Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bliss or miss?

According to a quiz from,

You've scored a man worth standing by:
Your mate hits the mark most of the time (with only the occasional stray from the target). If you've been a team for a while, diaper duty and dish detail may have dimmed the romantic fire between the two of you somewhat. If so, start rekindling that heat with a date night, a weekend away or just locking the bedroom door and playing strip Scrabble -- without the kids wailing for water. You need to get back to the basics -- the two of you!

We need dating time!! I know!! We do!!
All your weekends are belong to me!! And NO EXCUSES!
Particularly THIS weekend.

But on the other hand, another quiz says:

Your man better get it together: It's time he showed you some love.

Orh. Ok. I actually think so too. Not saying that my man doesn't love me, but it's just men (especially men like him) have specific difficulties expressing and showing their love.

Some tips to any guys who could be reading this:

1. Hugs and kisses are nice and sweet, so do them frequently, in public or in private. Show the world how much you love your woman and you're not afraid to express it anytime anywhere.

2. Make time for her. This one should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately our fast paced society doesn't awaken your emotional being like it should. Despite your unwillingness to spend a day out with her doing something both of you would enjoy, just do it nonetheless, and you might just be duly rewarded. ;p

3. Always tell her how beautiful she is to you. Fuck it if she doesn't fall into the media's ideal of beauty, if she is to you, let her know. Especially when she dresses up just to go out with you.

4. Tell her how much you appreciate what she does for you. Likewise, tell her nicely what you would like to see changed. Nobody likes to go around in a relationship like a headless housefly. Reward her efforts and you'll definitely see the relationship heading to where you want it.

5. Last but not least, be honest. It's hard to admit to her that you would rather hang out with the boys than to go shopping with her, but tell her anyway and plan to do something together another day. And naturally, you should keep that promise. Don't say something unless you plan to do it. Disappointment in a partner kills the relationship slowly because insecurity starts to rear its ugly head in time to come.

Remember to love your partner in every way you can. Give them a call just to say how much you miss and love her. Shower her with love within your abilities with gifts, romantic dinners, long strolls filled with laughter and open communication. Nobody wishes to take second place to anything else, no matter how much we know we shouldn't be first priority. Everyone wants to mean something to someone. Men want to be the only one in a woman's heart and mind, not to mention her body. Women want to feel like their the apple of their men's eyes. We all crave the same attention and affection, regardless of gender. So why do we not give what we wish to recieve?

This society kills with its expectations and busy schedules. It's time to slow down and just do nothing at all for a day except to love each other in every single way possible. Shouldn't you be doing that this weekend?