Monday, March 27, 2006

that cheebye kia and diet updates

I'm referring to my projectmate for your information. That bastard bailed out. The project deadline is tomorrow, so I hardly think he's going to contribute anything, even though he sms-ed me on Friday and said that he would do it nonetheless and I'll take whatever I want. BULLSHIT!

I religiously check my email everyday and I still receive jackshit from him. Har. I knew it. He's probably just saying that he would do it just for courtesy's sake. So now 100% of the project falls on me. Thank gawd I'm already 70% through it.

So tell me now, nice people, should I omit his name from the project? He's not contributed a single alphabet to it, but I could still be nice and leave his name there.

Comments, please.

--- --- ---

On other news, I am becoming skinny. Not your conventional supermodel skinny, but I have lost weight like I never have since I was 18. My ribcage is starting to show, my shoulders feel all bony and my ass seems to less than a handful these days. Truth be told, I haven't been having the best diet habits eversince December, and I'm suffering the after-effects of it. My gastric pains are back. :(

Whoever said having regular meals is good is a fucktard. Nowadays if I don't have breakfast due to my sleeping in late, I'll wake up with nasty gastric pains. Like that day when I woke at 2pm with a gnawing pain in my tummy and I had to raid the kitchen for instant food.

I feel so controlled by my stomach.

I have to eat even when I don't feel like it. Even the most delicious cuisines don't tempt me these days. I just have no appetite. And I have to force myself to down the food because I can already predict the shit I'll be in if I don't eat.

Tell me, why is life like that??! Can't a girl just not eat when she doesn't feel like it?