Saturday, January 29, 2005

Life on the other side has a new look. Still dark though... But I really like the template...

Boring Saturday... Probably going to stay in all day...

And this blog has a new look!! Finally found a reliable web hosting site and manage to put up the long awaited header...

Gimme some comments!!
Forgetful me... Took some photos around last week and forgot to upload them to share with you guys. Here's one of the Esplanade Park that I took while viewing the Botero sculptures.


Look at the cleanliness of my school canteen!! God knows how long that poor lizard was dead there and started to dry up... *Yucks*

Okies. Now to share with you guys some interesting random stuff I found off the net.

Very very cute animated flash MTV. The starting's a tad slow and not as interesting, but hold on. You'll fall in love with the bunny. SOOOO cute! The lip syncing is done very well too. Click here to view it!

And lookie lookie... Make a guess what this is... Free Image Hosting at
Answer will be out next entry.... Kekeke...

Blogging Revolution!

I'm starting a private journal at Tabulas, and I LURVE the fact that it works more like a personal website. So cool! But then again, there's practically NOTHING in this world that is perfect...

Tabulas cannot dictate font type and size for entries, has ads for free users, cannot play with HTML codes and has less templates to choose from... *SIGH* But it can make entries private, so I'll be using it as an online diary.

Blogger has been fucking up quite often recently, and that shits me to tears. And I'm running out of space in my sidebar for more and more nonsense that I would love to share... Therefore, I am incoporating both of my accounts to get maximum online nagging pleasure! *hiacks*

When Blogger fucks up again, I'll crosspost from Tabulas and make the entry public so you guys can read from either one website. Meanwhile, I'm in the process of putting up a links to friends' blogs in the sidebar. Keep your eyes peeled!

Meanwhile, I am also in the process of creating a theme for "shelled & deshelled". There are just sooo many pretty blog templates around that I want to use! Thus, to satisfy my lust for pretty templates, I'll be changing the look of it every so often to suit the mood/situation. Will let you guys know when I've uploaded the new template.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Window shopping spree!

Window shopping SUCKS! After so many years, I still think so. I ALWAYS like to come home with something nice and new.

So much to buy, so little dough.

~I need someone to sponsor ALL my shopping trips~

Not that I ever buy alot of shit anyways. I am always too picky. Either material is wrong, or colour is wrong. Or there's always some "funky" designs there to spoil the whole item.

Wishlist compiled today:

  • Denim mini skirt from Topshop @ $73
  • Little shoulder bag. Branded no less. Estimated @ $300+
  • MAC eyeshadows. Not particularly important cos I don't use eyeshadow much anyways
  • Cute lil tank tops and halters from EVERYWHERE! Ranging from $10-$59.90
  • Dark green halter top from Island Shop @ $59.90 (and other pieces from there)

  • Okies. It may be too much to ask for. Especially when I am NOT earning ANY income. I think it's time I got a part-time job. Life's so hard without your own money...

    Shopping aside, Grace is a great shopping partner... (Why is it that both the girls I know named Grace are great shopping partners?) We share similar tastes in expensive clothes. No doubt there are some pieces I thought were complete no-no's. But in general, I can be quite stingy with clothes. So many fantastic pieces died on me... Yet I cannot actually buy cheap clothes cos I'm a weird size.

    Big ass + wide shoulders = weird fitting = compulsary to buy "Ang-moh" cutting clothes.

    Sometimes wish I would be more of a normal size. But at least being weirdly shaped works to control my shopping cos I can't fit into pieces I like and would buy.

    And my tums!! I look friggin pregnant. Permanently. Shit.

    But nay. Too lazy to exercise. Not to mention it doesn't work for me either. Mine are all COMPACTED stubborn fats. I need to seek professional help.

    * Calling for sponsors! Calling for sponsors! *

    And just when you thought it couldn't get worse...
    Life throws you another bucket of shit.

    Was supposed to meet up with Thiru, my classmate, to pick up my textbooks, but because I couldn't make outgoing calls, I couldn't liase with him, and ended up NOT getting my books. Again.

    Supposed to go clubbing at Chinablack for ladies' night, but Grace called up saying that she's got to stay in today cos her parents are hitting the roof. Okies... That's fine.

    Then Fiona called saying that she's out with her friends and THEY want to go to Zouk. Fine...

    So Nash and I got tickets online for 9.50pm screening of "Elektra" at GV Grand.

    We got lost on our way there, simply because neither one of us had been to Great World City for the loooongest time. We finally got to the box office at 10.20pm. The box office had the system shut down already... Crap.

    Had to wait about 5 minutes for them to boot up the system and collect the tickets.

    And the movie SUCKED. Thin plot with no climax at all. Overrated film. And Jennifer Garner was just blah in the movie. I think Abby and Typhoid Mary stole the show.

    Then when we thought it really couldn't get any worse...
    Fiona reported herself to be clubbing at Zouk...
    And our favourite supper hangout said they'll stop operating starting from next month. CRAP!


    Ok, Life. It's not getting funny anymore. This better be the "Tsunami Effect". Recede all the good luck away so that it'll come back more powerful. If not, just let the bad luck end by Feb 4th... I soooo need things to go smoothly on ROM day...

    Wednesday, January 26, 2005

    a day in the dumps

    Realization that I am "blessed" with Borderline Personality Disorder. Kewl.

    Mobile line got barred from outgoing calls and smses. I know it's an eventuality, but does it HAVE to be today??

    The phantom elephant is STILL sitting on my chest. As if I'm not flat enough...

    Nash's running a slight fever too. Poor baby.

    In-laws nagging about late nights, dirty mugs sitting on the balcony, my poor health and how we don't bring in the clean laundry.

    Blogger and Flickr, both run by Google, are both down. And to think I trust Google that much. They choose to liaise with Life to fuck me up completely today. And just when I feel like posting. All I can do now is to type my entries in MacJournal and wait for Blogger to be up before updating.

    Now the word is out. Don't expect any calls or smses from me. My line has been barred. I'm down and out. If you love me, make contact with me.

    Congrats, Life. You won for today.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    I feel an invisible baby elephant sitting on me. Even when I'm upright. This must be one acrobatic elephant, man.

    Something was terribly wrong with the dinner back at 589. (FYI, that's the shophouse owned by Nash's parents. The whole family used to stay there before moving to 45 at Paya Lebar.) I starting to feel nauseous on the way home. Stomach felt bloated and I could literally feel the gas expanding and contracting under that seatbelt. Finally, it was too much. Hubby pulled up by the side of the road... and I threw up GAS.

    Bloody hell. Half fucked vomitting.

    For the rest of the night, the only thing that came out through my mouth was GAS. Yes, I was feeling super puke-ish. But, nooooooooo, only GAS came out.

    I became BURP-girl. (Envision me wearing a red cape, flying the skies while burping away... My super power to defeat villians was to BURP in their faces and hurl them off to Timbaktu.)

    The day's plans were all scrapped. I zzz-ed my time away at home, until Nash came back with KFC's Bandito and MacDonald's Twister Fries. Food is ALWAYS good. Especially when lovingly bought my loved one.

    *Yawns* Now it's time to go back to bed again. Nash is napping too. Then we might just spend the night up and about. Again.

    And by the way, I am a newly converted MAC lover. My turning point? MAC's Smolder eye kohl. It smudges, but it came recommended by the salesgirl. And it goes on sooooo smoothly and the colour's sooo dark and intense that even Nash is in awe. Eyeliner pencils never did stay on as well anyways. Unless someone else has a better recommendation?

    Monday, January 24, 2005

    It seems that all the bloggers on my list are busy with one thing or another... Blogs are not being updated!! Can you guys PLEASE start updating so I can feed the voyeur within me? I have a daily need to peek into your lives and chuckle at the humourous events and feel for the upsetting ones.

    Somehow I feel that blogs help to inform friends of what you're currently up to and some of the ups and downs you've been experiencing. Most would be too busy with school or work to constantly keep in touch, much less to meet up. Thus the blog comes in handy. I think everyone can afford ten minutes to sum up the gist of the day's events and type them out...

    No doubt, there would be days when you would reach home and just K/O in close to no time. Or periods where you just feel like utter crap to even be bothered to post an entry. Nevertheless, I think it would be quite uplifting when you talk about things that shit you and then receive comforting comments. That's when you know who are the ones who are concerned about you.

    Therefore, I am updating my blog VERY regularly... In hope to find out who are the ones who are concerned... But then again, they could jolly well just be plain "kay-poh"... =p

    Soak in the festive mood!

    Chinatown. The hustle and bustle of pre-CNY. All that buying and selling of festive goods. All that SHOPPING!! Keke... Always back to that same old topic.

    I'm eyeing this bag made completely out of drinks packets. Cool shite. And apparently it's the only place that sells them. Originally from Europe, these bags are unique and comes in different styles and colours. And the best thing is, they are affordable!! *HINT HINT*

    My ex-colleague Patsy is working at one of the stalls there. Always good to see old friends. Also saw Johanna there with her boyfriend. Lucky couple.

    MSN seems to have some sort of a problem. It's not working. Supposedly some sort of connection error. Fortunately I'm not the only one having this problem. Nash is having it too. The program will just be in the process of "connecting" non-stop. For like, a few hours. Shite.

    Anyone else had the same situation occur?

    Saturday, January 22, 2005

    Ahhh... Public holidays. Days to do whatever it was that you wanted done but couldn't cos there are always a million and one activites planned til the end of the year. Official days off somehow just make people feel lazy...

    *Yawn* How great. Went to bed at 11 in the morning. Just woke up at 6. Oh my rod. That's like one whole day GONE to nothing... Shite.

    There have been many times when I feel that sleep is evil, and I would actually go for 3 days without sleeping a wink. Sleep is such a waste of time. Especially when night time is the best time to club, stroll beaches, make love, just chill out, etc. It is also at night where I get my best inspirations in writing. The sun just makes me impatient and lazy.

    For close to a year in my life, I only slept in the day. Nights are when I am liberated and freed from the clutches of the mundane daily routine. I was a complete weirdo. And utterly enjoyed it.

    So what happens now? *SIGH* I envision sleeping late tonight again as hubby-to-be and I have already fed our snooze monsters sufficiently, and thus we will wind up waking up to say goodbye to the sun again tomorrow... Bad sleep cycle. But I can't help it. Sometimes I would wish that the whole world's sleep cycle was like mine. All in reverse. But *SIGH* all daydreams...

    Sleep is a necessary evil. Very necessary, and very evil. We are jolly well snoring our youth away...

    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    @ Suntec Coffee Bean

    Botero is a weird man. Why does everyone look so fat to him? His displayed works at the Esplanade Park showed voluptuous sculptures and paintings of people in the same huge proportions. I wonder if Botero is a chubby fella himself...

    Overall, it was utterly refreshing to take a walk from Tanjong Pagar all the way to Suntec City. Feeling the breeze running through my already messy hair... Scratching my head at the weird fat sculptures through the journey... Admiring the Merlion throwing up loads of water and wondering if it's NeWater that he's spewing... Apparently, Singapore IS a beautiful country. Yup. I only wished that I had my lovely man walking with me hand in hand...

    I am SOOOO in love with Nash it scares me sometimes. How I can start to miss him 10 minutes after he had left for work. And the worst thing is he feels the same way too. So what you end up with are two lovesick people clinging on to each other and saying "I miss you" before they even part ways... Soooo Bridget Jones... *SIGH* The power of love...

    I can actually feel shy with him. Oh my rod. That is like, SOOOO not me! I can almost feel that "glow" of love radiating from me and piercing the passersby right through the heart. Its like proclaiming "I'm in love! And I'm getting married! You should sooo go fall in love too!"

    Ok. I must admit. I have had boyfriends before. But I've NEVER felt like this before. I'm like, not myself anymore. Shite. I have NEVER wanted to spend so much time with my man. I've never felt like I want to keep kissing him non-stop. But then again, Nash IS quite hot... =p

    Some who have known me for years have commented that I have changed. I'm tamer. More wifely. More "girly". Yeah, right. I still want to be the gothic punk rock chick Shelly. Fuck you very much.

    So there. Rambling complete. Missing my man so much... *SIGH*

    Oohhhh yeah. Anyone who wants to buy nose studs, go pop by "SIX" at Citylink Mall. They sell them in sets of 5s at $14.90 each. Bloody cool designs. I just bought a set of plain studs with different coloured stones. Just in case the one I'm wearing happens to fall into my bra again... O_o

    Ladies' night @ ChinaBlack!


    Okies. MDIS is not a great educational institution, but the students there sure are a party bunch! With the succession of my FIRST enjoyable chalet experience, now comes Grace G. (pardon me for putting down your initials cos I know another Grace) and Fiona as the party gang!

    Or should I say threesome... =p

    Scott should come by earlier! Scott should start dancing earlier! Scott should NOT bring my fag case to God-knows-where and leave me with NO SMOKES for close to 2 hours! Not cool, man!

    But generally, shaking ass with you guys were great! Pity about Michael Buble's "Sway" though. Hubby -to-be wasn't there when they played that song. Made me miss him a hell lot cos by then we had already been separated since 9am... *sob sob* A whole 13 hours!!! Then in he comes around midnight in a sexy tight T-shirt... Oh my rod... *Slurp* Still think he's the HOTTEST in the whole club!

    Hilarious event of the night:
    I dropped my nose stud in the loo... Only to find it IN MY BRA when I got home and stripped down... Okies... I admit... My cleavage was a tad too much... *harharhar*

    Sympathy award for the night goes to... Fiona...
    Poor baby got burnt by cigarettes TWICE in a night... *Sigh* Someone up there is trying to tell you to quit "social smoking"!!

    I'm starting to miss those chicks already!! More kisses when I get to class? *Heehee* But without alcohol, I don't think we'll be that erm... lesbiany...

    Time for class. Which I must unabashedly announce started more than an hour ago... Hahahaha...

    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    Sugary Wonkers!

    Sugar drives you cuckoo. Yes it does.

    ~ Above method tried and tested on Nash ~

    Caffeine + sugar + nicotine = laughter + high = madness

    So there we were. Two normal looking people seated at Heeren's NYDC. Then we ordered dessert and drinks like everyone else. Hmmm... I'll have a Double Trouble Sundae please.

    And so Double Trouble comes. Literally. Two people who are going to be wed, giggling over hushed obscene jokes. Swearing profanities over the layout of the wedding invitations. Then making out. And then the cycle repeats. Hmmm...

    Sugar drives people nuts. Oh hell yeah it does.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2005

    Ok. I have to say this. Friendster bulletin board's "jinxed" chain mails shit me. Big time. Just when you think the evil that started yonks ago together with free web-based email is ending, you start seeing them lame same chain messages in Friendster...

    ~~What The Fuck?!~~

    Anyone who indulges in spreading such absurdities, irregardless of age, are rendered either bored or brainless. Bored, simply because they want to see others' reactions, and brainless as they actually could be superstitious enough to believe it.

    I've been ignoring such "witchcraft" throughout my 9 years of using web-based email. And well, I must say that friends who have sent them to me have all gotten a fair share of complaints. And now, my mailboxes are all spam and chain letter free.

    So please, stop doing nonsensical childish things like spreading the "good word". Unless you really want that supposed "happy love life" and "great surprise" promised so badly, please, don't do it.

    Spend your time more constructively. Spend some quality time with your loved ones. Do some charity work. Maybe even go clubbing or shopping to boost the economy.

    Life's short. Stop wasting it.
    Once every few weeks, I am hit by the irresistable urge to create. In particular, to write. There are many things which I would love to share. Yet at the same time, to keep a secret. The dualistic nature of me.

    The general consensus of my blog is that I am a happy girl. Perpetually and abnormally happy. All the time. How can that be possible for anyone? In particular, for me?

    Those who have taken the time to really go through my blog would have found little links to another blog of mine. The other side of my life. The mental and physical struggles. The dark side.

    No. I am NOT perpetually happy. Just because I find it hard to cry doesn't mean that I am always happy.

    Today, something sparked off my insanity. The 9pm local drama serial on Channel 8 mentioned some character committing suicide by jumping off the balcony.

    My mum.

    That short scene only reminded me of my mum. Halfway through dinner in front of the telly, I felt like crying. I feel guilt for not being able to cry throughout my mum's wake. Until the last day when she was being cremated. My heart broke. It shattered.

    I was told that I was in shock as my mum had passed away suddenly. During the 4 days from when she was pronounced dead and til she was cremated, I only smoked and drank. I didn't touch solid foods at all. To an extent that I lost 6kg during that one week. Somehow I still think that my gastric condition was worsened by that.

    For all my classmates who are reading this, there is a reason why I don't appear often in class. I have stomach cancer. Out of the whole class, only May knows about this. Somehow I just feel like blurting this out today. Only for today.

    For close to 2 months, only Nash knew about it. Then it was his parents. And then my dad. My 11-year-old brother only knows that my health "sucks". Like how he would say it. Friends wise: May was informed somewhere in November. Both my ex boyfriends only knew around Christmas time. Others are still in the dark. And now they shall know.

    I do not want to be labelled as a handicap. I don't want people to always ask me how am I feeling today. I can still walk, talk, dance, drink, eat, and whatever else that you guys can do. My stipulated reply to anyone who asks me "How are you" is always "Still alive". They never understood why I always say that. But given my sarcastic character, I guess they never dwelled long into it.

    Now, read and remember. Because this post will not be here forever. 48 hours later, it will be deleted. And the secret shall sink down to the bottom of the ocean again...

    Monday, January 17, 2005

    Now taking attendance for ladies' nite...

    Who's going where this coming Ladies' Night?!?

    Fiona --> Chinablack on Wednesday confirmed?

    huei --> Siam on Thursday?

    Anyone else who has anywhere to recommend or such, feel free to decorate on my doodle-board. (Sometimes I think it should really be called a "nag-board" instead of tagboard...)

    Anyone willing to go check out Gotham Penthouse together?? At the rate I'm procrastinating, Gotham Penthouse will no longer be a new club...

    Gotham Penthouse Ladies' Night on Wednesday.
    Free entry and free drinks all night long for ladies ONLY. (keke... I lurve to "suan" the guys with this.)
    Age limit: 18 for females. 23 for males.
    Location: Merchant's Court @ Clarke Quay.
    OPEN TIL 5AM!!!
    How hard does life get when you spend the WHOLE weekend without any internet access??

    *SIGH* Fortunately, I've been showered upon with gifts of all kinds from my hubby-to-be... (Yippee!)

    That particular Neopet from Maccas that I have been eyeing is finally MINE!
    Cloud Aisha. She now joins the proud league of the "Com-Side Buddies", sitting proudly on the right speaker.

    Nash got me an electric kettle. Now lazy me can get hot water with just a flick of the switch! kekeke... Then we can make instant mash potatoes, Campbell's cup-a-soup, Milo, cup noodles... Muahahaha... (Still wondering. Like that how to lose weight?) I'm soooo gonna become a FAT bride...

    I have been spoilt.

    I've also gotten at least another half a dozen of pressies, including a ZA lipstick, a ring, hair clip, etc...

    *Hehehe* Now who's a happy girl even without internet access?? Me, me, me!!!

    Thursday, January 13, 2005

    Boredom = Random rantings

    Ok. So what do people do when they're bored? Some shop. Some gather a few friends together for coffee (followed by shopping). Some people fiddle around with PhotoShop. Some surf the net. Some indulge in narcissistic activities like beauty regimes, manicures, etc. Some work out. Some write. Some just sleep.

    Out of boredom, I finally got around to doing my manicure and pedicure in a shade of pearly pink.
    Free Image Hosting at Waaay overdue work to be done. Yeah yeah, I know. I can just PAY professionals to do it for me, but the satisfaction of a job well done and the fact that I can save at least $40 by doing it myself just doesn't propel me to step into a nails salon. Unless someone's willing to part with their money for this worthy cause??

    And since I'm so free, thought I'd share with you guys what my current workstation looks like.
    Free Image Hosting at That's the convertible beanbag lounge chair in front of my specially designed workstation. Courtesy of movable shelves from Ikea, and the designing whiz of a hubby-to-be. He had to make his beloved books crowd together on a higher shelf to make space for this. Really appreciate it.

    Now, for a close up of my workstation. With detailed item introductions, no less.
    Image Hosted by
    So now you know where I park my ass while doing all these useless online stuff... ;p

    Chalet Talk

    Downtown East. Never a place which I really enjoyed going to. Last night, however, I was shown a whole new world to it...

    My classmates organised a chalet there. Simply just for the sake of having it. It was fun just chilling out, talking cock, cracking lame sexist jokes, chain-smoking, bitching about other classmates and lecturers and visiting the reputable haunted "Red House". This was an experience I have never had before!

    I sometimes wonder is it because of my perpetual attitude problems that never got me invited to gatherings like that. But heck I can blend in and party. The chalets just prefer me elsewhere. The few times I tried to organise one, everything would blow up in my face. People would either not show up, or they would come late and leave early. *SIGH* That's why I sweared NEVER to even try anymore.

    Somehow life just went on as usual and chalet gatherings were never something that I bothered with. Simply cos I know I'll either get left out (God knows why, since I'm sooo loud), or the crowd's just not right. But now, with the aid of Shawn, Scott, Fiona, Mark, Jeff, Evan, Mindy, Shawn Tang, Gerald, John and May (May! May! I love you! ;p), chalets are a bonding experience.

    So please, guys, invite me to your chalets in future? Pretty please? We won't be in our 20s forever ya know?
    (Shitez, some of you aren't even 20 yet...)

    Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    And how true is this?!

    You Are a Pundit Blogger!

    Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
    Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

    Okies. I NEVER thought that my blog is ANYTHING like that. But then again, if the quiz says so, then so be it! ;p
    Heh heh heh...

    Grace! Nash! Read this!!

    You Know You're Addicted to Photoshop When...

    You see the world with one eye and stock images with the other.

    When asked what the primary colors are, answer "RGB"

    You get the urge to 'fix' poor quality images.

    You start teaching your significant other to use this "evil" program and in the space of one afternoon convince them it's at least only quasi-evil in the face of PSP.

    You ramble about a breakthrough in the piece you're doing to people who have no idea in hell what you're talking about

    You ponder the meaning of existence without layers.

    You never leave the house without a digicam and notepad.

    You drop something and your brain tells you automatically "Ctrl-Z! Ctrl-Z!". When you realize it won't work, your brain tells you "Ctrl-Alt-Z! Ctrl-Alt-Z!"

    You're getting dressed for something important and you look in the mirror and realize you would look so much better if you could just tweak the levels a little and apply a slight gaussian blur.

    You stop on the street to rant about cheesey effects that should not be on professional posters.

    You scream out fonts as they appear on TV.

    You have dreams in "glowing edges"

    You're standing by the ocean and wondering who used Ocean Ripple.

    You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Photoshop.

    Oooohhhh... I understand the jokes. And I'm actually passing them on!! Sheesh... Am I really addicted to PhotoShop already?!?

    Nash!! It's all YOUR fault!

    Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    It's official. I need a tummy tuck!

    Photos of me taken by Nash in KL and Pulau Ubin turned out SHITTY. I have big tums. Oh yes I do. (Or alternatively I can blame him on his impromptu shoot-you-while-you're-looking-ugly photography habits.)

    I should console myself by saying that it's his skills, and not my fats. But then again, if I have no fats, then how did they even appear on film??

    I need some professional (aka costly) slimming help here. Meanwhile still trying to get over the fact that I WILL be a fat bride on 5th Feb...

    Victor will be back in Singapore from 20 - 25 Jan. Maybe can ask him for a loan as a wedding gift?!? *Hiacks*

    Monday, January 10, 2005

    It was meant to be good...

    Friday, January 07, 2005

    Terrific Thursday!

    So much happened yesterday. Take some patience to read through this. Or just skip it. See if I care. ;p

    I got my nose pierced! Didn't hurt except for that split second when the stud pierced through the thick flesh of my nostril... Never really thought a nose piercing would look good on me. Somehow still don't think so.

    But hubby says it'll look good on me, and that he had thought so ever since the first time we met. So there. I pierced my nose for you. Hope we beat even now, since you got your nipple pierced for me. (And I'm so in lust with that particular piercing of yours!!)

    "Seed of Chucky". Lame as can be. Yet it brought me and my hubby so much closer together.

    Rushing from Serangoon home to Balestier cinema, parking the car, buying tickets and drinks, and settling down in a short span of 15 minutes proved to be possible. Harhar... So much fun just going cuckoo running up and down while sneaking kisses whenever we can. The worst thing we tried to do was to run up an escalator made for going down!! Harharhar... Fortunately the cinema staff shouted for us and directed us to the escalator moving in the right direction.

    Lots of sexual innuedos and movie spoofs in "Seed of Chucky". Funny as hell. Bloody like fuck. But then again, if it was not so, it wouldn't be classified as a Chucky film would it?

    What this film did to bond us together as a couple, no other film has done before... (Not that we watch a lot of movies together anyways.) More movie dates at the same place, my sweet??

    Shaking up Siam on a Thursday night. Ladies night, no less. The most amazing bunch ever assembled together for the sake of a party, we consisted of 6 members. Me and hubby, Grace and Brandon, Richard and Patrick.

    Siam was FULL HOUSE! Had to wait in queue for awhile, but it was all worth it for all that dancing and free booze! Partied on til close to 2am then got some snacks at 7-11 to fill up our tummies. Then it was ta-ta Mohamed Sultan, helloooo sexy hubby in bed!! ;p

    Wednesday, January 05, 2005

    SIGH. HTML is not my cup of tea.

    After working quite hard on the header which is supposed to go onto this particular blog, it refuses to show up on ANY internet browser!!! Fuckety-fuck-fuck-fuck.

    There is NO "broken image" icon in place of the supposed header. And when I right click "Show background image", it FUCKING SHOWS UP!

    So now, can anyone tell me what's wrong??

    (For the sake of beauty, I have reverted to the usual boring Blogger template. If you want to view the supposed header, click here.)

    Sunday, January 02, 2005

    Happy New Year!

    New Year's Eve

    Enjoyed a very good Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usbuskers' performance along Orchard Road. Only percussion instruments were being used, but it made me feel like boogie-ing!! Therefore it was arranged with Grace and her man, Brandon, to go countdown...

    Siam Supperclub was not overly packed, so we had a good time. Music was a bit slow at first, but it picked up, and we started getting jiggy! Man! Grace and Brandon make good dance partners! They alone brought the temperature of the dance floor up several notches... *Whew* Grace can really shake her bon-bon! We MUST go party together often.

    We had some drinks at River Valley's "Spize". I, as usual, had my monthly dose of chocolate in the form of their famed Milo Godzilla. And when we were leaving the place in my hubby's car, guess what caught my eye?! Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThe road sign...

    We topped off the celebrations by having some red wine in Grace's hostel room... Keke... Complete violation of the house rules. harhar! Hubby and I left the 2 lovebirds alone by 4am, and went on to complete our own night with a BANG... Heh heh heh...

    New Year's Day

    Spent the whole day rotting in front of the television... Watched PleasantVille. Not a bad show, except that many things were not explained clearly, and shows like that shits me big time. Leaves me scratching my head...

    Been eons since I dedicated one whole day to the TV... Feels kinda good to be a couch potato...

    Post New Year's Day

    Slept in reeeaalll late today. Was subjected to some photography torture in my half-asleep groggy state. i just hope nothing shows... (I was sleeping nude ;p)

    Spent some time catching up on a book that I have left on the shelf for at least a month...

    Overall, it was a stay-home weekend. Shits me. Sigh.
    Come 2005. Please make sure I get to party often enough...