Saturday, February 26, 2005

Try this for shits & giggles...

1. Sit down with a few friends. (Make sure they are capable of being lame... )

2. Start thinking of all the acronyms that are used often. Eg: SBS, MRT, MOE, HDB, HMV, etc.

3. Now start READING the acronymns!! Hahaha....

I did this with Kristy @ Orchard McCafe and I must say we laughed til we split our sides!!!
Cheap and good fun... MRT becomes "mert", HMV is "hm-vee" and SBS? "si-bi-si"!!

It helps if you're one of those who used to watch Sesame Street as a child. Remember how they used to teach us to pronounce every letter of the alphabet? (Today's special alphabet is "C". Say it with me. Seeeee!) Start being lame with a friend! hahaha...

playing dress up!!

Just a reminisce of his army days and my school days. Although I wasn't wearing any uniform at all!! I utilised a short brown skirt and a white shirt to recreate the school girl look... Enjoy!

Free Image Hosting at My handsome commando!

Free Image Hosting at OOOhhhhh.... *slurp*

Free Image Hosting at He's an army boy, & I'm a JC student! Yeah rite...

Free Image Hosting at Don't we look like a cute couple?

Free Image Hosting at Shell, the JC school belle! *puke puke*

I love Kristy aka Wanzhen aka me me!!

Babe, you brighten up my days
cos you make me laugh so hard and true.
We might be a tad lame at times, but hell, I love you.
When I recount the number of years we've been friends,
I got shocked.
9 long years!!!
How much corrupting have I done to you??

Please don't turn out like me,
eventhough I know you want to.
I am not obviously very happy now.
I want you to be happy and healthy.
For as long as possible.

Know that I will always be there for you,
And I hope you will be there for me too.
I'll continue being your dark side.
I'll be your evil twin lurking in the shadows.
But only if you want me to.

Thank you for your flattery.
Thank you for making me your "idol".
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for holding me when I need it.
You, my dear, are the sweetest girl EVER!

Cheers to more years of friendship down the road!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

* Brian McKnight - Back At One *

Its undeniable
That we should be together

Its unbelievable
How I used to say that I'll fall never

The basis you need to know
If you don't know just how I feel

Then let me show you now that I'm for real
If all things in time, time will reveal

One... You're like a dream come true
Two... Just wanna be with you
Three... Girl its plain to see...
That you're the only one for me

Four... Repeat steps one through three
Five... Make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done
Then I'll start back at one

So Incredible
The way things work themselves out

And all emotional
Once you know what it's all about

And undesirable
For us to be apart

Never would have made it very far...
Cause you know you've got the keys to my heart

One... You're like a dream come true
Two... Just wanna be with you
Three... Girl its plain to see...
That you're the only one for me

Four... Repeat steps one through three
Five... Make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done
Then I'll start back at one

Say farewell to the dark night
I see the coming of the sun

I feel like a little child whose life has jus begun
You came and bring new light
Into this lonely heart of mine
You threw out the life line, just in the nick of time

One... You're like a dream come true
Two... Just wanna be with you
Three... Girl its plain to see...
That you're the only one for me

Four... Repeat steps one through three
Five... Make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe our work is done
Then we'll start back at one

Thursday, February 24, 2005


I hope EVERYONE can take about 15 minutes of their time, and watch this clip. Download it, so that you can show others.

This is blatant, utter cruelty to animals!!!

Please, if you're not already against animal cruelty and fur, I hope this clip moves you. The kind of physical torture that these beautiful and harmless creatures go through in the name of "fashion" is completely senseless and is absolutely avoidable!!!!

"When the buying stops, the killing stops."

Grant these animals a chance to live. Would you enjoy looking at these animals in motion, or just in pictures?? Estimation has it that at the rate animals are being killed for "exotic" food, products and "medicinal" purposes, our next generation will never see sharks, tigers, rhinos and maybe, even elephants!!

Do your part. Sign up with the World Wildlife Fund, and it doesn't even cost a cent!

Get their e-newsletter and do our little bit to help out.
A little may just go a long way.

We don't need sharks' fins, fur coats, carved ivories and tortoise shells!!

Love the earth, because we are all part of the eco-system.

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

~ Cree Indian Prophecy

^ Gotham Penthouse ^

When you throw up all over the floor and cause a mess, it's called a technicolor pavement pizza. Yup. And when you insist that you are not drunk, but yet keep banging into the walls when walking, it's called drunk denial.

Finally checked out Gotham Penthouse @ Clarke Quay. Two thumbs up for the decor!! Couldn't see their signature glowing jellyfish anywhere, but heck, it's still a great place nonetheless. Even the washrooms are soooo pretty!!! It's a combination of rustic "Bali-style" with Zen elements. Wow. I want my future abode to have that sort of "feel" to it.

In case you're one of those who have been constantly declining to give Gotham Penthouse a try, this is what the clubbing experience is like over there.

Ladies' night on Wednesday. Free entry & free housepours for the ladies (but of course) and $12 cover charge with one drink for the gentlemen. DJ spins R&B all night long, but don't expect a crowd. The dance floor was close to empty the whole night long although the music of pumping and the mood was right. The bouncer said that the place is only packed on Fridays and Saturdays. They close at 5am, which means partying til you drop! Expect to see caucasians, Filipinos and other foreigners. We barely spotted any Chinese in this club (other than ourselves). This is one place that will stay on my "Favourite Club List", right next to Siam Supper Club and definitely above Chinablack.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Black skies for a blue day

Black skies for a blue day.
Darkening my down mood.
I woke up feeling wrong,
The day's events proved similar.

When the clouds clear,
I want to see a beautiful rainbow.
Illuminating the skies
And everything beneath it.

Give me a breeze
To blow my worries away.
Give me sun rays
To shine some light on me.

Let me be happy,
For a longer time.

Happy 22nd Birthday to me!!

~~ The whole world rejoices the moment you are born, and you are the only one crying. ~~

Nash popped a big surprise today. Came to school with my present "Mr. Chao Turtle", this soft toy I've been eyeing for some time.

The rest of the day was spent walking around Orchard Road, trying to feed the shopaholic in me. Yet, nothing caught my eye. Except that fantastic stone-washed denim mini skirt from Zara. And fuck the shop for only having it in size 38. Ya, I've got a big bum. I know.

The worst thing is that I can fit into that size 38, only that I want it a tad longer for decency's sake, so I gotta get a 40 so that it can hang lower on my hips and prevent "visible panty syndrome".

Tomorrow I shall have to decide. Should I get the lovely lovely size 38? Or should I just wait another few years for another skirt like that to come along again??

Somebody, I need advice!!! Help me!!!!

I finally bought my water baby. Nash just filled it up with warm water and now I'm dressing it up in it's Tigger pyjamas. I've waited ages for the price to drop from $49.90 to the $19.90 that I bought it for. Thank God for plunging prices and sales. I love my water baby!!!

Today, we will welcome "Chao Turtle" and baby "Happy" into Shelly's family of toys!! Hope they don't get too oppressed by the current members of the Hello Kitty clan... =p

Saturday, February 19, 2005

~ Chalet Day 2 ~ Dedicated to all the fuckers!

Don't be a fucking bitch. You're not even good at it.
Don't ask me "What time is the BBQ?", and then turn up 2 and a half hours late.
Don't ask me "What time is the cake-cutting?", and then turn up one hour late.
Don't fucking come late without informing that you will be, empty-handed,
and then wish me "Happy Birthday".
You fucking hypocrites.

Yeah, you know who you are.

Trust me when I say I will delete your number from my phonebook to save me some space for people who are actually worth it. I will never contact you again, be it through MSN or any other means. You are NOT my friends.

Friends don't come to a birthday chalet-cum-BBQ just for the food and then leave. And all the time while you're there, congregate amongst yourselves as if you are the centre of the attraction for today. You are NOT!

Friends? Kiss my ass, eat shit, and go fucking die. And this time, I won't even put it through mildly no more. You don't deserve the courtesy. Fucking bunch of freeloaders. Sashay in and then ask "So, where's the food?"

If I still MSN you, you know you're still in my phonebook and on my mind as a friend. If not, you know better.

Don't try to make yourself seem nice and try and act all concerned. Cos even if you ARE, your actions don't prove you too worthy as a friend.

Confirmation of friends up til this point in time:
Grace aka GGYY
Wanzhen aka Kristy
Grace aka huei

If you're not on the list, too bad. You probably don't want me as a friend anyways, judging by the kind of attitude you were giving off. You are either just plain immature, or just plain stuck-up freeloaders. And unfortunately, I think you're BOTH.

Oh yah, thanks again to those fuckers for fucking up my birthday celebrations. You are fucking great. I fucking hate you. And about the issue of me ignoring the trivial issues in life, ya, I will be. I will be ignoring all those who are insincere. You fuckers are the trivial issues from this day forth.

Fuck you all, and have a great year ahead of you.
Here's hoping that you get more BBQ/party sessions for you to hone your freeloader skills, to practise your pretentious art of "being a friend", and break ups with your partner. (As what you always do when you change educational institutions...)

Birthday Chalet Day 1

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, I can now blog from the "comfort" of my DownTown East chalet room.

I fucking got a SECOND level room. I HATE 2nd level rooms. They are so bloody inconvenient. Especially when you're having a BBQ and you have to carry all the bloody equipment and food downstairs. And what happens when you forget something? You bloody climb all the way back up again. What the fuck~

On the whole, today was good. Grace aka GGYY was so sweet to come down and check in with me cos I'm all alone. (Hubby had to go to work due to fucking deadlines and shit.) Then we spent time listening to music and talking. She's likes the same songs that I do!! Oh my rod!!

The real fun came together with Fiona... We were being all silly. We did group manicures and pedicures together while giggling our heads off. Naturally the end result wasn't very good. Shaky hands never paint very well...

Plenty of jokes and past experiences were shared, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself with them. Dynamic Party Trio!!!!

Got my first birthday present (those from Nash notwithstanding) from GGYY. Some crazy book. "The Wild Guide To Having Sex". As Fiona would say... "What nonsense!" I have having a pretty fantastic sex life, thank you very much. But then again, there were some positions in there that looked pretty impossible and interesting... =p

My xiao-di all got drunk from Absolut Vodka... haha... Now I'm taking the time to type as they are gone exploring the "Red House". Betcha they're gonna come back with some tall tales...

~~ End of report for day 1 ~~

Thursday, February 17, 2005


~ I think it's true that after every low there will be a high ~

After that UTTERLY depressing low for Valentine's Day, the make-up V Day was good.

Then there was the perfect pair of sandals for my V Day present (orange TopShop halter) and a very versatile bag to go with the same top and my other boho-indie clothes.

Followed by the breaking of barriers between the chicks causing in some uninhibitions released during our routine weekly Ladies' Night. We all went crazy!!!!!

SIGH. If only life could stay like that always...

Well, more to look forward starting tomorrow... My birthday chalet!!!!

You guys can start popping by anytime after Friday morning...
Anyone interested in going to WILD WILD WET???

I haven't been there before, so I shall kick up my princess-y tantrums here and go "I don't fucking care! I wanna go and I want people to go with me!" *folds arms across chest, stamps feet, and frowns*

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Depressing V-Day...

Valentine's Day blew up in my face big time.

Hubby didn't get home til 9pm, and that was after vanishing into thin air for 2 hours with his mobile switched off.

I guess I sorta fucking blew up. There I was sitting at home, waiting for him to come home and pick me up. But nope. He came back with presents though. A feather rose, small Hello Kitty plush, and the Topshop halter I've been eyeing in the wrong colour!!!

Like Fiona would say... "What nonsense?!"

Having had nothing to eat ALL DAY, we had our first meal East Coast MacDonald's slightly past midnight, having spent the last 3 hours in an emotional breakdown.

I was screaming. He was admitting defeat and feeling utterly sorry.

~~ Valentine's Day has never been as sucky as this before. ~~

Well, he's gonna make it up today by bringing me to a proper candlelight dinner, and we're gonna change that halter to the one in the right colour.

He better make it a good day. Else I'm sooooo gonna scream my head off again.

First Valentine's Day together and he SCREWS everything up BIG TIME. And the worst thing is that we're MARRIED!!!!! Suddenly I felt so unappreciated and unloved yesterday...

Call me a romantic, but I always get moved by the notion of being presented with pretty flowers (hopefully those that don't die) and being serenaded by music under the moon and stars... For those same movie-like scenes to be happening in reality for me would be an utter bliss...

Monday, February 14, 2005

School starts in 7 hours' time. Wow. There goes my one week holiday...
So what did FUCK did I achieve in the past week?

I did get a lucrative amount out from my angbaos, which was a first in my many years of CNY visiting... Which currently is left with a minimal amount cos I splurged quite an amount on my hubby's Valentine's Day present. I know it's about the thought and not the gift itself, but I can sort of say that I'm expecting a better present from him, thus I need to be a bit more extravagant here...

Other than that, the rest of the week was quite uneventful.

We're 3 hours into Valentine's Day, and I think time is not stopping. What nonsense. I thought people said when you're in love, time stops? Well, in this case, there are only two possibilities. Either I am NOT in love, or those who said that are LYING. I can't decide which presumption is more accurate...

Am in quite a foul mood today. Please don't ask me why. It's just one of those days that turn out fucked up. I was so enthusiastic about having my hair dyed purple (and I mean PURPLE purple, not those reddish-purples that they so commonly have around) or blue (really dark blue that can only be noticed under bright light). And guess what? It turned out brownish-red. Fuck.

You guys will get to see it in school in the morning. It's nice, but it's just not what I want. I have had shades like that a DOZEN times before. I used to change my hair colour every 3-6 months! This time I was searching for something outstanding since I am in school and not being restricted over hair colours.

Well, I guess like Life, hair colours never do come out they way you want them. Fuck.

P.S. Read this... It utterly pissed me off when I found it on Friendsters' Bulletin Board.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Please confirm attendance!!

Today's Saturday already and I have gotten ZERO replies regarding my birthday chalet...

What are you guys doing, man?!

Slight alteration to plans. We ARE going to have a BBQ after all. It's gonna be on Saturday (19th Feb) which is also the day for cake cutting... But please do come on Friday. We can chill out and go swimming and stuff like that...

If I'm not getting any replies from ANYWHERE by Tuesday, I'm cancelling everything.

Thanks Fiona. Now it really HAS blown up in my face. *SIGH*

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Don't bother asking me for angbaos. I am NOT "privileged" to give them out yet. Yup, you heard me right. Not through with customary rites, parents say "no, no, dun need give angbao..."


I am one lucky bitch. Just got my 3rd and 4th birthday present from hubby today. He says he's getting me 22 presents for my 22nd birthday. Poor baby is gonna be SOOOOO broke after that... Keke...

There ya go Desmond! Someone beat you over the numbers! But then again, I was 19 then.. Would be stupid to give me more than 19 presents...

Well, what can I say? I've got great friends, fun bitchy girlfriends who double up as GREAT shopping kaki-s, a great man as my husband, fantastic and supporting younger bro and WONDERFUL god-brothers...

This HAS to be a good Lunar New Year. Or else I'm gonna be sooooo fucked... Pray hard I get more angbaos this year, then CHICKS! It's time to go SHOPPING!!!!!!!! =p

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Ya, C'mon. Let's you hear say that one more time... Mis-sus-Tan...

Yeah. Call me that all you want, cos it is the truth. I am married, happy, and in bliss. Just try not to call me auntie. Or I'm soooo gonna kick your ass.

Well, domestication has made me slightly lazy. And slightly is a gross understatement. Hubby's been doing all the laundry. I guess the predictions were right. Shelly IS getting lazy after snagging the man. So lazy that even blog isn't updated. But hey, the man doesn't mind, does he?

Everything went fine for the ROM. A couple of no-shows and late-comers, but all in all, a successful event. Thank you to everyone who made the celebration possible. The sponsors, Simon (boss of Bar Troppo), our parents, the GUESTS!!! Thank you guys for supporting our marriage. Thank you huei, Brandon, Grace aka GGYY, Fiona, the Hamsters gang for your sweet sweet wedding gifts!

I hope everyone had fun at the reception. It wasn't anything big or grand, but hope is that it was cosy and you guys enjoyed yourselves.

Up next, my birthday chalet!!!!!
So excited. Been ages since I had a chalet. And Fiona, this is NOT gonna blow up in my face. You biatch... Don't curse me. Cake cutting will be on Saturday night (19th Feb), but please do come on Friday night too so we can be crazy throught the night drinking, bitching and smoking...

To total up the number of guests so that hubby can choose the cake size, please send me an SMS or give me a call by 12 Feb '05 (Saturday). Thank you!!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Bollocks to you!

It is SOOOO lame to tell me that you will be held up tomorrow for my ROM when I have already entended the invitation to you in fucking NOVEMBER!

Ya, your grandfather celebrating 80th birthday? Well, he's might be lucky enough to do it again next year for 81st, but if I hold another wedding again next year, it'll be UNLUCKY! Don't tell me your father told you last minute. You guys have a communication breakdown. Don't make me the victim of it all.

And oh, your fucking band can't practise any other time then Saturday evening? FUCK YOU! I may not love God as much as you do, but I know my union in holy matrimony is MORE important than your weekly Sunday worships. C'mon man! You can fucking do it every week!!!

Ok. I may seem a little biased here, but ok, you're working on Saturday from 10am to 10pm. Yeah, I know you just started work. So don't come then. It's ok. But I just think that your best friend would feel very weird there without you. Well, bloody fuck. He might not even come anymore! But hell, he's not important. You are!

Hmmm... Ohh... Your friends are not free? Oh. Boyfriend needs to attend a funeral in MALAYSIA and girlfriend is going to Shanghai. And I thought they were all excited and shocked that YOU, the swinging bachelor, is getting married?

Oh well. Bollocks to them. And anyone else who will play me out, Fuck you!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Finally. I have gotten my long desired professional manicure/pedicure. At Voxy Nails, no less. (Thank you sweets!)

I must salute the professionalism of the manicurist. She can bloody hell paint a straight line for the white tips FREE HAND! Wah... She must have very steady hands. And how she carefully trimmed off the useless and chalked up cuticles that I have been cultivating for YONKS... to leave behind beautiful well-rounded cuticles... Service well paid for, I must say. (Actually it's because the money's not coming from my wallet... =p)

Now my nails are SOOOOO pretty!! But not for long... The varnish is gonna peel one day, and I'll be reverted back to my normal "home salon" nails. Not that I'm complaining, cos I CAN do my manicures/pedicures quite well by myself, but heck, I can't do frenchies... I've got permanent trembly hands...

I'm feeling kinda lousy these days. Don't know why, but just feeling down. Not the right feeling for a bride-to-be I must say... But heck, I just feel that way. SOMEONE!! Make me feel better!!!

I think the posts are gonna chalk up elsewhere cos I'm feeling quite negative... Well, go switch sides and read then. -- click here --
To prove that I am not THAT drunk and high, I am putting up an entry... I conclude that Chinablack doesn't like my nose stud. Why do I ALWAYS drop my nose stud @ Chinablack?!?! It's getting so irritating... And this time, it's not in my bra... Shite!

The lesbian acts with Fiona have gotten further. We FRENCH!!!! But she tastes sweet... Kekeke... Partying today was fun, but I was quite upset in the beginning cos everyone who said they would come suddenly said they had something on or were not feeling well. Hmm... Am I that bad a party mate that they won't come have fun with me?

Fully packed day later. And countdown, 1 day to ROM!!!! Shite.... So nervous... Wish me luck and that everyone who's meant to turn up will turn up. Fuck those who don't. You're not my friend anymore. =p

Still taking reservations for my birthday chalet. Please reply!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm sooooo going to grow fat before ROM day... I'm binging and drinking due to stress and nervousness... On a lighter note, there are always crappy nonsense online to make me giggle. Here's some:

For the anti-Windows clan -->

Take some time to load the flash, and click around like you would on your Windows! Harhar... I find it so similar to my old PC... Lame piece of shit. Still LURVE my iBook. Pretty and powerful.

There's this animated series called "Stripperella" showing on Arts Central at 10pm on Mondays (not that I ever watch TV) which is based on Pamela Anderson. Looks kinky. And there's a Java game! Click here to play!

Still awaiting your answers to my chalet...

Is no one interested to come to my birthday chalet?!?!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I can't sleep!

Everyone can STOP reminding me that ROM day is coming and report to me the number of days to go. I can countdown by myself jolly well. I just refuse to do it.

Not that I don't want to be married to that hunk of a genius, Nash, but just that IT'S SCARY... You guys go try getting married after dating the guy slightly over 3 months. We only met on Sept 11th 2004! Go do your maths.

I bet anyone who's getting married, despite the length of dating, would still be utterly nervous when the "Big Day" draws near. Not to mention the fact that I AM a commitment-phobe of sorts. Never wanted to get married til I turn 30. And now? Look at what he's done to me!!! He's mesmerised me!!! (Biatch...) *hides face in hands and sobs, but am secretly giggling*

I am so DARN excited AND scared that I CAN'T SLEEP! I am such a perfectionist when it comes to events, and this being the biggest day in my whole entire negligible existence, it's only natural to be completely jittery about things going wrong.

Please, chicks and hunks, turn up if you're invited. Don't play me out on this one! Any other time can fly my airplane, but NOT for this day. Thank you. If not, FUCK YOU...

By the way, please submit your name if you'll be free 18th-20th February. I'm having a birthday chalet @ Downtown East. EVERYONE IS INVITED!! (Thank God I don't have many friends...) We probably won't be having a BBQ, unless someone volunteers to be the chef. Everything WILL be charred and inedible if I'm the one doing the cooking...

Ok. Don't ask me why I'm holding a chalet for my 22nd birthday. We're holding it cos my hubby says so. And maybe for the fact that I did NOTHING aka NIL aka JACKSHIT for my 21st birthday, and I sort of wanna make it up. It is SOOOOO sad to celebrate 21st with just your boyfriend, and only have ONE birthday present, which is the tongue piercing that you did and paid for with his ATM card... (Thank you again, Desmond. Still lurve my tongue stud.)

So, submit your names now. Not that I'm gonna prepare any food, drinks, or anything. But just want to know an estimated number of people coming so hubby can know what size of cake to get.