Monday, March 27, 2006

push and shove

Give me motivation, please.

I do not know why it is that I'd rather make my fingers type out random shit on my blog than to work them on my currently 1697-word essay.

I know the reason is simple. I can blog whatever crap I want, but essay writing's gotta stick to the assignment guidelines. Argh. I'm still feeling so frustrated over the inconsiderate and irresponsible project-mate. I know frustration isn't going to get me anywhere, and if I just mull over it all day, I'm going to be as childish and immature as he is. But seriously, can you blame me for feeling this way?

Sometimes I'm really glad for the existence of my blog. A place for complaints that go nowhere. Especially on days when I just want to go on and on but Hubs is busy at work and I really don't want to bother him too much with all these trivial matters. Of course, having some friends pop by and drop nice little notes definitely brightens up my day loads.

Throughout the whole of last week, I've been feeling down and crappy. (Therefore explaining the lack of posts, but the increase in diary entries.) I write a lot when I'm down. Mostly complains and contemplations on my part, but it definitely helps to get it off my chest. I'm really glad for nice people who try hard not to step on my tail and being very understanding. Shout-outs to Sylvia, GGYY and huei for the Internet-based encouragement and love. Thank gawd for MSN sometimes. We can be so far, and yet so near without disrupting our own lives.