Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sakae Home Delivery

For dinner tonight, we ordered Sakae Sushi home delivery. We decided upon the Value Set A, so I proceeded to make a list of the items I want.


I was told by the very nice customer service officer from the hotline, that the food would arrive around 9.50pm, but by 9.21pm there was a young man standing at me door watching me bitch over the phone with my dad's girlfriend.

Unfortunately, I only had $42 with me, and the bill was $46.90 (including delivery surcharge of $5). Hubs was supposed to get home before the food got here, but apparently he didn't. Hmmph. So frickin embarrassing. I had to drag the 21-year-old delivery guy down to the ATM with me so that I could pay him.

10 minutes after I got home from withdrawing cash, Hubs got home. Then it was food time!! You wanna see what we had? Heh heh.


Nice right?? Pardon about some of the half-eaten food, we were both quite hungry and I only decided to take the pictures half-way through the meal. Oh, the set includes 2 drinks (not shown in picture). It is so affordable and we don't even have to get out of the house!! Now we can have Sakae Sushi even if it rains! No more long queues outside Sakae! Yeah!