that I had sent the message to him instead because I was just so darn used to sending messages to him. Giggling, I re-sent the message to Sylvia. This time, correctly.

Once I had the message out, I received a message from Hubs.

"Same. So coincident."

We laughed ourselves silly together. I think once in a while, love is kind of a nice feeling to have... Pity it doesn't happen often enough, but once in a while is better than none. :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sakae Home Delivery

For dinner tonight, we ordered Sakae Sushi home delivery. We decided upon the Value Set A, so I proceeded to make a list of the items I want.


I was told by the very nice customer service officer from the hotline, that the food would arrive around 9.50pm, but by 9.21pm there was a young man standing at me door watching me bitch over the phone with my dad's girlfriend.

Unfortunately, I only had $42 with me, and the bill was $46.90 (including delivery surcharge of $5). Hubs was supposed to get home before the food got here, but apparently he didn't. Hmmph. So frickin embarrassing. I had to drag the 21-year-old delivery guy down to the ATM with me so that I could pay him.

10 minutes after I got home from withdrawing cash, Hubs got home. Then it was food time!! You wanna see what we had? Heh heh.


Nice right?? Pardon about some of the half-eaten food, we were both quite hungry and I only decided to take the pictures half-way through the meal. Oh, the set includes 2 drinks (not shown in picture). It is so affordable and we don't even have to get out of the house!! Now we can have Sakae Sushi even if it rains! No more long queues outside Sakae! Yeah!

destructive dreams

Have you ever had dreams so scary that you wake and still feel the fear pumping through your veins? Do you still think that you are in that same situation, running for your life and being cast into a world of chaos and blood?

I had that. Two nights in a row.

The world was ending.

Chemical warfare one night. And a big flood not unlike the kind Moses faced on the second night.

Families destroyed. Lovers parted. Separated by life and death. Mothers lose their children. Children lost their parents.

Utter chaos. Bloodshed. Cries of pain and the pain of loss.

Would someone please come lighten up my day? I just can't shake off the eerie feeling. Especially not after two consecutive nights of such horrid dreams.

I woke up this morning, and the first thing I told Hubs was: "The world is ending."

Monday, March 27, 2006

push and shove

Give me motivation, please.

I do not know why it is that I'd rather make my fingers type out random shit on my blog than to work them on my currently 1697-word essay.

I know the reason is simple. I can blog whatever crap I want, but essay writing's gotta stick to the assignment guidelines. Argh. I'm still feeling so frustrated over the inconsiderate and irresponsible project-mate. I know frustration isn't going to get me anywhere, and if I just mull over it all day, I'm going to be as childish and immature as he is. But seriously, can you blame me for feeling this way?

Sometimes I'm really glad for the existence of my blog. A place for complaints that go nowhere. Especially on days when I just want to go on and on but Hubs is busy at work and I really don't want to bother him too much with all these trivial matters. Of course, having some friends pop by and drop nice little notes definitely brightens up my day loads.

Throughout the whole of last week, I've been feeling down and crappy. (Therefore explaining the lack of posts, but the increase in diary entries.) I write a lot when I'm down. Mostly complains and contemplations on my part, but it definitely helps to get it off my chest. I'm really glad for nice people who try hard not to step on my tail and being very understanding. Shout-outs to Sylvia, GGYY and huei for the Internet-based encouragement and love. Thank gawd for MSN sometimes. We can be so far, and yet so near without disrupting our own lives.

that cheebye kia and diet updates

I'm referring to my projectmate for your information. That bastard bailed out. The project deadline is tomorrow, so I hardly think he's going to contribute anything, even though he sms-ed me on Friday and said that he would do it nonetheless and I'll take whatever I want. BULLSHIT!

I religiously check my email everyday and I still receive jackshit from him. Har. I knew it. He's probably just saying that he would do it just for courtesy's sake. So now 100% of the project falls on me. Thank gawd I'm already 70% through it.

So tell me now, nice people, should I omit his name from the project? He's not contributed a single alphabet to it, but I could still be nice and leave his name there.

Comments, please.

--- --- ---

On other news, I am becoming skinny. Not your conventional supermodel skinny, but I have lost weight like I never have since I was 18. My ribcage is starting to show, my shoulders feel all bony and my ass seems to less than a handful these days. Truth be told, I haven't been having the best diet habits eversince December, and I'm suffering the after-effects of it. My gastric pains are back. :(

Whoever said having regular meals is good is a fucktard. Nowadays if I don't have breakfast due to my sleeping in late, I'll wake up with nasty gastric pains. Like that day when I woke at 2pm with a gnawing pain in my tummy and I had to raid the kitchen for instant food.

I feel so controlled by my stomach.

I have to eat even when I don't feel like it. Even the most delicious cuisines don't tempt me these days. I just have no appetite. And I have to force myself to down the food because I can already predict the shit I'll be in if I don't eat.

Tell me, why is life like that??! Can't a girl just not eat when she doesn't feel like it?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

sucko nachos

It's been years since I had Primo Nachos from Orange Julius. When I was out at the Metro Expo Sale this evening, I had a craving for it after seeing the succulent photo of it on the Nachos machine. So I did the thing any woman with cravings would do. I ordered it.

Unfortunately, the Nachos of yore was no longer the same.

The juicy chunks of beef could not be found anywhere in the whole serving of Nachos. The cheese was not warm and melty. In fact, it was almost
solidifying after a few minutes of being on the table. The sour cream was cold. The salsa was cold as well, and sorely lacking in tomato chunks.

Verdict? I'm never ever ordering Primo Nachos again.

Bliss or miss?

According to a quiz from,

You've scored a man worth standing by:
Your mate hits the mark most of the time (with only the occasional stray from the target). If you've been a team for a while, diaper duty and dish detail may have dimmed the romantic fire between the two of you somewhat. If so, start rekindling that heat with a date night, a weekend away or just locking the bedroom door and playing strip Scrabble -- without the kids wailing for water. You need to get back to the basics -- the two of you!

We need dating time!! I know!! We do!!
All your weekends are belong to me!! And NO EXCUSES!
Particularly THIS weekend.

But on the other hand, another quiz says:

Your man better get it together: It's time he showed you some love.

Orh. Ok. I actually think so too. Not saying that my man doesn't love me, but it's just men (especially men like him) have specific difficulties expressing and showing their love.

Some tips to any guys who could be reading this:

1. Hugs and kisses are nice and sweet, so do them frequently, in public or in private. Show the world how much you love your woman and you're not afraid to express it anytime anywhere.

2. Make time for her. This one should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately our fast paced society doesn't awaken your emotional being like it should. Despite your unwillingness to spend a day out with her doing something both of you would enjoy, just do it nonetheless, and you might just be duly rewarded. ;p

3. Always tell her how beautiful she is to you. Fuck it if she doesn't fall into the media's ideal of beauty, if she is to you, let her know. Especially when she dresses up just to go out with you.

4. Tell her how much you appreciate what she does for you. Likewise, tell her nicely what you would like to see changed. Nobody likes to go around in a relationship like a headless housefly. Reward her efforts and you'll definitely see the relationship heading to where you want it.

5. Last but not least, be honest. It's hard to admit to her that you would rather hang out with the boys than to go shopping with her, but tell her anyway and plan to do something together another day. And naturally, you should keep that promise. Don't say something unless you plan to do it. Disappointment in a partner kills the relationship slowly because insecurity starts to rear its ugly head in time to come.

Remember to love your partner in every way you can. Give them a call just to say how much you miss and love her. Shower her with love within your abilities with gifts, romantic dinners, long strolls filled with laughter and open communication. Nobody wishes to take second place to anything else, no matter how much we know we shouldn't be first priority. Everyone wants to mean something to someone. Men want to be the only one in a woman's heart and mind, not to mention her body. Women want to feel like their the apple of their men's eyes. We all crave the same attention and affection, regardless of gender. So why do we not give what we wish to recieve?

This society kills with its expectations and busy schedules. It's time to slow down and just do nothing at all for a day except to love each other in every single way possible. Shouldn't you be doing that this weekend?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"A Scanner Darkly"

I'm saying this MONTHS in advance. I want to watch "A Scanner Darkly".

See the bloody cool trailer here. You know you HAVE to watch it.

If you're wondering how they get that effect, it's called "interpolated rotoscoping". So profound. But simply put, it's recorded like any other movie, but added in with animations on top of the entire film. So much effort, but so shit worth it.

Oh. And this must be Keanu Reeves in his hottest form EVER.


I am seeking for people who fall into the below age groups of 12 to 18 and 31 to 40. If you have any close friends or family who happen to fit the criteria, please help by downloading the file and asking them to help me fill it up.

I urgently require them for my darned SBS project.

You can either highlight the text in the Word document, or type out the answer in an email message or text file. Please email the completed survey back to

Thank you!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

when it all gets too much

What happens when there's just too much shit for you to handle?

Do you take it all in and bow down to Fate? Or do you throw it all in the face of Fate and refuse to accept anything that is beyond your ability?

And what if you are stuck between the two? Where do you go then? Do you just sit on the fence and wait endlessly until an answer comes to you?

I do.

Now it's just a battle between what I know should be, and what I really want.

Does anyone understand me?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Birthday wish-wash

Friday, 17th of March, was my dad's birthday and I woke up bright and early (which has been a daily habit since 2 weeks ago) to send him a birthday greeting through sms. However, Hubs (with his goldfish memory) had forgotten to send my dad his well-wishes. So this morning, I reminded him and he prompted sent my dad an sms.

My dad replied with this: "Thank you, my son, i'm willing to accept your wash."

Hubs and I just laughed our bloody heads off after reading the message. Unable to contain our tickled laughter, he called my dad and told him about the typo. Then he asked my dad, "Pa, what you want me to wash for you?"

My dad was equally humoured by his own spelling error and all of us just had a good laugh out of it.

Remember, one alphabet can make a HELL lot of different. ;p

Thursday, March 16, 2006

imprisoned in confusion

please come back to me
sanity to rule my mind
emotions just run too wild for me

I can't take it
why do I torture myself so
asking questions
that need no answers at all

please stop
put an end to it all
there is more to do today
above all this self-confusion

caught in a deadlock
that goes nowhere
that doesn't end
possibly a self-fulfilling prophecy

mind races
like a million shooting stars
from all directions
but no wishes granted

such irony of life
when I could possibly
be the one who
misled myself from the start

darkest day from within

Maybe this is just a bad day for a self-deserving bad girl.

And should the mother of all fuck-ups decide to knock on my door,
things could get a lot worse than this.

I don't need this now.
I don't need this ever.

So fuck off and let me live my life the way it should have been.

--- --- ---

Rachel Yamagata sings my blues
voicing out my emotions
as if she knows me inside out
creepily comforting

I bruise easily too
just like Natasha Bedingfield
black and blue
from heart to soul

the trouble with love is
it can tear you up inside
I can't agree more
with Kelly Clarkson

I drive myself crazy
thinking about us
dreaming too far
pull me back to earth please

such irony
that music made for the masses
could reflect my thoughts
down to the last detail

deja vu
whilst scrolling down songs
of what I know will come next

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


You know you've been multi-tasking for too long when you grab the mouse on your right and try to use it to switch TV channels.

Then, just like an idiot all over again, move the remote control around and wonder why your cursor isn't moving at all.

Time for a nap, I think.

gender preferences

There's some movie showing on Channel 5 called "Jack and Sarah" and it's about this single father with a tiny little baby girl. Scenes of the daddy bathing with the baby and how they have an unseen bond between them is quite touching.

Or it could simply be the maternal instincts kicking in.

The baby girl is so darn cute that it seems to have changed my mind about only having boys. I think having a girl shouldn't be too bad, my only concern being that I never really know how to handle females, no matter how young or old they are.

I have more male friends than female, and I am often closer to them. We confide in each other honestly and share lots of laughter together. I'm not saying that I can share experiences like that with the girls, but it is quite hard to find females who are as open as males. Even my swearing becomes a problem when I converse with women. Men, no sweat, they take it like it's nothing at all.

I guess it all boils down to having 23 years of bad experience with females that have twisted my mind to only wanting to have baby boys. But then again, nature doesn't exactly let us choose. What can happen is that we can time ovulation and try and impregnant me there and then, therefore allowing the Y (male) sperm to have a headstart from the X (female) sperm. Hopefully the sperm that makes it to the finishing line would be a Y one and, VOILA!, we'll definitely be having a boy.

However, accidents do happen and there are X sperms that probably "swim" faster than Y sperms. We'll just have to leave it all to fate and see what card it deals us. Up til now, we haven't exactly been having very good baby luck. My fears could be unfounded, but who knows, some time down the road when we want to try for a baby again, I might be rendered infertile.

All this baby talk is making me want to plunge into the unknown abyss and try for a baby straight away. Fortunately I can't do it alone cos I'll need Hubs' sperm, so he'll be the one to wake me up to my senses and help us stick to our plans. But a baby would be so nice... :'(

another day bright and early

I got up bright and early again this morning. 8am. Good girl. *pats own head*

Breakfast was satisfying but definitely not as romantic as the other day. I think his urgency to head to work was a crucial factor in affecting the mood.

Now the laundry is spinning in the machine and there's a very nice breeze coming in from the door. Nice cool afternoon. I wish I could be at the beach just soaking up the sun and sea. That would be very nice, except that without Hubs the experience just wouldn't seem complete.

If only everyday was as tranquil as this.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

wah! Google Mars!

Just go to Google, and click on the banner. Then *WAH*, can see Mars leh!!

Not that I can foresee any good reason for viewing a big mass of red land that we will never ever visit. But nonetheless, it's worth that 10 seconds of amazement.

Monday, March 13, 2006

wasted trip

So bright and early I awoke and got myself ready for school. Truth be told, I haven't been attending classes for a couple of weeks and the day I decide to be a good girl again, life stabs me in the back.

I got to school to find out that there were NO CLASSES FOR THE DAY! Bloody hell. And to think I travelled all the way to Queenstown to fulfill my duties as a student...

Thank you Mr.DJ for checking with your "china vegetable" with regards to why the fookin lecture room was locked.

I have no frickin contacts in this particular class because:
1) I am an anti-social bitch who sits in one corner of the room alone.
2) I don't communicate well with foreigners, which populate the majority of the class.
3) I don't appear in classes often enough to know anyone anyway.
4) People usually think I have attitude problem, thus they don't approach me. Which I don't deny that maybe I do.
5) I just don't frickin care.

So there. And thus, if class gets cancelled last minute again, I will make ANOTHER wasted trip down to Queenstown, because:
1) MDIS can't be shit bothered to inform each and every student of lesson changes. Not through email, not through phone.
2) nobody who knows about the changes would call me, as nobody knows me.

morning moanings

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, nope, I didn't just get a morning shag. I'm just going to moan about how a certain 13-year-old kid has been cramming up our bedspace and causing us to wake at irregular hours.

That kid is my brother.

He's been staying with us since Friday night, and thankfully, he's only been sleeping in our bed the last two nights. No thanks to that hellish game DOOM 3. I told Hubs not to let him play that!! Nightmares run in the family. My mum used to get it, and I still do. So naturally, I know what my bro should avoid to prevent horrid dreams.

It feels really cramped and warm with some mini teenager in bed with us, despite the fact that we had the air-con on and it's actually a Queen-sized bed. Thankfully, that didn't deter us from having sex over the weekend, cos we sneaked in some after our Sunday breakfast while the kid was gaming on Hubs' Powerbook. What is a weekend without any sex?!?

Well, come Tuesday evening, he'll be going back home to my dad. Then we'll have the whole bed to ourselves again!

Don't get me wrong, I love my brother, but I seriously think he's a tad too old to be bunking in with us. Time to learn independance, man. Need someone to hug in bed? Wait a couple more years, then get a girlfriend. I'm sure my dad will be really cool about his girlfriend staying over. Provided the girl's parents are fine with their daughter sleeping with a guy in her teenage years. =p

Now it's time to wake the sleepy Hubs and have a nice sexy shower with him before we head out for the day.

morning greetings!

So what is this global phenomenon where people greet you with "Good Moaning" instead of the age-old "Good Morning"? Even my friend who's currently in Bristol, UK, says the same thing. Likewise my godbrother who's working in Penang.

Once in a bloody long while that I logon MSN in the early morning (read: real morning, not wee hours after midnight) and I get multiple greetings of "Good Moaning". So my reaction?

"I moaned yesterday liao."

Most of them asked me to save them the details. Harhar. That's what you get when you don't wish me good morning properly!

Friday, March 10, 2006

something surprising

Will anything interesting happen this weekend?
I didn't think so earlier, but now it already has!

Yummy Hubs! Yummy Hubs!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

breakfast evokes weird feelings

Recalling the times when we were newly a couple, there were lots of coffee talks and early breakfasts. The couplings always led to one outcome, unbearable partings that couldn't be avoided. I guess it was shortly after all that momentary heartbreaks that you kept asking me to stay overnight at your place, night after night, until I was eventually staying there.

This morning brought back alot of those sweet memories. It is on such rare occassions that we leisurely enjoy breakfast together outside. I think it made me extra happy that my craving for fried fish was satisfied.

The intermittent kisses at the traffic lights and while waiting for your bus were so sweet and uplifting that I think I'm still floating right now. How is it possible that I can love you so much? Could love really be blind? If so, am I considered handicapped?

You make me almost as vulnerable as someone who is blind and defenceless. I just hope love makes me strong as much as it makes me weak. Likewise, I hope our love makes you strong to handle your daily shit and pull through the day to come home to me.

The grind of daily life has gotten all of us down, but it got to you the worse, with you slogging your guts out for this family. Hard work doesn't always beget high pay, but at least you are fortunate to be able to earn your bosses' appreciation and respect.

Everyday I wish I could help alleviate your stress, and I probably can by getting employed somewhere, but why do you condone me so by letting me laze around doing nothing? I know you love me, but am I really doing you any good by being this way?

I don't have anything to offer to you, except for my love. On some days, I start to wonder if that is enough in return for all that you give me. Such questions that I know you never want me to ask myself.

So today, I will aspire to be a good wife and finally change up the bedsheets and wash them. Meanwhile, I'll clean up the floor and wipe down the furniture as well. Come tomorrow, I'll be your cute little lazy wife again. :p

(Hasn't it been long since you came home and found me still sleeping soundly in bed? Is it that you've just been working too late, or is it that I've been waking up earlier these days?)

Monday, March 06, 2006

while Hubs is out at play

Hubs is out drinking with "the boys" and I'm stuck at home watching the fucking boring Oscars. I would go drinking with them too, if not for the fact that the places they frequent are what people would term as "la sup bars" with cheesey Canto tunes which are a COMPLETE turn-off. What makes the music worse is the fact that the customers there SING them. Yup. It's karaoke. *cringe*

If they would hop over to a place like Este (where the DJ is my friend) I would gladly grace them with my presence. Este is a Canto place as well, but at least the songs are performed by professionals and not some random "Ah Lian" or "Ah Beng". And in between the band's sets, the DJ spins hip-hop/R&B/house. At least part of my time there can be spent dancing.

Well, less complaining and more constructive blabber.

The Oscars are boring, like every other movie awards show. People talk talk talk and talk. *yawns* At least with music awards you get to watch performances. I think the bore factor for the Oscars is comparative to our Parliament speeches.

And Dolly Parton is SCARY looking. Ewww. Skeletal with humongous tits (obviously fake). She's talented, I don't deny it. But having talent doesn't let you get away looking like a botoxed pinhead Barbie Doll.

everything looks familiar?

If you've been a reading my blog since last year, you would have seen this blog template before. Yes, I'm "recycling" it.

I've been forced by circumstances to use this simple template because some funny advertising thing hacked into my previous purple template and corrupted my beautiful blogpage.

If you're not one of those who saw the damage, this is what it looked like:

blog hacked

So now I have re-used my old template, because it will definitely be up faster than if I choose a new template and upload all the images and fonts and insert all the HTML into my Blogger Template and align it all out nicely and check that it's easy on the readers' eyes and add in my links, Fizbox, Flickr and then FINALLY republish my whole blog to complete the template change process. *deep breath in*

OK. So bear with this template while I continue to source for a nice template that suits my blog. If all else fails, I'll at least make a new banner ok?

Friday, March 03, 2006

some sleepless night

It's been some time since I had a sleepless night. For the longest time, my eyes have been tempted to surrender themselves to sweet sleep with each unoccupied moment. But tonight, ah, the tables seem to have turned.

Despite the endless coaxing I did to myself in bed, it only led to repeated tossing and turning. Hubs had already long gone to dreamland, smacking his sweet lips to a well-deserved rest after a long day.

I must admit that it's been a long time since I got so agitated about not being able to sleep. Such circumstances haven't occurred for ages, so much so that I have forgotten what it feels like to suffer from insomnia. I think I'll have to blame the Prozac for that. Insomnia is one of the common side effects of taking the drug.

My mind seems to swarm with endless thoughts on the same few issues. I'm getting tired of working my brains over questions that have no desirable answers. It's like a vicious cycle. Getting an answer that you don't want to accept, and then asking yourself another question with regards to the answer that you don't want. And it goes on.

They say the brightest minds get plagued by the worst elements of the human mind. Our own logic against our emotions. A fight within ourselves. A struggle hardest to solve. Sadly, I don't feel like the brightest bulb around. Never did, never will. There are plenty of people who have talents WAY more admirable than mine.

And so the night goes on, talking to myself through cyberspace. I could go on forever, but I doubt anyone would be interested to read anything I regurgitate from depths of my soul. The world is looking
for humour, for entertainment, for something to distract themselves from their daily mundane lives. And I am being completely boring right now.

how does my Hubs love me?

Let me count the ways...

1) He comes home straight after work for me, cos he thinks I may be bored at home everyday. Because of this, he sometimes decline drinking sessions with the boys.

2) He never fails to buy dinner home to feed me, although as the wife I should be making dinner, not just plainly eating it.

3) He would never reject going out of the way to buy something I want to eat, even if it means walking all the way back from Lavender Foodcourt.

4) If I should ever not be able to decide what to have, he'll always bring back something nice. No horrible surprises there. =)

5) Sometimes, when the florist at the market downstairs have flowers that I like, he'll buy them back together with the weekend breakfast or lunch.

6) Throughout the hours when he's at home, he'll crack jokes or play with me to make me laugh. I really like the way he can lighten up my days (or nights in this case) by doing something so simple.

7) He always tries to deliver what he promises. Although on occassions, he has forgotten or has to postpone due to work, he always tries to make up for it. And of course, not forgetting to apologise after making me wait in anticipation.

8) He never fails to remember what it is that's on my shopping list and get it for me. Like my beloved, long-lost Schwarzkopf Bonacure shampoo and conditioner! 1 litre bottles! Haha! Now I can wash my hair as often as I like!!

9) He showers me with kisses and hugs!! I like!!

10) He always notices when I'm lacking in pocket money and leaves some in a conspicuous place before he goes to work.

11) He makes sure that our kitchen is filled with little munchies for me. Canned soup, Coco pops, popcorn, Calbee snacks, ice cream... So much so that we have more snacks than actual food!

I think I've finally learnt contentment through the little things in life that we all tend to overlook and take for granted.

Is there something or someone in your daily life that you should be grateful for?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

the opposite of Johari Window

Here's the Nohari Window for those who want to know what their flaws are. I'm tempted to start another one to know my flaws, but was wondering if you guys will be sick of filling up another one. =p

So being the nice person I am, I just share the link and let it go. *haha*

random updates on life these days

Feeling off-whack. No matter how much sleep I get I still feel tired.
Probably just kenna whacked by life in the face and back.
In my face whenever I go headlong into some brand new decision, like deciding to work as a waitress in some restaurant/bar chain.
In my back cos life stabs me in the back when I least expect it.
But then again life's a bitch, and we all know that.

Time to start on SBS (Social Behavioural Studies) project, but my partner-in-crime is missing. Ooi, my cute angmoh boy, don't kanasai and go missing leh! We need to start on our "Internet Addiction Impairs Social Growth"!!

It is also HIGH time that I drag my lazy arse down to school for TDMC classes. I've been so slack that I don't even know what I'm supposed to do for my project. If it's a group collaboration, I'm FUCKED. I've only been to TDMC class ONCE, thus proving that I definitely won't know ANYONE in class. Others, as I noticed during that ONE class when I was there, have already clustered up in little juvenile packs.

Having a home of your own is SWELL. Sleeping in til the sun goes down. Mind you, it's go down, not come up. That pretty much tells you what I've been doing at home everyday.

I probably should feel embarrassed about it, but I'm not. Gawd knows why.

My daily activities for the past week can be summed up in a few simple words:
Hubs (you know what I'm referring to)

So there. If only life was so simple each day. =p

Which reminds me... Did I brush my teeth this morning?? *scratches head*
Oh. I was still asleep in the morning. I woke at 4pm. Hahaha.

Johari Window

Now it's my turn! Do the test for me, please?

To view the current results, click here.

Although I seriously think that if you don't have at least 30 people doing this test for you, the results won't be too accurate. So far I've contributed for Puny and Ivory, and it does seem quite true for them. Fill in mine, please! Thank you in advance!

some meme thing

Minus 1% for everything that you've done.
Then repost as your %.
[ start with 100%]

2.Drank alcohol.
3.Cried when someone died.
4.Been drunk.
5.Had sex.
6.Been to a concert.
7.Given a handjob/gotten a handjob.
8.Given a blowjob/gotten a blowjob.
9.Been verbally sexually harassed.
10.Verbally sexually harassed somebody.
11.Felt someone up and/or been felt up.
12.Laughed so hard something came outof yournose.
13.Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriendbefore.
14.Been cheated on by aboyfriend/girlfriend.
15.Been to prom.
16.Cried at school.
17.Gotten lost in a WalMart or adepartment store.
18.Went streaking.
19.Given a lap dance.
20.Had someone of the opposite sex inyour room.
21.Had someone of the opposite sexsleep over.
22.Slept over at someone of the oppositesex'shouse.
23.Kissed a stranger.
24.Hugged a stranger.
25.Went scuba diving.
26.Driven a car.
27.Gotten an xray.
28.Hit by a car.
29.Had a party.
30.Done drugs.
31.Played strip poker.
32.Got paid to strip for someone.
33.Ran away from home.
34.Broken a bone.
35.Eaten sushi.
36.Bought porn.
37.Watched porn.
38.Made porn.
39.Had a crush on someone of the samesex.
40.Been in love.
41.Frenched kissed.
42.Laughed so hard you cried.
43.Cried yourself to sleep.
44.Laughed yourself to sleep.
45.Stabbed yourself.
46.Shot a gun.
47.Trash talked someone and then actedlike theirbest friend the next day.
48.Watched TV for 9 consecutive hours.
49.Been online for 9 consecutive hours.
50.Watched an animal die.
51.Watched a person die.
52.Kissed and/or messed aroundsomewhere withat least 1 person present.
53.Pranked somebody.
54.Put somebody in the hospital.
55.Snuck into someone's room and/oryour ownroom after being out.
56.Kissed somebody of the same sex.
57.Dressed punk.
58.Dressed goth.
59.Dressed preppy.
60.Been to a motocross race.
61.Avoided somebody.
62.Been stalked.
63.Stalked someone.
64.Met a celebrity.
65.Played an instrument.
66.Ridden a horse.
67.Cut yourself.
68.Bungee jumped.
69.Ding dong ditched somebody.
70.Been to a wild party.
71.Got caught stealing something.
72.Kicked a guy in the balls.
73.Stolen a boyfriend/girlfriend from afriend.
74.Went out with your friend's crush.
75.Got arrested.
76.Been pregnant.
78.Been to another country.
79.Started your house on fire.
80.Had an encounter with a ghost.
81.Donated your hair to cancer patients.
82.Been asked out by someone that youneverthough you'd to be asked out by.
83.Cried over a member of the oppositesex.
84.Had a boyfriend/girlfriend for over 3months.
85.Sat on your ass all day.
86.Ate a whole carton of ice cream all byyourself.
87.Had a job.
88.Gotten cut from a sports team.
89.Been called a wh0re.
90.Danced like a wh0re.
91.Been mistaken for a celebrity.
92.Been in a car accident.
93.Been told you have beautiful eyes.
94.Been told you have beautiful hair.
95.Raped somebody.
96.Danced in the rain.
97.Been rejected.
98.Walked out of a restaurant withoutpaying.
99.Punched someone/slapped someonein theface.
100.Been raped.

My score: 24%

Oh my fucking God. So what does this mean huh?!?
(Courtesy to eileen cos I nicked it from her blog.)

I was contemplating that maybe I should SHOW which are the items that apply to me, but after going through half the list, I thought maybe not. I don't really want EVERY-fucking-one to know all the shit I've done, or am still doing.

But I have a question. If I've done something more than once, do I deduct 1% for EACH individual time I've done it?? If that's the case, I'm probably -500%. *devil's horns starts to show on top of my head*