Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chilli crab surprise!

Hubs was supposed to come home tonight with dinner, and my specified choice was duck rice. But who knew that he was going to come back with duck rice AND CHILLI CRAB?!? Yummy!!

Chilli Crab Dinner!!

I've been craving for chilli crab for months, but just never found the motivation to eat it outdoors due to the mess I would have gotten myself into from eating it. And since the car has been sold since November 2005, it was a bit of a trouble buying it back to have it at home.

Fortunately, Hubs is resourceful and found a coffee shop nearby that sells chilli crab at 3 for $15, and he brought it back as a surprise for me!! Yeah! I'm a happy girl today.

In my excitement, I reached for my phone and sms-ed Sylvia to tell her about my yummy dinner treat.

"I got chilli crab 4 dnr! Heh heh... Wat abt u?"

Then mindlessly, I selected her number and sent it.

5 seconds later, Hubs' mobile went off. I realise that I had sent the message to him instead because I was just so darn used to sending messages to him. Giggling, I re-sent the message to Sylvia. This time, correctly.

Once I had the message out, I received a message from Hubs.

"Same. So coincident."

We laughed ourselves silly together. I think once in a while, love is kind of a nice feeling to have... Pity it doesn't happen often enough, but once in a while is better than none. :)